A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Another Black Racist Taking A Swipe At Those Whom House And Feed Him.


Here we have yet another Black Racist, being allowed the opportunity to spread his vile and disgusting message, without fear of condemnation by the controlled mainstream media, which purely by chance, is controlled by that other group of Racist thugs, who call themselves Jews, to in some way generate an excuse to pick on Whites as if they were not white themselves.

The Black Community would appear to have a propensity for violence, that is quite apparent, one need only look at Black on Black crime to see that.

In the land which with the help of Jews, they stole from White people, South Africa, these Black hypocrites, who were themselves immigrants into South Africa, they were not indigenous to the region, are now killing other Blacks, who arrive in South Africa, seeking refuge from other wars in  Sudan and other places, complaining that these incoming Blacks are stealing their jobs. Nice people these Blacks.

These Black communities, outside of Africa, are well taken care of by Whitey, otherwise why would they not go back to the poverty in their own country? Wherever you find them they will be holding a banner demanding more and more money in payment for some past problem which has nothing to do with any living Black. Even in this disgraceful exercise,  they are in bed with that other group called Jews, who hold out the same begging bowl, in the name of past suffering.

The similarities between these two groups are extraordinary.  When you consider that the Blacks in South Africa, having stolen a Country, to which they had no justifiable claim and who proceeded to wipe out the White people who had built the Country from scratch, did so with the assistance of the other group, whom stole a land to which they had no justifiable claim and who also started to annihilate those whom did have such a claim.   Do we actually need either of these two Racist groups?





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