A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Democracy Is Dead And Bloated In The Water.



Democracy Is Dead And Bloated In The Water

The myth of Democracy now lies naked and impotent in a pool of its own excrement. The true barbarians of this world have achieved their aims through the manipulation of this empty promise of shared power and responsibility, by turning it into a tool for their own enrichment and the impoverishment of the people. As with all such campaigns, whether political or military, they eventually reach a conclusion.

We have now reached the end times of a destructive series of wars and massacres, which have achieved, through the use of barbaric methods, the violent deaths of more than five hundred million souls, all in the name of greed and all of them for the benefit of a small group of sadistic savages.

Throughout the 20th Century and into the 21st Century, a diabolical coalition of demons, working for the benefit of this tiny group, have laid our planet to waste. All of this carnage and slaughter was carried out by the so-called Democrats, against those whom believed another political philosophy to be superior, while all the time, eagerly seeking ways of murdering even those, whom unknowingly fought and won, these aggressive, illegal wars for them, having been convinced that they were fighting the good fight, to “free” those whom they slaughtered.

The ultimate aim of this campaign of terror, was to divide any country and people, which exhibited signs of discontent, into controllable mini-states, which would be unable to ever again pose a threat to the remaining armed lunatics, whom would maintain the control of all military forces, which would ultimately be used to dominate or cull, depending on their own needs,  all of us, leaving only enough to fabricate and buy their products, to maintain them, in luxury and power, in their mansions.

Even those Peoples, whom in their delusion, believe themselves to be serving a great and just World Empire, are in their turn being destroyed, having Democratically elected the very scum by whom they themselves, will ultimately be wiped out. This process has been under way in Europe, since the end of World War Two. Nobody is safe from the venom of these people, they are clinically insane.

The perceived threat to this dream of world power, is the White Race, which has been the real target throughout the last Century. Germany was the cream of the White Race and now it is no more. The German people have been lobotomised into abject misery, into a dream like state of confusion, they have been beaten down, by a barrage of lies and deceit, into accepting full responsibility, for doing no more than defending themselves, against forces fighting an organised war, which was declared against them, by these same forces of greed.

The White World is still under attack from all sides. We are even now being obliged to make a place for those incapable of competing in certain crafts, simply to avoid presenting ourselves as biased or bigoted against these folk, who are of course, not prepared to make the same concessions for Whites, simply because they are White.

I could name Basket-Ball as a ridiculous example, where tall Black people dominate the NBA, why are there no short White people involved in top teams? I would suggest the answer to be self-evident.

So why should White people be expected to write, literary masterpieces, for Black people, in order to satisfy the Black need of roles in films?The pack of Jews, who are manipulating awards like the Oscars, to suit their continuing racist attacks against White people, by facilitating racist claims, from Blacks, that it is Whites who control all forms of media, including the choice of those selected as possible Oscar winners, when it is in fact Jews whom wield this control. Why are OUR politicians not pointing this fact out and by failing to do so, are encouraging racist attacks against White people? Perhaps it has something to do with the huge number of Jew politicians in the ranks governments in every White society on Earth.

I feel no anger against those whom are more intelligent than am I or others. We are all content that there are those clever folk, capable of providing all of those apps for our Smart-Phones, so what is the point of complaining about those whom are better actors? I took a quick look at Bollywood for the sake of this post, the teams of dancers and singers looked pretty Indian to me, no sign of a Black or White face in the line-up, no sign of Blacks with high-pitched voices squealing about Bollywood, and Hindu privilege, so we are obviously dealing with an agenda which applies only to Whites.

Never mind all that it is no more than a diversion. The real threat is still coming from the Middle East, and that threat was generated by the same schemers,  as were all of the previous wars of slaughter during the last Century. We should all be very afraid of what is advancing towards us, with the complicity of our sacred Democracy, a term which is used as cover for all of their murdering campaigns, which are in fact of a Marxist nature.

Having provoked the current situation, through the medium of illegal, aggressive, brutal wars, all across the Middle East, wars which were a deliberate means of provoking a flood of refugees towards Europe, we are now being forced, through a mix of Political Correctness and outright lies and propaganda, to accept hundreds of thousands of fighting age thugs, into our midst. Be sure this was all planned back in the last Century, by Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, with the assistance of the Fabian Society.

