A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

ESF: Another Layer Of The Onion Stripped Away.


It is proving extremely difficult to dig out any news relating to Eric de Carbonnel, in recent times.  It is rumoured that he has disappeared or died or both.

His five-part series about The Emergency Stabilisation Fund is mind-boggling and it would appear to reduce the alleged power of the Central Bankers to that of mere tiddlers in the overall scheme of things.

Another Rockefeller outfit bankrolling Fabian projects was the International Monetary Fund (IMF), established in 1944 along with the World Bank. Its chief architect was US Under-Secretary of the Treasury Harry Dexter White, a covert Communist, who had close links to the Rockefeller-associated Institute of Pacific Relations (IPR).”

Here we have Harry Dexter White, the apparent head honcho of the Emergency Stabilisation Fund, The International Monetary Fund, with time left over to assist Rockefeller in his funding of The Fabian Society, in the United Kingdom. Who can be trusted these days?

To give you an idea of how deep the penetration of our lives goes, later in this series, part 2 or 3, there is reference to a Frank Wisner, that would be the Step Father of Nicolas Sarkozy, the future President of France.


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