A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

British Broadcasters Complicit In War Crimes


British Broadcasters Complicit In War Crimes

I am prepared to confess, that despite many years of hate speech and outright lies, directed towards Muammar Gadaffi and Libya, I always had a soft spot for Gadaffi himself.

A few minutes of research will show quite clearly that he was a good man, with dreams of creating a cohesive and self supporting continent of Africa, without interference from the thieving ghouls from the Western World, whom have desecrated Africa and stolen whatever was not nailed down, without a care about the resulting nightmare which was created in the process for the African people.

David Cameron could not have been unaware of all of the benefits which Gadaffi had installed, for the wellbeing of the People of Libya during the time he was in control, yet despite this knowledge, along with his cohort Sarkozy and with the aid of the skulking Obama, Cameron carried out an illegal bombing campaign, which destroyed Libya and its people. It is doubtful if the country will ever regain the status which they had achieved under Gadaffi.

The British people condoned this heinous War Crime with a shrug of the shoulders and the claim that Gadaffi deserved what he got to be tortured and then impaled by mercenary scum, who were working for the freely elected British Government. They showed so little concern, that they were prepared to re-elect these monsters, even as they were financing the same Mercenaries who had destroyed Libya to give Syria the same treatment, undercover of exactly the same excuse. Assad had now become a monster, and in order to save the people of Syria, just like Libya, the entire country must be laid to waste. 

What are the British? How many countries deserve to be destroyed to save them? Are the British genuinely that dumb or do they simply not give a damn about what is being done in their name?

Should the current world difficulties be revolving around no more than Libya and Syria, that would be bad enough, unfortunately, there is also the little matter of Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia and Ukraine all of which are tainted with the stench of British interference, while behind all this slaughter, the entire Continent of Europe is being systematically asset stripped and its Demography destroyed.

Even as the world which we have come to know, is falling apart, the British people have failed to rip their eyes away from their Smart-Phones for long enough to see that they have been bought off with brightly coloured beads and even as the hordes are beating on the doors of the castle, while the hidden enemy within the walls are eagerly awaiting the arrival of reinforcements, the British Tweet ever onwards.

There is an election taking place in Iran at the moment. The British Media is feeding us the idea that should a politician in Iran, opposes the ideas which the West is intent on imposing – democracy and all that nonsense – he is described as a hard liner, this in keeping with the hatred which has been steadily built up against Iran by Israel and its cohorts for years. Would the British people find it to be acceptable when the day comes, that it is decreed that Iran must be destroyed to save it?

The British are blessed with the BBC, The British Broadcasting Corporation, take note of the word Corporation, the idea of a Corporation is to make a profit, not to deliver truth.

The BBC has contacts all across the world. They are proud of their extensive coverage of world events. They have investigative reporters in all of the worlds “hotspots.” With the aid of these dedicated journalists, they have reported an absolute litany of lies about Saddam Hussein, Gadaffi, Assad, Israel, The Taliban, Al Qaeda, Daech and many more incidents, in a manner which, quite clearly demonstrates that their reports were no more than shoddy elements of total propaganda.

I was spurred on to write this diatribe, having yesterday, Thursday 25th of February, listened to the BBC, present an absolute tissue of lies, in an attempt to cover-up their failure to pass information, which it has been revealed was more or less in the public domain, about the behaviour of Jimmy Savile and his chums at the BBC headquarters in London, to Scotland Yard.

This behaviour, by a friend of Lady Diana and her husband the Crown Prince of the United Kingdom, The Prince of Wales The Duke of Cornwall and no doubt a few more daft titles, included the rape of an 8 year old child. This was taking place under the noses of the BBC hierarchy, all of whom have claimed not to know of it.

This expression of an unknowing, is shared by the investigative staff, whom claim not to have known of the excellent lifestyle which existed in Syria, Iraq and Libya, before the British intervened in a manner, in which the cooperation of the BBC and Sky News was imperative, in order to justify to the British people, that the War Crimes, which were being carried out in their name, were justified. They were not justifiable, they were callous cold-blooded murder and all concerned, including the military, who took part in these illegal wars, should be put on trial.

Are we now to believe that the Top Brass at the BBC were unaware of the grand deception in which they helped to disguise, through slanted and lying reportage, the infliction of War Crimes all across the Middle East? This is simply not possible, so you must understand that these people are part of the problem and they are assisting in the crimes of the British Government and others, including NATO. These same folk are even now denying the deliberate provocation, with the assistance provided by these illegal wars, of the current refugee problem, which is going to lead to the destruction of Europe, by design.

The BBC is in the forefront of the disinformation, which is helping to keep the dumbed down British, in the dark as to what has been long in the planning, concerning their future life. If they are harbouring hopes that they are “different” from those whom have recently been suffering from illegal attacks, they need only take a look at what happened to Germany, when they had a leader who was prepared to stand up for his own people.

What was done in South Africa, using the excuse of Apartheid, was yet another crime against humanity. The BBC and others are now silently watching the murder of thousands of White people by Blacks in South Africa, who are claiming the right to evict White people from their homes in favour of Blacks because Africa is a Black Continent. So what is Europe? Can we not send all of them, back to their rightful homeland?

Why is Zuma, who is himself of immigrant origin into South Africa, not being condemned out of hand for suggesting that White people should be wiped out?

Why are Jews, whom are calling for the total annihilation of the White race, not being held to account for this outright racism? Are White people now no more than meat for the grinder?

Calls to boycott Israeli products are being stamped on by David Cameron, he is a Jew, In the last General Election in the UK, his main opponent in the Labour Party was a Jew. Cameron has announced that he will be resigning before his term as Prime Minister come to an end. Boris Johnson a Jew, has been lined up to take his place, by selection not election. Johnson is Mayor of London his likely successor could be Zack Goldsmith another Jew. Cameron selected the Governor of the Bank of England, a Jew, Mark Carney, having already handed control of the British economy into the hands of this privately owned bank.

In France the last Presidential Election was between two Jews, Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande. Hollande was second choice, the first choice Dominique Stauss-Kahn, a Jew, was arrested for a sexual misdemeanor. The next election in France is likely to be between the same two men, who are number one and number two in the list of most detested French Presidents in French history.

Sarkozy is openly calling for the destruction of the White Race. He himself of course married a French Jew, Carla Bruni, while explaining to the French people that they should  inter-marry with Black people voluntarily, otherwise he would be obliged to change the law making it obligatory, should they not do so.

All of these Jews are in favour of making it illegal to criticise Israel or any Jew. This would be considered as anti- Semitic. Being White I would like to know who is supposed to look after my rights, or are Jews and Blacks the sole recipients of human rights these days? I take exception to hearing Jews, whether they be Semitic or not, calling for a genocide against me and my family. Or do I not have the right to make this statement?

Of how much of this stuff can the BBC claim to be unaware? What stops Cameron, the man who destroyed Libya and Syria; to save the people, from standing up and honourably defending the rights of Palestinians? Is he unaware of the diabolical behaviour of the Racist Apartheid Jewish State of Israel? Of what are these people aware?



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