A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Black Racist Put In His Place.


I posted a clip a few days ago, of a Jew mouthpiece, called Wise, who came across as a half-wit,  holding a debate which actually became a monologue, about White Suprematism and racism and any other ism which could be laid at the door of me and you. Without a mention, of course, of the role of the Jews in the current world situation, not only in the US but across the planet.

The above clip is a Black mouthpiece for Jews, spouting exactly the same crap about me and you, while ignoring the truth about Blacks. He managed to turn this short clip into a monologue as did his Jew cohort in the previous clip.

He was picking on Trump, whom in his opinion did not disavow the Ku Klux Klan in an adequate manner, thus displaying some sort of sympathy for the Klan.  This was intended as a reminder of those poor Blacks whom had been lynched out of hand by Whitey.

As with the Jews, we must at all cost avoid looking into the validity of the claims made by Blacks. There were many people lynched in the Southern States back in the day, that is perfectly true.

However have you ever heard of how many of those lynchings were of White people?  Probably not because the tales of the Klan were built up by Hollywood, which at the time was totally controlled by Jews, whom even all that time ago were intent on pointing fingers at Whites, they hate us and always have. They were even then, as they pointed fingers at us,  in the process of slaughtering 65 million, White Russian Christians, after the coup d’Etat in Russia.

The reality about lynchings corresponds with current FBI and Police figures, of modern day Black crime. Figures of lynchings in the US disclose that 1300 white people were lynched out of hand and 3400 black people were lynched in the same period.

These are official figures. Apologists of these figures would have you believe that the Blacks were innocent and lynched out of sheer hatred, while the Whites were lynched, for protesting against these vigilante hangings, which were, in past times, endemic across the Wild West and other regions.

There could well have been some innocent Blacks lynched, as was the case in the famous Ox Bow Incident, when it was innocent Whites whom were hanged.  In the main they were lynched, whether Black or White, for their crimes of Rape and Murder or maybe for stealing a horse.

Current figures disclose quite clearly, that Blacks are far more likely to be involved in murder and other violent, aggressive crimes than are Whites. Blacks on average rape 33,000 White women annually, in the States,  while it has proven difficult to dig out an example of a White raping a Black woman. The Jew media ignores Police statistics except, that is, should they apply to anti-Jew speech.

As is the way with these things both Blacks and Jews are content to point fingers in my direction, over their alleged bad treatment in past times, while totally ignoring the crimes of both Jews and Blacks right now, wherever there is a Black community installed, there is violence.  I am thoroughly sick of it.

While these Blacks are blubbering about their situation and like the Black, in the clip complaining about Trump not making a stronger statement about his opposition to the Klan, this Black has little time left over to attack Israel over their diabolical murders and  well poisoning and other nasty little crimes against Palestinians,  while all of the elected Politicians in the States,  Black or White, have been transformed into millionaires, with Jew bribes and they stand rock solid with these Jew killers, as do politician all over Europe.

So instead of blathering on and on about themselves, why not show a bit of sympathy for the problems of others for a change, instead of idolising The Black Panther Racists at the Super-Bowl,  all of it choreographed by Jew agents. In the end you will be shown no mercy by Jews.



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