A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The United British Betrayal Team Is Finally Complete.




Even as Europe is going down the tubes and while all of the evidence would suggest that a huge majority of people would dearly like to get out of The European Union, the people of the United Kingdom now find that they have a Jew leadership in charge of both the In and the Out referendum campaigns, while the biggest gangsters on Planet Earth, Goldman Sachs and other Jew controlled international banking criminals are funding one side of the issue, which is to remain in this Jew controlled Communist entity.

The Pollsters are duly announcing that things are so close it us impossible to predict the outcome of the coming vote. Jeremy Corbyn, the Wolf in Sheets clothing, has finally announced that he will vote to remain in this Union, which the Fabian Society helped to launch, with the direct intention of destroying Europe and White people.

Corbyn cannot be unaware of the intentions of the Fabian Society, anymore than we should believe that Communism in Russia has been defeated. The aims of these groups is still the same, they want total world domination and more importantly, they want the remaining folk, when most have been eliminated, to be brown, no whites, that is apart from certain kinds of folk, mostly from Eastern Europe, whom look white, like the rest of us but whom no longer consider themselves to be guilty of White crimes, despite having been in control of the perpetrators.

There is no way out of these Communist Unions and there is no way of reforming them. Despite the UK being on the brink of financial disaster, under a severe threat of attack by “terrorists” while British industry at its lowest ebb for a generation, the British people are being fed rubbish which suggests that Europe will make everybody safer, richer with greater equality. All of this while the UK languishes at the bottom of most league tables, measuring social standards of health, education and child poverty. Such are the empty promises of Europe.

Corbyn in the UK, has now turned his back on those whom voted for him in the referendum, which led to him being elected as Leader of The Fabian Socialists, having allowed the impression that he was opposed to the European Union to persist until this moment, when he chose to step out of his Sheep’s clothing, exposing the ongoing aims of Richard Coudenhive-Kalergi’s aims of destroying White Europe, which is now well under way. Corbyn’s treachery will now be used as the “game-changer,” which turned the tide in favour of staying in gaol. They tell you that to leave Europe will be a once and for all choice, inferring that it will be a disaster should you choose to re-join the hundreds of countries, which are not members of the EU.

The North American Union, which was secretly established, by an administration, completely under the control of Jews, was designed to do the same thing, America has been destroyed. They have millions of illegal immigrants from Mexico and now a huge influx of refugees from the deliberately provoked wars in the Middle East, while the Blacks are running wild, all of this, while US Industry is now defunct.

Once prosperous regions like Detroit Michigan, are now disaster areas, all of the industry having been relocated to Mexico or other cheap labour zones. Canada, the third member of the Union, is on its knees, while the government is even now calling for more immigrants. Hands up those whom still believe our Governments are doing all of this, without a hidden hand driving the agenda, a program which will destroy all that we hold dear.

Perhaps there are those amongst us whom are unaware that there is an Election under way in the USA, that proud Constitutional Democratic Republic, the land of the free and all of that garbage.

The reality of the fairness of US elections has been exposed for the rigged system that it is,  by the “outing” of the Super Delegate system of voting, which over-rides the choice of the voter. Referendums in Europe are renowned for their ability to contradict the results of all of the once immaculate findings of exit polls. There is no longer even the colour of Democracy remaining in the States which tell us that laying the world to waste in the name of this Democracy is a justifiable act.



Take a good look at the above report, the UK does not appear to have fared very well in any category, despite membership of the European Union. It would be fair to suggest that things could well be much better on the outside.



Corbyn is telling us all that he is in favour of remaining in the EU but it must change, so why not ask for the referendum to be delayed until those changes have been made? Hilary Benn, who suddenly supports Corbyn, having voted against him over the bombing of Syria, has family connections with the Fabians going  back a long way. His Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing father, was involved, not only with the Fabians but with the Tavistock Institute as well. That should tell you all you need to know about the Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, who parade around as if they care about you.


Corbyn is being presented as an honest broker, which is yet another deception, he is yet to make any mention of the structure of the European Union, how it operates behind the scenes, who actually writes all of the mandates, which the highly paid MEP’s pass with equanimity, let alone his reasons for now choosing to stay inside a totally un-democratic Communist grouping. Perhaps it is because he is a closet Communist as was his best friend Ralph Miliband, who supported the greatest mass murderer in history Bolshevik Jew Joseph Stalin.

The young are being presented as morons, incapable of seeing for themselves what membership of the EU has done to Europe and what it is likely to do in the future. But, we are told, Jeremy Corbyn’s ridiculous explanation for his sudden change of heart about Europe,  was likely to encourage the young to follow him into the graveyard of Europe, This is psychological bullshit straight out of the dossiers of Tavistock.

Corbyn has now left himself open to claims that he is finally no more than a self seeking politician, whom has sacrificed his own beliefs on the altar of political expediency, to save his own job as leader. What has happened to his posture as supporter of the working man?

To even the most hardened doubter, it must now be perfectly clear, that the Democratic World is now being run by a two party system,  both of which are controlled and funded by the same shadowy characters behind the scenes and in all decisions of importance, they will support the commands from above.

Corbyn has not asked one difficult question, in the House of Commons, concerning British illegal attacks in the Middle East. He has not questioned reports that the UK has already sent Special Forces into Syria and Libya, in readiness for further action.  Has he no concern for the folk whom are likely to find themselves at the wrong end of a British bomb or is he keeping his mouth shut in keeping with his new Political Expediency in mind? Does he not care that the House of Commons is still being lied to, by those intent on regime change in places where they have already spilt more than enough blood.


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