A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Truth About Terrorism.


When the bi-sexual, coke sniffing, President of the United States, George W. Bush, cried out, “You are either with us or with the terrorists,” to which terrorists did he refer? There was at the time, no such thing as international Muslim Terrorism or indeed any other group, which could be hunted down by a conventional Army.

Bush was quickly joined, on his idiotic caper,  by the Judas Blair, from the City of London, the man whom had prepared the UK for the coming dark future, by putting a “quick fix” in place in British controlled Ulster, to get rid of the threat of “Irish” terrorism, before condemning London, to its very own 911, “False Flag” warning on 7-7. Such an event was normally attributed to the IRA, another scapegoat of the British.

Blair continued his treachery by inviting into the UK, not, as he claimed, well-educated folk from overseas, whom would be of benefit to the UK, he instead brought in uniquely those groups whom would never integrate, thus at a stroke creating the possibility of a backlash from those whom he Blair, had understood full well, would react, when they saw the carnage inflicted against their kin-folk in the Middle East by Blair’s uniformed mercenaries, who were sent to bomb the shit out of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Blair and his minions were working to the tenets of the same program which had been followed by Clement Attlee, when he was “put into Power” after World War Two. Attlee packed the UK with Black People from the West Indies, a group which has proven themselves incapable of integrating with White people,  a group which still howls about slavery, a historical event which can in no way be blamed on British people, most of whom had never even seen a Black man before they came streaming into the UK, where they have never managed to create anything other than “No Go Ghetto.”

The Black folk have now been joined by the Muslims, yet another group which will never forget the atrocities which they have suffered at the hands of the City of London. Cameron, a Jew, is continuing the agenda of Blair by surreptitiously allowing the influx of Muslim refugees, fleeing from the Middle East to escape the brutal attacks, organised by Cameron, against their homelands.

The United Kingdom is not alone, across Europe the same ridiculous influx of this deliberately provoked swarm of refugees, has been allowed by the carefully placed politicians, many of whom are Communist Jews, while others are mere “Zionists” but one and all they are prepared to destroy White Europe.

Cameron is at the moment seeking a means of fortifying the British Isles, against any influx of White European refugees, from Christian Europe, by closing the doors of the UK – now that it is short of “real men” – ensuring that when the false flag Civil War kicks off there will be no safe haven for White people left available to flee.  Europeans will quickly find that those Muslim States, which betrayed their own people, will not be prepared to accept Christians into their midst any more than do the Jew people in Israel. Only White Christian people commit that sort of altruistic act of suicide.

There are many undeniably similarities between the Muslim Holy Koran and the Jew Talmud. Both of these “religious” tracts are packed with instructions as how to cope with the “unbelievers” whom have chosen another religion, death being the usual tool used to solve this problem, Whites of course,  turn the other cheek.

Both groups, Muslim and Jew,  persist with their Dark Age system of animal slaughter, while despite the invention of Fridges, still refuse to eat pork, which they now see as an excuse to maltreat pigs.

Their treatment of their own women-folk and their propensity to rape “erotically” dressed White women, while justifying the marriage of children to old men, indicates to where the world is heading under such domination. Jews ill-treatment of women is a well concealed reality, in Jew communities.

What European folk now refer to as Terrorism, was once called the Crusades, designed to take control of Jerusalem. The Crusades were and are, the attempts of Europeans to dominate the entire Middle East. This agenda is now being presented as a European Jew right to steal the Middle East, using the excuse of a historical false claim that God gave them Palestine.

That is the mind-set which we have been forced to accept down through the centuries. To realise this claim, Europe has already been forced to sacrifice the cream of our youth, on this altar of greed and  deceit in two World Wars and we are now being forced into yet another corner by these animals who refuse to accept the presence of others.

What we seem to be now witnessing, is a form of coalition between these two belligerent religions, Judaism and Islam,  which is being used to disseminate disgruntled victims all across the planet,  in readiness for a World Civil War, against the “Coalition” which has been employed to in recent times, to destroy Muslims.

This will sadly prove to be a war with no end, unless that is, the kindly folk whom have continued this struggle down through the ages, are themselves dealt with, before they manage to completely control Jerusalem and the Middle East, the birth-place of all of the “religions” which are now in conflict, thus allowing them to install yet another diabolical “World-Wide Religion” with Lucifer as the adored God figure.

A God which demands child sacrifice amongst other things, remember Abraham and Isaac and make up your own mind as to which God of the Bible demanded such a crime as proof of devotion?

Europe and the United States are on the cusp of destruction. The “real” numbers of immigrants whom are already installed, in both countries, are way, way,  beyond those with which we have been provided. Your elected Politicians have quite willingly destroyed you.

Europe has already suffered from a Muslim invasion, against which the people were obliged to struggle for three centuries, in order to recover their land and freedom. They have now been forced into the same corner, for no better reason than to enable the schemes of thugs.


Should there be anybody out there, who still clings grimly to the notion that Politicians are elected and not simply put in place and whom firmly believe there to be a chance of change by voting for the man who wears a different colour badge on his lapel, need only look towards Donald Trump, to witness the power of those whom stand against change of any sort.

The opposition standing against Trump, in the US election,  Cruz, Clinton Kasich and Sanders all work for the Jews who control the USA and have done so since 1913, when their first act was to send the USA into an illegal War in Europe, making it possible to place a Cabal of Jews into power in Russia and to slice the Middle East into easily controllable States, in readiness for future conquests, once they had installed themselves in Palestine, a land which they have brutalised without pity.

