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Another Look At Charlie Hebdo.

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A while back, while writing a post about the attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices, I was digging out a photograph of the Kouachi brothers, the alleged attackers. I found the photo bottom right, a still from a video that was made by a French television company.

I was comparing the killing of the Kouachi brothers, whom  for no good reason, had allowed themselves to be cornered in an Industrial Zone, where they were killed, by a battalion of Police and Secret Service agents, having never been seen by anyone, all we were allowed to see were images, allegedly of them, though masked, in the street which we were led to believe was outside the Charlie Hebdo office.

Mohamed Merah in Toulouse, was never seen without a full face motor-bike helmet and the descriptions of the appearance of the masked man given by eyewitnesses, did not correspond with the images of Merah.

He too was tracked down in an unusual manner, having apparently e-mailed someone or other about a part for his scooter, which the Police instantly connected to him, without any good reason. They then found his address on their own files, he had apparently just been debriefed by the Security Service, having just concluded a mission for them. I kid you not.

He was then surrounded in his flat, by a battalion of Police and gunned down. When I searched for a photograph of Merah I came up with the photograph to the left of Charif Kouachi, I could not believe that they were not the same person.

Now, having found a couple more photos, just to confirm that I had not accidentally chosen a photograph of Kouachi, mixed in with snaps of Merah, I am convinced that they are one and the same. Should that be so, this would be evidence of a False Flag. The Police had merely chosen photos, of already dead agents, as their guilty terrorists and failed to check the files for photos which had already served their purpose.

There were many other photographs available, I chose only those clearly marked with the name of the person in the image. On others, I genuinely could not tell which was which.

Is there anybody out there, with knowledge of how to compare images? I would be pleased to hear your opinion.


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