A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Sky News Duly Delivers A List of The Names Of Daech Fighters. No Shit!

Whispering Stuart Ramsey, the Agent whom in hushed tones, introduced us to the lie of the Free Syrian Army, as he helped to generate the excuse for the War Criminals in the British Parliament, to arm and train the necessary mercenaries, to act the role of this force, has today announced that he has been handed a list of names and addresses of the entire Daech brigade in Syria.  I kid you not!

My firm belief is that those mealy mouthed liars like Ramsey, have been deceiving the people of Europe into believing the lie that European Muslims have gone to Syria to join Daech, when in fact all of the Muslims who are part of my life and there are many, tell me unequivocally, that should they head off to Syria it would be to fight alongside Bashar al Assad and Putin.

Ramsey is now part of a scheme to go after yet more Muslims in Europe, using the evidence of a memory stick which provided not only names but also telephone numbers of family members.  He is now claiming to have stumbled upon world-wide links, which will lead to dawn raids all across the White World.

This is reminiscent of the hoard of evidence which was allegedly found on Osama Bin Laden’s computers in Pakistan, but which was never made public.

It sounds more like an attempt to gain some sort of excuse to finally close down Daech, just as they previously changed the format of Al Qaeda, to suit the presentation of the now vanishing idea of a Caliphate which was going to be controlled by Israel.

All of the grotesque slaughters in Syria and Iraq have carried the trade mark of the Jews and have nothing to do with Islam. From the days of the Jew Columbus, whom tortured and mutilated the people of Hispaniola, to extinction, to modern day Palestine, their behaviour has been distinctive.

Since the day that the British Parliament, voted to continue the bombing of Syria, using the excuse of fighting against their own men, Daech, there has been a virtual blackout of News in the UK about events in Syria, apart that is from the repetitive attacks against Russia,  emanating from  the mouths murderers of at least seven million Muslims, that civilians have been targeted by Russian air raids.

I don’t believe that I have ever heard such a crock in all my life as the information provided by Ramsey and his contacts in Turkey, which was delivered with what gave the impression of a previously recorded video to illustrate his pap and to present it with the colour of truth.

Strangely, despite ample evidence that Israel is sending in Medics to retrieve IDF members whom have been wounded in action, fighting with Daech and the fact that an Israeli Colonel is still under arrest in Iraq, having been caught red-handed doing the same thing, in the long list of those countries, from which volunteers have arrived to fight with Daech, there is no mention at all of the Israeli members, how considerate of the Daech bureaucracy.



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