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Your Kids Are Now In The Cross-Hairs.

Your Kids Are Now In The Cross-Hairs.

There are moves afoot in Europe, to bring Nursery Schools, Crêches and Play-groups, under the control of Tavistock Institute type teachers, that is, trained mind-benders, to condition children from the cradle to the grave.

Now that those inspiring dreamers once, called fathers, have been removed from the lives of children, replaced by those more frequently referred to by children as “uncle,” many real fathers, have been denied access to their own children, an eventuality which was planned in the dungeons of the Frankfurt School and Tavistock Society.

As a result the field has been left clear for the final dose of the contamination of the “modern” type of child, whom once-upon-a-time, in the bad old days, was referred to as a “Latch Key Kid” which in itself clearly illustrates the ineptitude of women and their failure to advance that part of the education, which was once a part of home life with Dad, by handing kids over to “highly trained” professionals, the presence of whom will soon be obligatory in any establishment which takes care of children, while Mummy goes to work.

The Montessori method of allowing children, to in some way, educate themselves, through beneficial “play” through which they discover how certain reactions can be provoked by their manipulation of various objects to which they are given access. This all sounds quite innocuous and harmless enough until you add into the mix the idea of controlling the objects and ideas which are actually made available to those kids.

We all have memories of the Utopia which was offered by Communism, back in our youth. I can remember the days when the intelligentsia  were not at all ashamed to call themselves Trotskyite, having been denied access to the “reality” of the murderous aims of that mass murdering bastard. 

Communism was and is, a farce it was never intended to help the Working Man, it was designed to rob the People and to hand control of all and everything into the hands of the Elite. Communists can now proudly claim, Job done!

When things started to look bleak and it became clear that the Reds were doing nothing whatsoever for their citizens, in Russia or China, there was talk of it being no more than State Capitalism, which as does Capitalism in general, involves stealing from the masses to benefit the few.

At which point questions were being asked about the connection between Armand Hammer, a Jew business man, in whom the Russian government had confidence. How could that be? Then the News started to seep out that in fact Russia had, was and still is controlled by Jew business men.

It is the same problem with education, like Communism, it needs to be in the hands of angels to make it work. Should it be passed into the hands of dubious groups, such as the Tavistock Institute, which like the Fabian Society, is controlled by Chatham House, the outcome will be designed to further the aims of these covert groups, aims which at the moment are intent on destroying the White Race.

So it does not need to be over emphasised as to the type of anti-White racism, which could be quietly fed into the minds of children, whether it be called a Montessori technic or by any other name, it will fill children’s heads with racist crap. Keep them away from your kids at all cost.

George Osborne the Jew Chancellor of the Exchequer, has announced the government’s intention to “privatise” all schools, which will be re-named, Academies, these Academies will be prone to exactly the same brain-washing techniques which menace younger children in Nursery Schools.

It has long been the aim of Big Business to produce a compliant, controllable labour force, control of education gives them the key to that door.

I took a look at Montessori sites on youtube. I was absolutely staggered at the enormous efforts which are being made to push this system. Why would there be such an effort being made about something which has been around for years but which up to now has been in the hands of folk dedicated to the well-being of children and not of those whom would exploit them.

The dangers of State education cannot be over stated. We are no longer in the hands of those whom seek to improve education, they have indeed quite deliberately, destroyed education as part of the globalisation scheme, which while dumbing down European children has enhanced the education of Third World countries, from where they now tell us that they are obliged to seek workers with an adequate level of education to suit their needs. This is all part of the plan.

The proposed teachers in these Montessori Nursery Schools are being referred to as Highly Trained Practitioners, it would appear that they are hiding behind the Montessori system as an excuse to grab kids at their most impressionable age. Any parent is capable of picking out the best bits of Montessori and putting them into practice at home, should they so choose.

This morning on hearing the headline, “Scientists claim that Nursery Schools are failing children,” I was so perturbed, that I immediately picked up my quill and scribbled this screed. This is Big Government in action.


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