A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Clubs And Knobs And Dead Pigs Heads.


The Skull and Boners, men whom are obliged to masturbate in coffins


There is one simple fact of life, there is no such profession as that of a professional politician. Politicians should be chosen from the common herd, to spend a part of their time trying to do the best for their people. They should never be chosen from a select group, particularly from a group with a hidden agenda. Most particularly, never from a group which has already seized for themselves, the possibility of conditioning children in school, to accept their agenda and to uphold it, as if it was the only possible means of running a fair society.

What is going on in the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom, at this very moment, is proof positive, that there is no such thing as Democracy. A small group of rich Jews, has taken total control of the Tory Party.


Cmeron,Osborne and Johnson - Bullingdon Boys

The Bullingdon Club and a member who places his member into a dead pig.



This group of half-wits, were at a Public School, Eton, together, Oxford University, together and members of a tally-ho, exclusive drinking club, with bizarre sexual practices, the Bullingdon Club, together.

They are still together in the UK Parliament, where two of them will very soon be vying with each other, to take over, the position left vacant by the other, when he steps down. They are all Jews.

One of these men, Boris Johnson, whom is virtually incoherent but flamboyant, is the Mayor of London. Another David Cameron, a War Criminal, is Prime Minister of the UK. The third, George Osborne, is the Chancellor of the Exchequer. What are the odds of this happening by chance?

Johnson is being used as the “face” of Brexit, the team pretending to want to leave the European Union, standing alongside Boris, in this “Brexit” group is Michael Howard, yet another Jew, making sure that both sides of the in/out Referendum on the European Union, are safely in the same hands. The other pair being Osborne and Cameron, still all together.

When Johnson steps down as Mayor of London, making him available to accept the position of Prime Minister, after Cameron quits, Zack Goldsmith, yet another Jew, who is himself a Member of Parliament, will be standing for election against a Muslim, to replace Johnson as Mayor.

How much more evidence do the British people need, to be convinced that they are being led by the nose to oblivion. All of the above mentioned are part of a long-standing, Zionist scheme to “brown” White people. Do those simple British folk sincerely believe that their Jews will be different, that they will ultimately choose to decide, out of compassion not to carry out what they were put in place to achieve?

Part of the illusion of politics, is the idea that the idiots who scream at one another across the “Chamber,” decide what policy should be. You are meant to believe that a veritable half-wit, sits around with a pocket calculator, working out the sums, for his Budget speech,  the results of which will be loaded on to the backs of the long-suffering people, as tax or other onerous charges, to reduce the “deficit,” which is itself code for, making up for the shortfall in Income Tax, to pump up the eye-watering payments of taxes, necessary to keep the Central Bankers happy. Independent Members of Parliament, would never go along with this crime. Only controlled Political Parties, will keep this scam going.

All policy is decided, without any input from “The Cabinet” of Ministers, they are nothing more than a front for behind the scenes controllers such as Chatham House, The Royal Institute for International Affairs, which has branches in Europe, Australasia, Canada and in the United States, where it is called The Council on Foreign Relations, which works in tandem with the Tri-Lateral Commission.

Alongside these groups, there is the Bilderberg Group, which is where the controlled politicians, from both sides of their countries Parliaments, sit down together, to receive their orders. Imagine the difficulty involved in disseminating any agenda, across Europe, without the total control and complicity of the various “Left/Centre/Right, Political Parties, across the Continent?

Early in the 19th Century, Johan Fitche, in an address to the German people, suggested that Napoleon had destroyed the Prussians, because the Prussians were too concerned with their own safety. To change this attitude, he averred that “.. the education of children, “would” be taken over by the State, which would tell them how to think and what to think.” Fitche was replaced, after his death, by Hegel, who believed that the State is absolute reason and that we the people can only become free by worship and obedience to the State. Does that ring a bell?