The Middle East itself is doomed. They will suffer the same fate as did Russia after the coup d’Etat and as did the people of Eastern Europe after the “Democrats” did at Yalta, hand the entire region over to Stalin and the Bolsheviks, to be exposed to a tragic fate, of which the people of Europe were deliberately kept unaware.

When the New Iron Curtain descends over the Middle East, the resulting slaughter will be concealed from the world, in the manner that those Friends of Israel, continue to conceal and deny the ongoing genocidal slaughter in Palestine, which has continued, relentlessly, for seventy years, uncriticised by Democracy, never mind those Friends of Israel.

The British have already suffered the first cut in their choice of politicians. In 2010 it was already perfectly clear that Nick Clegg, a Jew agent of the European Union, had deliberately taken steps, which would lead to the destruction of the Liberal-Democratic Party in the UK..  By reducing at a stroke the choice of the British voter through his immediate complicity with Cameron. The new leader of the Lib-Dems has already aligned himself with those whom search the destruction of the UK, through the medium of a continued liaison with the European Union and he of course demands more immigration. 

Having joined a coalition government, Clegg was allowed, by Cameron and his cohorts, certain irrelevant “victories” at the cost of allowing huge increases in Student loans, which he had promised would be done away with. He then went on to support the unforgivable attacks on Libya and Syria, sealing the fate of the once “voice against illegal wars” in Parliament, the Lib-Dems.

The next target was The Labour Party, which along with the Liberals, still held many seats, North of the Border in Scotland, where a referendum of Independence was in the planning.

Despite ample evidence that the result of the referendum had been rigged, the fishy people Sturgeon and Salmond made no protest. However shortly after “losing” the referendum, the Scottish Nationalist completely destroyed the Labour Party and the Liberals in Scotland, in the following General Election. A result never before achieved in a Democratic election, which is designed to maintain the controlled Parties in power, so what went wrong? Well actually nothing went wrong, the Labour Party will now be unable to gain a majority in a General Election without the Scottish Seats, job done.

 The minnow Sturgeon, has already decreed, that should the coming EU/in/out referendum, which includes Scotland – as it is still a part of the Kingdom – vote to leave the EU, she will be calling, not for a referendum in Scotland as to whether the Scottish share the desire to leave the EU but for another Referendum on Independence, which should the people of Scotland win, they would find themselves trapped in the EU, which is what the new dictator of Scotland prefers, without reference to the people.

This is the Democracy and Liberty which the Scottish people have struggled to gain for hundreds of years. As a result of all of these shenanigans, both the Labour Party and the Lib Dem’s have been wiped off the political map in Scotland, which is now a one party state.

During the Great War, the Battalions of Yanks, who were forced, against their will, to fight in a foreign war, were vaccinated with a so-called flu jab, by which they were in fact infected with the disease, which spread like wild-fire, amongst the troops fighting in close proximity, in the trenches and sleeping in insanitary conditions in barracks, alongside those infected with this killer disease which was called Spanish Flu. Rumours at the time suggest that the US Troops were in fact already ill when they arrived in Europe. More than fifty million people succumbed to this disease, before it ran its course.

One can only wonder at what the result might be, should a similar disease strike in a modern over-populated city, an environment which could not have been designed by accident, bearing in mind that there is always a risk of unforseen medical problems, which would leave all city dwellers vulnerable to a biological disaster. That being so, why are attempts being made to make a rural life out of the question for all but the ultra rich?

Being just a little bit paranoid, I am slightly worried when I read in the controlled media, that there are migrants forcing an entry, into Europe, whom are bringing with them diseases which have never before existed on this Continent.

Many of these people should be put in quarantine, should they be arriving from countries infected with Ebola for example. We are now being told that Zika is a sexually transmitted disease, even as the Rape of Europe is kicking off. Despite the propaganda of denial, all across Europe health care systems are falling apart. In Spain in a grotesque manner, Spanish people who can no longer afford to pay their mortgage, are having their houses seized by Bankers, whom are renting them to immigrants, who will have the rent paid by the Government which will also give them free health care, which will continue the breakdown of the system. This is nightmare land.

In the middle of all this chaos, Cameron, Obama, Hollande and Netanyahu are calling for yet more attacks against Syria. Are these people out of their minds. They have lost in Syria, leave the people in peace before there are no people left to leave in peace. Take note, all of those howling for Syrian blood are Jews. Obama’s mother was a Jew, he is a Jew and a Muslim and a Communist. These are the same Jews whom accuse the White people of being supremacists of course.


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