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Satanic Black Magic And ‘Miley Cyrus?’

Satanic Black Magic And ‘Miley Cyrus?’

I understand that Billy Ray Cyrus, a one hit wonder, with the immortal ditty, ‘Achy Breaky Heart,’ which has had an incredible twenty-two million visits on YouTube,  believes his daughter, Miley, to have made a “Pact with the Devil.” 

This is a fable which has hovered around Pop Music, since the 1960’s, when the major groups of the day, The Beatles, The Stones and Led Zep, admitted to an interest in Aleister Crowley. In particular Crowley’s suggestion that we should, “Do What Thou Wilt.” This was part of his philosophy of Thelema, which is just a little ephemeral and ever so slightly sounds like crap. I offer you this phrase, which is the Thelema approach to the dichotomy of life, do with it what thou wilt.

None and two. For I am divided for love’s sake, for the chance of union. This is the creation of the world, that the pain of division is as nothing and the joy of dissolution all.” (Liber AL 1: 28-30) Hmmmm!

When still trapped in the confused state of callow youth-hood, I read rather a lot about Crowley, both his own scribblings and what others wrote of him. I finally decided that most of the time, Crowley was sniffing around looking for gullible older women to either rob or defile with his pet goat or both. Various biographers were of the same opinion.

Nary a one felt that he had any genuine magical skill apart from a powerful personality, which it has been alleged, allowed him to father George W Bush, having introduced Barbara to his goat. Nudge! Nudge! He was of course a Junkie and many of his claimed visions were no more than drug induced psychedelic experiences presented as contact with the “Other Side.”

As did George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, Crowley wrote his literature in a dense, impenetrable manner, which suggested to young innocents, like my callow self, that they were not of a high enough intelligence level to fully understand his blathering. Crowley was part of the original group which kicked off the surge towards the New World Order, along with Blavatsky, Steiner, Krishnamurti, Annie Besant and others in the UK, who introduced us to the Fabian Society and Socialism, all of which was financed by the Jew Bankers, they also financed Marx.

There are, some seventy years after his death, several groups, offering lessons, explaining the teachings of Gurdjieff, when there is no evidence whatsoever of any pupil of Gurdjieff, whom did actually attain any degree of understanding as to what Gurdjieff was proposing. Even the finest of his pupils, including Peter Ouspensky, were unable to decipher his message.

The very idea that Miley Cyrus has done a deal with the Devil is ludicrous. The same can be said for all those famous Rock’n’Rollers, whom like Crowley and Gurdjieff – who left the writer Katherine Mansfield to die in a cow-shed, having assured her that the stench of cow-shit would cure her consumption – they simply used the idea to add a hint of the “Dark-Side” into their drug fueled orgies.

I had many friends whom claimed to live their lives according the principle of “Do What Thou Wilt” when what they actually meant was, “Shag your arse off,” with whomsoever you could score. Some even suggested with little children, if necessary, they claimed that little children liked being fiddled with by adults, besides, should you suggest that there was some problem with that, you were not living up to your libertarian claims of freedom.

Stanley Kubrick, in Clockwork Orange, made a graphically filmed illustration of the problem of indiscriminate violence, which was presented as a form of, over the top, street violence, when in fact it clearly demonstrated the attitude of “Our Elected Leaders, whom are out of control psychopaths, one and all.

In Eyes Wide Shut, Kubrick gave us a glimpse of the behaviour of the sickly rich in private. They were doing exactly what the Rock’n’Rollers were doing in another place, playing enhanced sex games and nothing more. Much like David Cameron sticking his member into a pigs mouth, or George Bush masturbating in a coffin to suit the “Boners.”

The only difference between the two, the sick rich can sacrifice a victim with impunity, while the Rockers need to keep it a little bit Cool.

There is a tale floating around, suggesting that Kubrick, having been asked nicely to cut certain scenes from Eyes Wide Shut, was killed when he refused to do so and the offending scenes were indeed censored. The myth suggests that the scenes involved the sacrifice of a small child, well they would say that, I suggest that in fact the scenes showed quite clearly what a bunch of prats these folk are and how much they love the game of making women take all their clothes off. The only part of the film which was accurate, was the inferred threat which emanated from behind the masks of those whom addressed the Tom Cruise character, a bemused man off the streets, unable to make head nor tale of the play-acting with which he was confronted. The inferred threat was indeed a sinister and serious warning.

Along with “Do What Thou Wilt,” another favourite expression which was equally misunderstood, was that you should “Take People As They Are.” When accused of the sin of not doing so,  my preferred response was to ask, “So what’s your problem?” The response would be that I had just criticised someone or other. My accusers could not even understand their own philosophy, never mind their own inability to accept the behaviour of another.

So to have dumped musicians, who dressed up in frightening clothes and created a film set with smoke and mirrors and other contraptions, to spice up a no doubt jaded sex life, into the same mix as Aleister Crowley and thereby suggest that these carries on involved some sort of real Magic is a stupidity. All of these characters are now no more than boring old farts, still pretending to play their instruments despite their arthritic fingers and a tendency to trip over their own feet on stage. To where has all that black magic gone, I wonder?

