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Another Footballer In Danger Of Prison.

Some things seem to be just a little bit unfair. A talented footballer, who to all intents and purposes was “groomed” by a young girl, who was approaching the age of consent and who had been a sort of groupie outside a football stadium, after home matches, claimed to have had a sexual encounter of an unclear nature with the footballer, having accepted a football jersey as a present.

When she went to meet the footballer it had already been suggested to her, by texto, that he may try to engage in a little bit of “touching-up.” So she was old enough and most probably experienced enough with boys, to understand what that meant.

After this second encounter, the footballer apparently decided that was enough, for whatever reason; while the girl decided that she had “done wrong” because he had a girl friend and all that, so she went to the police. Excuse me.

She forgot to mention in her first statement to the police, about a more serious offence than a mere feel up, saving that for a later date. One can only ask the question, “Who put her up to it?” The man does has money of course!

He also now has a broken relationship and a small child and no job. I eagerly await the sum necessary to save this poor child’s future, which I have no doubt will have been devastated by this touch up by a man she adored.

I have daughters and I am quite sure they had underage sex but they were not raped, they would have known exactly what they were doing.  Whether it is the right thing or not, there are very few girls, these days, whom are still a virgin at fifteen going on sixteen.

This girl may have been an exception of course, but after her adventure with the footballer she was apparently still intact.

The way Sky News presented this tale, all day long, was disgusting. They repeated every sordid little detail in the text messages, which passed between the two, all afternoon. The first question from the Police, when she made her original complaint, should have been “Were you up for it or were you forced?”  She was most certainly up for it.



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