A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Is The Labour Party, Backing The Wrong Horse Yet Again?

Not content with sending their creeps, Alistair Darling and Gordon Brown off to Scotland, to help rig the vote in Scotland’s In/Out referendum, Corbyn and the Bilderbergers are now lining up to help rig the British Referendum. They are even yapping about this famous “Leap in the Dark.”

Dear old Alistair Darling, today refused to answer a question, on Sky News,  about the well paid job he was given by Morgan Stanley, for all the efforts he made on their behalf during his time in the Exchequer, while his wily old chum Gordon Brown, the man who sold the UK Gold Reserves to Rothschild for peanuts, is working for the same band of International Criminals at PIMCO.

The last time the Socialists dipped their toe into this sort of mess, they destroyed their following in Scotland, the current deception could wipe them out in the UK and so it should. Listening to Corbyn, a closet Communist failing to mention that the European Union is controlled by Communists, would suggest him to be either devious or stupid or both.

He is now averring that of course the EU needs to be changed, without explaining why Cameron failed and as to why it is only since the Referendum was announced that there have been calls for this change.


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