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Look Out! The Men In Black Are Coming To Get You!


Look Out! The Men In Black Are Coming To Get You!

While the British Houses of Parliament are in an uproar, over the decision of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, to reduce the payments, which were allotted to the physically handicapped, to enable them to lead a more independent life, and the Media, while not dealing with that gaff, were engrossed in the reaction to a remark about womens’ tennis, made by a mere man, suggesting that they were not worth the money which they were being paid, not a word of criticism was being made against the behaviour of the brutal genocide which was continuing in the Apartheid State of Israel, which was likely to provoke the decision of over one million people in Gaza, to head to Europe in the near future. This is all a case of first things first I suppose and most of all we would not want to interfere with the production of more refugees, would we?

As for the tennis crisis, I have already heard Sky News suggest that what was said by a man, was that women deserved to be paid less, when in fact he had said that it was because of the success of the mens’ game that they earned  as much as they did earn. Which is a quite different thing.

I recently heard women footballers’ complaining that it was shameful that they were not being paid the same sort of salary as are men such as Wayne Rooney. This is such a nonsense, when,  those whom enjoy watching women play football, which is actually at the level of a junior boys’ club team, are prepared to pay fifty quid and the train fare to watch them play an away game, and owners are prepared to invest billions in digging out, inferior players, who play like kids, then perhaps women will be in a position to ask for more money.

As for tennis, the real objection should be that in any tournament, the also rans are paid appearance money, while those whom win a title, earn hundreds of thousand of Dollars, when it is considered,  that the lowliest of men in that tournament, could with ease, thrash any  one of these women, whom earn an obscene amount of prize money, it is difficult to arrive at any other conclusion other than women are being paid simply for being women and not for their overall ability.

As a man, should I want to win a title of any sort, whether it be in darts or billiards, I would be obliged to attain the necessary level of expertise,  to overcome the ability of others. Should idiots like me suggest that there should be equal prize money in a parallel Competition, for no-hopers, I would be laughed at, it is ridiculous to even suggest it.

Never mind it takes our attention away from the real problems in the world. Perhaps I was concentrating on something else when the necessary explanation was being delivered as to why, having illegally bombed and destroyed half a dozen Muslim countries, killing an estimated seven million innocent people, unavoidably of course, but to save them, leaving hundreds of thousands more, desperately wounded, destroying their livelihoods and homes, we then invite these folk to come and live amongst us, expecting them to bear no grudge. Is this a logical thing to do?

All across Europe, where statistics have been taken, on average, forty-five percent of immigrants into Europe in recent times, have never worked. They have brought with them diseases which have never been seen in Europe plus some old friends like Scarlet Fever. We, as tax payers, are now paying for all of these folk, whom were perfectly content with their life before Cameron and Hollande arrived with their “democracy.”

There is also the hidden problem of those infected with untreatable sexually transmitted diseases, as a result of being a victim of the hundreds of thousands of rapes of White women by immigrants. All of which is hidden and remains unmentioned by the controlled media.

The dumbed down are still being fed the rubbish about Daech, an entity which has been exposed for exactly what it was, a myth, Vladimir Putin having announced to the world that there was no trace of any group called Daech in Syria, there were only Terrorists.

Daech was a cover for the theft of oil reserves from Iraq and Syria, which was handed over to the Erdogan family in Turkey, which was then sold on the open market, with the complicity of NATO, from which current estimates suggest, they earned one trillion dollars. That is the depth of the criminality of those creatures, whom initiated and encouraged the current disaster zone in the Middle East and Europe.

In France and the United Kingdom, there were no more than token demonstrations against David Cameron and François Hollande, when they announced that they were OBLIGED to bomb Syria, even as business was being taken care of by the Russians, in order to disguise their lack of action against the oil thefts which were long underway, which they had quite deliberately ignored until they were “outed” by Putin.

NATO leaders are now faced with the problem of explaining the total absence of Daech in Syria – as the Patriotic Syrian Arab Army, which had been faced with and repelled, the onslaught of thousands of Mercenaries, armed and trained by Israel and NATO, advance across Syria – have released a dossier, which they claim to have been in a Daech bureaucrats office in Raqqa, which contained the names and details of all of the European Muslims, whom had allegedly, left Europe to fight alongside this bunch of thugs and they are now suggesting that all of the missing Daech phantoms, have turned up in Libya, where NATO has been desperately seeking an excuse for yet another murderous campaign.

The fairy-tale of Daech is being continued this morning, March 22nd in Belgium, where another attack appears to be in progress. An attack which in past times would have borne all the trademarks of Al Qaeda, has now been deduced by experts, to contain certain tiny elements, invisible to the naked eye of a casual observer, to bear the unmistakable traces of Daech. Well what do you know?

The arrest of the Most Wanted Man In The World, in Molenbeek, in recent days, has been used as the excuse for the sudden upsurge of violence in Belgium, before there has been anything more important than a mere hunch that the alleged Ring Leader, who had been named and therefore considered to be guilty, without evidence or trial by those highly paid purveyors of lies and propaganda, working for the controlled media. A slim possibility that it could be a Daech attack, has now become, it was Daech.

There are certain glaring indications that things could be about to take a dangerous turn in our affairs. Despite all of the “talking up” of European economies, they are a disaster zone. There is virtually no European Industry worthy of the name left standing. It has all been exported overseas, so in effect, the Corporations have very little to lose, should Europe tumble into another Dark Age.

There are, in China, phenomenon, which are referred to as Ghost Cities, my belief is that they have been prepared for rich and powerful refugees from the USA and Europe, when disaster strikes.

Those whom suggest that the invitation into Europe, of those who are culturally different and who will refuse to integrate and for who games like gang rape are part of their culture, will prove beneficial for Europe, are liars, Europe is being deliberately destroyed. It is as plain as day we are being wiped out as a Culture and a Race.

This is no time for Political Correctness, that is a luxury we can no longer afford. Those whom are arriving have no concept of such stupidities, they behead women in the streets. Your Jew Politicians stand rock solid alongside these folk and their barbarity.

The unSecurity Forces are already warning us that we are all at risk, there would appear to be thousands of Daech Terror Cells all over Europe. Be very afraid when you descend the escalator to the Tube Station. But the British have no need to worry, the War Criminal who kicked off the current slaughters in the Middle East, David Cameron is holding a Cobra meeting. Thank God! He must move fast though, because it has just been announced that Daech is Hydra Headed!

I am sorry, I may be stupid, but I find it extremely hard to believe that young men whom have left Europe, to fight for the most brutal group since the days of the Bolshevik Jew regime in Russia, are prepared to set Europe ablaze without a care for their own families and friends whom will be affected, never mind the million or so refugees whom have arrived in Europe, looking for shelter from the storm.

Nothing has convinced me, that there has ever been such an animal as International Muslim Terrorism. From the start it was a lie and no more than an excuse to destroy, at will, all of those Muslim countries which stood in the way of Greater Israel.

When Daech arrives in Europe, it will be composed of paid Mercenaries and most probably controlled from Mossad HQ. Should the truth of what took place in Germany, after World War Two, and what was done to the German people in Jew controlled Concentration Camps, become public knowledge, you would shudder, believe me. Dig out “Hellstorm” by Thomas Goodrich. You may have the stomach to read a small part of it. 




I have read Eye For An Eye and believe me it had nothing to do with any holocaust, it was pure and simply a vicious attack against Germans. The author in the early chapters did attempt to generate some sort of excuse for the behaviour of the Jews involved, the leader of them,  is I believe still alive and well and living in luxury in Israel,  his name,  Solomon (Schlomo) Morel.


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