It would therefore appear that the main aim of this quasi magic was to influence innocent young minds into a state of total acceptance, however bizarre some the elements of this training appeared to be. Look at how easy it was to encourage those Black Satanic Magicians of Rock to adore mass murderer Nelson Mandela and his screaming demon of a wife, “Necklace” Winnie.

As is usual, the real victims, the White folk, are being murdered by the thousand, by the incoming Black Immigrants, who through the use of overwhelming numbers, managed to steal,  what the Boers had spent Centuries constructing. I am told constantly, that Africa is a Black homeland, so Whites have no place there. I have no problem with that and personally I would be quite happy to see all of Europe’s Black Racist criminals go home to Africa. I would not oppose it, should their voyage be paid out of my taxes.

None of this carry on is going to help any of us. It is not designed to help anybody other than the folk whom consider themselves to be a cut above the rest. It is a miracle that we are still standing, it is a measure of our tenacity, that there is a sperm left swimming, somewhere, in some alpha-male, despite having been bombarded with chemicals to render them sterile, whether through plastic food containers or Fluoride in dental hygiene products, growth hormones in hamburgers and sausages and fats that play havoc with our bloodstream. Yes folks that is the bad news for today. Most European men are half sterile, that is they are fifty per cent less capable of fathering a child, than were their own fathers.

We White people are already in the dust-bin of history. We were too bright for our own good and we are already designing the robots by which we will be replaced.

I have been assured that a decision has already been taken, which has designated 70 years as the preferred life-span for one of us dopes, who have allowed ourselves to be hoodwinked into believing the nasty bastards to be the good guys, then, after five ‘golden years’ we get the chop.

At which point I have recovered the thread of what I have actually been trying to express in this article, which would be the mundane origin of the real “magic” the identity of the real magician who pulls all the strings, who manufactures all of the film and rock stars, who sees to the miseducation of our children, who wants the world for himself and his family, with the minimum of folk like us to disturb him. That would be the current top banker and his bureaucracy and Security Men. Robots will see to the rest.

That is their wet dream but they will never succeed. There will always be a few wild people in the hills who will one day destroy them, science fiction writers have assured us of this. However, for the moment they have the upper hand, granted by the magic dust in their pocket, their Cash and all around them, greedy people prepared to kill for some of that cash. There is no defence against greed.

That is the source of this Satanic Black Magic, wealth combined with the greed of others without which these people are lower than the worms.

The future murder of the masses, is being organised right now, in Europe, with foolish folk howling for yet more “refugees” to be allowed into Europe, egged on by paid agitators, as the Elite grin and rub their hands together with joy. We,  are going to be used, by these scum to reduce the population of Europe for them. They now have a huge swathe of Europe and the Middle East, involved in a war without any purpose other than to serve their grim desires.

There have been many wars throughout history. In 1945 Germany and Japan were reduced to little more than piles of rubble, where the people simply had to make do as best they could, that is the way of things. So why, is what is happening currently in the Middle East, being treated any differently? Why is White Europe being expected to absorb all of the affected people? I can find no evidence of such a thing ever taking place with such huge numbers of people involved.

We are being told that there are far too many people on the planet. The White people have dutifully reduced their birthrate to the minimum. Having done so why are they now expected to bring in foreigners to replace the babies they were encouraged not to have or to abort? Does that make sense? Of course it doesn’t make sense, we are being wiped out.

Down through the millenia, Nature itself has taken the necessary action against those tribes, which were stupid enough to breed themselves to starvation levels. They alone were responsible for their fate. Left to its own devices, Nature would quickly find a solution to the industrialised style of breeding in India and China, without need of intervention, from the sick rich,  whom having hoarded all the worlds wealth into hidden vaults, where it serves no good purpose, there is now little left for them to crave apart from the planet itself, reserved for a selected few, of course, why would they allow those whom express an intention to breed themselves to dominance to remain amongst them?

These wealthy folk now consider themselves to be as God, with the power of life or death over us all. This power has been gained through the eager participation of “Our Boys” who will carry out any atrocity to order.

If I was allowed to teach teenagers Civics in College, the very first lesson would be, that in a democracy, you should never, at all cost, vote for any candidate, whom has already been elected in a previous election. There should be no such animal as a professional politician, there is no such job. Children have been bamboozled into believing that Political Parties are an essential, in order to form a Government. That is rubbish, disparate intelligent folk, having been elected, are perfectly capable of finding agreement on Policies and the selection of spokesmen, who will hold different posts.

Western Democracy is only permitted, on the understanding that for whichever Party you may choose to vote, the Elite always win. All European Elections are rigged. Even now anyone listening to the daily News on British or American outlets, may deduce quite clearly, that the excuses are already being generated to deny the peoples choice, whether it be to leave Europe or dumpTrump.


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