A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Bread And Circuses Are Coming To An End.


We have been idle spectators, totally engrossed in our trivialities, while millions of people have been exterminated, at the hands of paid, uniformed, murderers, working for a hidden hand. The blood-letting has been presented as just another television spectacular, painting you as the good guys as usual.

The very same politicians, for whom you voted, in “free” elections, having educated you to believe that the planet could only support a limited number of human beings and that by reducing your numbers, which you have done,  you would be “saving” the planet, are now swamping you with immigrants, whom declare with glee, that they will be taking control of your now diminished country, through their massive, uncontrolled procreation, while you, like all brainwashed dopes, are chanting, “Bring it On,” oblivious to the fact that when the time comes it will not be a condom which reduces the population it will be violence.

I listened to a report on Sky News this morning, from Lesbos,  where a spokes-person, for the migrants, whom have been arriving by the thousand from Turkey, explain how Europe was rich and could well afford to re-settle at least 150 thousand immigrants yearly and that it was inhuman not to do so.

This attitude illustrates that the aim is to destroy Europe. This is a problem that would vanish if the illegal wars stopped, before it is too late.  Should your governments,  continue to seek an excuse to reduce Syria to dust and to force a puppet government into power in Libya, which they are also doing, do you believe that to be a recipe designed to solve the current refugee problem?

The British have been warned that their population is rapidly climbing towards 70 million. How many immigrants will be needed annually, in future years to pay the pensions of this number of people? More importantly, what has been the benefit of the recent massive immigration into Europe?

In France alone, there are more than a million young men of immigrant families, who have never worked and who most probably never will. Who,  will be paying for their pensions? Muslim women are occupied with their children and play virtually no part in the economic well-being of France.

In the United Kingdom, as in most countries with Black immigrants, amongst whom the un-employment rate is always superior to that of other groups of immigrants, the actual numbers of those whom were deliberately brought to the UK by past Socialist governments, who have never found permanent employment, who have had children, who have experienced the same problem and who now have grand-children who have never worked, has never been made public knowledge because it would illustrate that the British workers, have been forced to pay the up-keep of those whom were brought to Europe and then paid to simply live here.

We are dealing with a program, how does it solve a population problem, if you allow people, whom breed like rabbits, to flood into countries, where through the medium of the “pill,” the condom and abortion, the indigenous population has been encouraged to reduce their birth-rate, without restricting the number of children the incomers can expect to have financed?

We now find that the Jesuit Pope has involved himself in the Genocide of White Europeans, by calling in an absolutely bizarre manner, for Europeans to allow those refugees, fleeing from countries which Europeans have destroyed, to be re-settled in Europe, without one serious criticism of the brutal behaviour of the Jew controlled countries involved in this slaughter.

Boris Johnson, whom is himself a Jew, when asked if he would be prepared to replace David Cameron, who claims to be a Jew, should Cameron  lose the upcoming referendum,  replied that he thought that Cameron was a “superb” Prime Minister and he did not expect him to step down over a triviality like the loss of a referendum.

Well Boris, what about Cameron stepping down for his War Crimes?  He has been responsible for two serious crimes against humanity, in Libya and Syria and he has sold arms to  Saudi Arabia, which have been used against civilians, in Saudi Arabia itself and in Yemen. Is this now par for the course for “superb” British politicians? What in the opinion of the British, would justify taking legal steps to charge Cameron, along with Blair, Brown, and Straw, for quite deliberately lying to the British people over the legality of their murders?


Do the British people not understand that they are being blamed for this carnage? Have they not yet become aware of the violent Hate Speech being levelled at White people by foul-mouthed Jews and Blacks, calling for the extermination of people just like you? What does it take to make you understand that YOU are in the cross hairs of the Jews.  They are expressing their desire to wipe us out, even as all of the current butchery has been under the control of these Jews, they are still blaming you.

Spending your time sitting around en famille watching Game of Thrones or “Strictly,”all of you multi-tasking with your Smart thingimmybobs,  is not going to save you from the coming slaughter.  Your lives are, or soon will be, in peril. There are steps afoot to start a war and while this is taking place, the British are engrossed in the stupidity of a referendum, about whether to stay in or get out of a Jew controlled Union, which is based on the Soviet model, which has never gone away. There is no easy way out of this mess.

When the time is right, these folk will unleash a terror against Europe, without batting an eye-lid. If it was not for the fact that this type of slaughter has been used over and over again, you would be entitled to laugh at me, however it has already happened to Germany, Hungary, Russia, China and Spain in recent times, what on earth makes you think that what you are doing to others, will not one day happen to you? Take a look across the water at Ireland, a tiny country which was savaged by the British. There are a lot of folk who would be glad to see the back of the British, believe me.



Personally speaking, I do not understand, how any fair-minded person in the USA or in Europe, could vote for any person who has not stood up in protest and outrage at the behaviour of the so-called Coalition and their animalistic, wretched butcheries, all across the Muslim World. These people, including Sarkozy, Hollande, Blair, Bush, Obama, and Cameron are an abomination.



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