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The British Merry-Go-Round Of Lies.





The British Merry-Go-Round 0f Lies.

The straight talking Jew, Lord Peter Mandelson, a member of that strange caste of folk of indeterminate colour, today on Today, on the BBC, assured the British people of the “fact” that should they leave the European Union, it would “probably” take some years to recover from the shock, which “might” create unemployment.

Mr Mandelson could not grasp the idea that the opposite could well be true. Such is the current meaning of the word fact, which in fact sounds more like a theory,  which in other areas  is considered to be the reserved domain of Scientists, whom claim that their theories, scientific theories, should be taken as fact,  now politicians appear to have taken for themselves the right to declare the same thing.

Another Jew has suddenly burst forth to amuse us with the pretence, that he would like the UK to leave the European Union. Michael Howard, one of those immigrant Jews, whom for the United Kingdom, has chosen an English sounding name to replace his real Jew name, suggesting that he is intent on hiding his true identity, no matter, he has aligned himself with one of the other Jews, who is apparently fighting the “out” side of the argument.

So Jew forces are leading both sides of the debate, with most probably, behind the smoke and mirrors, the very same preferred result in mind. Boris Johnson, the man whom disingenuously promised to get rid of the Inner London Congestion Charge, who until recently was on the other side of the in/out barricades, with the other Jews, George Osborne and David Cameron, is once again trying to present himself as an honest broker.

Meanwhile the old Tory, Douglas Carswell, a close ally of David Cameron, who strangely allied himself with Ukip and whom was just as strangely “allowed” to win his seat in the last election for Ukip, is now snubbing his own Party and aligning himself with another group, which most probably will divide opinion by suggesting to folk that he is in disagreement with Ukip. Mr Carswell is, of course, A Friend of the Jew Apartheid Racist State of Israel.

One can only speculate as to whether Mr Carswell is also a member of that strange group of Politicians, whom on awaking in the morning, stretch and ask themselves the question, “What can I do for Israel today?” Whatever his position turns out to be, it would do well to remember that he has now stabbed two groups in the back, who will be next?

On the other side of the House, the Fabian Society, which was instrumental in setting up the European Union, is now going full steam ahead with their new strongman Corbyn, at the helm. They have already forced their puppet Gordon Brown to sell the Gold Reserves of the United Kingdom to an unknown purchaser and not satisfied with that, they then forced Brown, the son of a Preacher Man, to go back on his word, by refusing the British their promised referendum and then slinking off to Lisbon to sign away the remaining Rights of the British people.

The British people can rest assured they have a double-dealing bunch of scum on both sides of a debate, which will apparently, according to all of the little birdies who are chirping away in the undergrowth, be forced into a second, referendum having won the first, with the outed liar Boris Johnson and his chum Howard, claiming that the exit of the UK from the Union, after the first referendum, frightened the EU Commission into granting fantastic new freedoms to the UK, which will then allow the fixing of the result of referendum number two, which is the way with all of these things, ask France, Ireland, Denmark or Holland, they all wanted out as well, but they kept on losing those dratted second referenda. You are only allowed a second referendum if you do not vote the right way in the first one, those are the rules of the game.



Nat Rothschild, Peter Mandelson and a Russian Oligarch. Oleg Deripaska who could be mistaken for a Rothschild himself. I’m not too sure if that is Oleg or Nat bottom left.


deripaska nat



Mandelson, Rothschild’s top honcho, was recommending that measures should be put in place to allow more of the refugees from the current round of British aggression in the Middle East, easier access into the UK, which the UK is obliged to do as a necessary part of its membership of the European Union. A Union which has already, right on time, created mass immigration, which has destroyed Europe, that was its job. All of these things are in writing. They are not theories and recent events prove that they were intentional and not accidental. Europe will never be able to expel the hundreds of thousands of thugs whom have already gained entry.

Politicians across Europe were on board for this scheme, just as they are allowing secret talks about the next phase of the entrapment, the TTIP treaty, which will deliver us into the hands of the very Corporations, which already control your elected leaders.

All over the world, self-seeking politicians, have allowed the control of the money supply to fall into the hands of a cabal of criminals, who are now holding us all to ransom in the name of a fraudulent debt, which they have been allowed to generate through the buying of Government Bonds, which have been financed with counterfeit money, which carry an interest rate so vicious and so costly, that the resulting debt can never and will never be repaid.

These criminals have now constructed another house of cards called “derivatives” which are no more than IOU’s for Casino gambling. They are preparing us for the collapse of this construction, which is in fact a concocted debt, which is owed to themselves, while our politicians have already prepared the way for these criminals, by introducing a Law, which will allow these criminals,  to pay off this “debt” by seizing our savings and Pension Funds, in what is called a “Bail In,” in other words our elected leaders have legalised the theft of your savings.

Read that again, in case I have explained it a manner which might suggest that this is a sort of “They wouldn’t do that, would they?” situation, believe me, the Law is already in place they are already preparing to kick it off. What’s more the next step will be to ban cash.

My greengrocer only this morning explained to me how the Government is already banning the sale of your own goods on Flea Markets for cash. There is an on-line site down here called “Le Bon Coin,” it is a sort of Ebay. I buy stuff off it all the time, so does my Greengrocer and he pays in cash as I do as everybody does , who wants a cheque off an unknown on a Sunday morning and who has the gadget to pay by credit card? This is why they are pushing Smart-Phones, so that you will be forced to pay tax when you sell your own stuff,  your Smart-Phone will record every transaction and you will have the tax deducted straight from your bank account. Bravo.

These are the your future chains and they are coming at you from all sides, if you are not prepared to take some steps to prevent it  you have only yourself to blame. When the “Bail Ins” arrive and there is no more cash, they will have you by the balls. In Sweden, where cash has virtually disappeared, even beggars and buskers have need of an on-line account of some sort in order to accept a Euro or two to buy a sandwich. That is where you are headed and I suppose for you smart Millennial’s “That’s Cool.” Well that’s fine. Good luck to you.


Believe me everything that is going on at the moment, is no more than a pantomime, all the decisions have already been made and they are attempting to convince you that you have made a choice.  Well you have no choice, why would they allow a bunch of sheep a choice? You allow them to  get away with whatever they like.  Democracy is an illusion.

Most of your “leaders”  have no more idea about what is going on than do you. The ones who do understand believe that they will be rewarded for their duplicity, I believe they will be sadly disappointed. 




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