This philosophy was quickly seized upon by Marx and Engels, along with the principles of Darwin and his tale of Evolution, particularly the idea that there was a system of “survival of the fittest” built into the evolutionary process, which lead on to the “justifiable,” indiscriminate, slaughter of those deemed to be less fit than were those whom adored the idea of power over others, particularly the power of life over death.

The buffoon, George Osborne, has just announced his intention of completely privatising UK education into the hands of Corporations, having already destroyed the education system in the UK, with the help of New Labour, to the point where they are now claiming that they are obliged to trawl Third World countries, in search of, better educated workers with the necessary intelligence to handle, what were once basic jobs.

Social Darwinism or Social Marxism, or indeed the principles of Hegel, have now decided that White people are of no further use and we are to be justifiably eliminated as mere casualties of  the natural process, of having not been fit enough to compete with low intelligent animals.

The acceptance of this notion has already been indoctrinated into the minds of children at school, who have been educated to hate their own kind. In mixed racial school-rooms, White children are being educated to believe that there is no such thing as White culture. Only other kinds of folk have a culture, Whites are an aberration.

To accelerate this process, towards our final demise, the Jew Osborne, is attempting to segregate the UK into Regions, all of which will be obliged to ultimately accept a Jew Mayor and all of these regions will be carefully provided with a massive number of immigrants, all of whom are being educated to hate Whites, a process which will very quickly transform the UK into another country altogether.

The European Union is all part of this process, which is why there is so much pressure being put on the various members, to accept their dose of those immigrants whom have been quite deliberately shipped off to Europe. Take for example the “tent city” which has been built up on the borders of Greece. That is a refugee camp. Why is Europe being obliged to do more, than any other country has ever been forced to do, by providing these folk with housing, education, social security payments and other things? Why do we not simply keep them safe until they can return home? Could it be that our “Democratic Puppets” have another idea in mind? What a stupid idea that is! I must be some sort of Conspiracy Theorist.

The controlled European Union, is now presenting another ridiculous means of coping with the immigration problem, that of sending thousands back to where they came from, and then accepting exactly the same number directly from the source of the immigrants in return.

This is arrant nonsense. It has been clear from the start that people have been paying their voyage to Europe in order to remain in Europe. Not for a short period and to then return home, they are IMMIGRANTS whom have been given an assurance that they can stay in Europe, otherwise why would they waste their money?

It is not by chance that the European Union, even as this planned immigration stunt is ongoing, is discussing in secret the TTIP treaty, which includes handing the power to the United States of being able approve or disapprove of European Laws which may not correspond with their protocols in the TPP treaty. Both of these treaties, I can assure you are not being discussed by any elected politicians, they are in the hands of those whom from behind the curtain, rule Europe. Whether in or out of the Union. TTIP, when signed, will render the European Union obsolete, whatever the result of any in/out referendum in the UK. Keep your eye on the ball!

The glaring omission from all discussion about the mass immigration which is about to destroy Europe, is the complete lack of reference to Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, the man whom was responsible for the outline of the program of the European Union, designed to destroy the White Race through the medium of the mass immigration of Black, Brown and Yellow people, into Europe. A process which would be used to breed the White European out of existence. How can this be possible? A direct threat made against Europe, without a word of it being mentioned on the Media?

The people of Europe are engaged, unknowingly, in open warfare with the declared intentions of an un-elected bunch of Zionist/Jew characters, alongside whom Coudenhove-Kalergi worked, a group which includes Jeremy Corbyn and Tony Blair and by those whom now control the European Union. Know your enemy.

This advice is now coming home in Belgium, where the list of 22,000 Daech, files which were handed over to Stuart Ramsey, the Sky News Agent, have been used to prove a connection between a man, shot and wounded today, in Belgium, was on that list,  Which means that all of Daech members, on the list, according to Sam Kiley, the balding Sky Agent, are themselves in danger of execution by Daech, to shut them up. How handy is that for the security forces?  They can now kill at will, all and anyone on the list  with a perfect excuse. I could suggest that, know your friend,  would be more applicable in this case.  But then I don’t believe a word of what has been claimed about this list.


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