A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Jews Protest In Latvia, Unable To Accept The Latvian’s Right To Honour Their Dead.

When the Bolshevik Jews, carried out the coup d’etat in Russia, they did what Jews always do, they start the culling. Part of that cull took place in Latvia, from where hundreds of thousands of men, women and children, were deported to their deaths in Siberia.

On arrival in Siberia, they had the company of the hundreds of thousands of those whom had been deported from Crimea and Ukraine by the same Bolshevik Jews. That is more than enough excuse for those people to have taken some sort of retaliation against these murdering Jews but there was no available evidence in support of the Jew claims of 35 thousand Jew deaths at the hands of the Germans.

In a recent court case in Israel, these claims were dismissed as unfounded as there was no decent evidence on the ground and the Jews could not even produce a satisfactory system which was available in Latvia, to kill these Jews.

Undaunted and under no criticism from the RT Journalist their accusations are once again being made still without evidence, in the very heart of the   Bolshevik Jew Empire.

Here is an older clip of the same thing, note the British Labour Party contributor, the British Labour Party idolised Stalin, the Greatest Mass Murderer of all time, not Hitler. The Fabian Society, described Bolshevik, Stalinist Russia as the perfect model for a modern State.  The remark from the old man at the beginning of the clip says it all, the Latvian Jews worked with the Bolshevik Jews and they got what they deserved, those executed,were executed for good reason.


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