A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Hollow Call To Stand Up To Terrorism.

The Hollow Call To Stand Up To Terrorism.

Despite the fact that their Poster Boys, Daech, have been outed as a fraud, Western leaders are determined to instil fear into the hearts of their own people by ignoring the evidence that Daech was no more than an excuse to justify the theft of Syrian and Iraqi oil, claiming it to be the means by which Daech funded their operations, when it was in fact a criminal operation, carried out by Turkey’s leader Erdogan and his son and Barzani, the leader of a section of the Kurds, with the complicity of NATO, and are attempting to present the failed idea of a Daech Caliphate in Europe or elsewhere as if they, Daech, were real. It is nonsensical.

It will have been noticed, by even the most casual observer of current events, that the Media is forging the idea that the designed and advertised, illegal attacks, against the Muslim World, which have seen to the brutal slaughter of millions of people, have in no way been responsible for the current retaliatory attacks in Europe, which may or may not be genuine terrorism, as they closely resemble Operation Gladio atrocities in past times.

The kindly but brain-dead, folk of Europe, having been systematically brainwashed by the controlled media, into believing that the total destruction of several Middle Eastern countries, killing unknown numbers of innocents, was a retaliation for some sort of terrorism, originating in the countries which have been destroyed. These folk are incapable of figuring out a response to the simple question, “Name the terrorist attacks which involved Iraq or Syria against the West?” We all know there were none.

However brutal NATO became, they could not engender a terrorist response from the basically peaceful Muslim Community, so they were obliged to invent Al Qaeda and then Daech, which are being presented as Islamic constructs.

What is currently going on in Brussels is another step towards the desired state of Civil unrest across the European Union, to create the necessary excuse to impose a form of Martial Law across Europe, which will allow the Forces of Oppression to install a Draconian authoritarian Rule, a Police State quoi! 


It seems to be out of the reach of the intellect of the average European, to grasp, exactly what their Politicians,  with the help of a Murderous Military, have inflicted on the Peoples of Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia and many other countries, all in the name of Greed, and even more difficult for them to understand that they are now the target. 

The propaganda mouthpiece for Sky News and the MI6, Stuart Ramsey, is delighting us with a list of locations, which were mentioned in the dodgy dossier of Daech, which was conveniently put into his hands,  likely to be attacked in the near future, he is even giving us a list of the names of Suicide Bomber volunteers, who joined the “Suicide Brigade” an announcement aimed at striking fear into the hearts of those people whom allowed their governments to initiate this problem by voting, continually for a Government of War Criminals in elections.

Ramsey is without stint, parading an upcoming Daech agenda, which it is doubtful was noted in the Daech dossier, so it is just a way of letting us know what is coming down the pike. However, be warned, when an attack comes it will not be Daech carrying it out.

Sky News have also unleashed their greasy hidden weapon, Lisa Holland, to spread another load of tosh, in her quiet, measured tones, just as she misled Sky viewers when she reported rubbish from Libya, while helping build up the necessary excuse to destroy that country and murder its leader and his family.

For the umpteenth time it is necessary to explain, that events in the Middle East and Europe have been in the planning for decades. When the Fabian Society opened the way into Britain to hundreds of thousands of Blacks from the West Indies, way back in the 1950’s they were sounding the death knell for the British People.

General de Gaulle carried out the same procedure in France by allowing the millions of Maghrebian to pour into France, where they would be greeted with hostility by the French, who were still upset about the expulsion of the Pieds Noirs from Algeria without any similar’ response from de Gaulle, by restricting in the inflow of Arabs.

In more recent times, the decks have been cleared in Europe, for the mass immigration of Muslims, by the use of repeated illegal wars against the Middle Eastern region, which has rendered it uninhabitable, forcing millions to flee, their passage being facilitated through the funding of so-called, “People Smugglers,” who were in fact working for the Elite, making sure that the refugees headed off to Europe.

They are coming to a Europe in crisis, a crisis which was deliberately kicked off through the freezing of credit, which plunged overstretched financiers into trouble, when access to short-term loans were deliberate cut off.  Elected politicians, the world over, under orders from above, re-financed the banks by stealing the money from their own electorate. Even States which had no banking debt, were obliged to pay the criminal demands of the Central Bankers. Many if these criminal Politicians now hold lucrative jobs with the Bankers.

While this crisis was continuing, we heard barely a word ,in criticism of the exportation of any business which was not nailed down, to China. At the same time politicians were gushingly praising their achievement of negotiating a Free Trade agreement with China, without which those whom had been paid to reinstall in China, would be unable to import their slave made products into Europe.

The final nail is now being hammered home into the coffin of Europe, while millions are being funded to come to Europe, when they arrive, there is no work for them, which means a life on the dole, all of which is being funded by the small number of Europeans who do not find themselves in the elevated unemployment statistics. Official figures suggest that on average forty-five per-cent of immigrants never work. That is the measure of the lengths, to which our leaders are prepared to go to destroy us.

We have been forced to listen, all day long, to the lies and bullshit of Politicians, promising us that they will not let the terrorists win, after a strange attack in Brussels, by those whom hate us for our freedoms.

Sadly these young men are not terrorists, perhaps it might be more acceptable for the folk whom are once more telling us, “Who They Are” this time “We are Brussels,” if these men were terrorists. This could be the Resistance from the Arab World, it is about time they gave us a real taste of what they have been living through for decades. Sadly the tale appears once more to be unravelling even as it is being presented.

The grieving folk in Brussels would do well to understand, that should an attack similar to that in Brussels have occurred in Iraq or Syria, it would have been no more than a run of the mill incident. Perhaps that might give a hint as to what we have done to Muslims, whom must simply accept our terrorism without response.

Once more all of the alleged perpetrators were known to the Security Forces. All of their DNA was in their files. Yet another bomb belt was left behind. Suicide bombers now appear to use bombs in suitcases as well as belts, that way I suppose they can kill themselves twice.

Within hours we were being told who they were and that they had been members of the phantom Daech, which now means that it is far more likely that they were fighting alongside Assad and Russia. If this attack had been out if the blue, it would take at least a couple of days to collect DNA samples etc.

Listening to Politicians, condemning the attacks which in many cases are carried out by the Security Forces themselves, without mentioning that “WE” are the terrorists and have been for Centuries. The West has laid the Middle East to waste and they have not finished yet. How many Muslims have to be butchered before Free White Europeans get the message?

In the above video clip, one of the speakers explains why it us a policy of the State to attack innocent civilians as a means of encouraging the public to give up certain  of their freedoms for security, real terrorists go after the Military, Politicians or the Police.








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