Having primed Europe and the Middle East for disaster, they then set about undermining Asia. China has been used to destroy European and American Industry, while its population has been thrown into disequilibrium through the use of the “One Child” per family dictate, which has produced millions of surplus men, who were the preferred “One Child,” and millions fewer females, making it virtually impossible for the surplus men to find a mate, that is unless of course they head off to Europe or the USA to help in the scheme of “browning” out the White Race.

While all of this has been going on, under the control of those whom refer to themselves as Jews and whom forbid any word of criticism to be uttered about their behaviour, whether in Israel or indeed anywhere else in the world,  have now declared themselves to be above reproach, kowtowing politicians threaten to arrest those guilty of such an offence, while still claiming them to have freedom of speech.

A Socialist Member of Parliament in the UK was obliged to resign from her position, in the team of the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, for merely suggesting that should the Jews in Israel have need of more space, there was ample space available in the USA.  This was considered anti-Semitic by the Jew David Cameron in Parliament. Who are these Jews and why do we have to support this arrant nonsense?

A carefully placed question allowed Cameron to deliver a prepared diatribe, announcing to all and everybody that it was a scandal to suggest that Israel should look elsewhere if they had need of more space, complaining that the Member who had made this “error” of judgement, a Muslim MP, should be sacked.

Cameron has absolutely no concept of the effect of the horrific slaughters which have occurred in the Middle East, against Muslims, while he has been in charge. Only a fully fledged psychopath could level such an attack against another member of the House of Commons, never minding the fact that she was a Muslim, in a Parliament, which he had,  only a few minutes before, described as a place where the right of Free Speech was enshrined.

He can apparently, use whatever terms he may choose against Muslims, without fear of condemnation, while he objects to even the slightest remark against those Jews whom have carried out a genocide in Palestine. A War Criminal complaining in defence of other War Criminals, nice place the Houses of Parliament. He of course managed to slip in a reference to Hitler, without a trace of irony.

Cameron went on to suggest that it was a sign of success that millions more patients were being treated in British Hospitals as a sign of success, when any idiot like me, would suggest that it is no more than a sign of the growing sickness of people in the United Kingdom, which is concealed by claiming that the increase in those needing health care, is as a result of extended life expectancy, even as there are detectable signs of Alzheimer’s in thirty-year olds.

Now the truly sad side of all this nonsense, while the soft-hearted folk of the UK have been shedding a few tears over the death of David Bowie, an event with which they were presented over several days,only to he followed by the death of Ronnie Corbett, which provoked hours of coverage, then Victoria Wood left us,an event which engendered dozens of times more publicity than she had ever received during her life. Then on top of all that, the Queens birthday party, what a long hard trip that was and then to round it all off, Prince left us all destroyed, by his passing.

During all that grief and tears the rest of the world with all its problems, vanished from the News. No mention of Cameron lying to Parliament about his intention of forcing yet another puppet government on to the people of Libya. Total silence about the build-up to an attack in Syria against the now  non-existent Daech, as an excuse to carry on the slaughter, provoking those thousands of Syrians whom have returned home and whom voted in the unspoken Elections in Syria, which were monitored by accredited European officials and found to have been fair, to flee once more into Turkey, from where Erdogan can send them off to Europe.

for ways


These results have already been dismissed in the US and ignored by Sky News, even as the US is poking around looking for a means of undermining the results of their own elections in an attempt to deny the people their democratic choice and Obama is preaching to the British about the dangers of leaving the Jew controlled European Union, which despite having quite clearly destroyed Europe, is being presented as a generator of jobs and the good life, having organised the destruction of European Industry.

The serious part of all this is the fact that Obama and Cameron, without the approval of Congress or Parliament are already undermining the current peace treaty in Syria, by sending in “Special Forces,” which is code for paid killers, whose mission will be to carve Syria into pieces, having accused Putin of doing the same thing in Crimea.

Who did we agree were the real International Terrorists?

Finally here is a warning of things to come across Europe:

“A Female Physician in Munich, Germany sends a message to the world . . . . . .

Yesterday, at the hospital we had a meeting about how the situation here and at the other Munich hospitals is unsustainable. Clinics cannot handle emergencies, so they are starting to send everything to the hospitals.
Many Muslims are refusing treatment by female staff and, we, women, are refusing to go among those animals, especially from Africa. Relations between the staff and migrants are going From_bad to worse. Since last weekend, migrants going to the hospitals must be accompanied by police with K-9 units.
Many migrants have AIDS, syphilis, open TB and many exotic diseases that we, in Europe, do not know how to treat them. If they receive a prescription in the pharmacy, they learn they have to pay cash. This leads to unbelievable outbursts, especially when it is about drugs for the children. They abandon the children with pharmacy staff with the words: So, cure them here yourselves! So the police are not just guarding the clinics and hospitals, but also large pharmacies.
Truly we said openly: Where are all those who had welcomed in front of TV cameras, with signs at train stations?! Yes, for now, the border has been closed, but a million of them are already here and we will definitely not be able to get rid of them.
Until now, the number of unemployed in Germany was 2.2 million. Now it will be at least 3.5 million. Most of these people are completely unemployable. A bare minimum of them have any education. What is more, their women usually do not work at all. I estimate that one in ten is pregnant. Hundreds of thousands of them have brought along infants and little kids under six, many emaciated and neglected. If this continues and German re-opens its borders, I’m going home to the Czech Republic. Nobody can keep me here in this situation, not even double the salary than at home. I went to Germany, not to Africa or the Middle East.
Even the professor who heads our department told us how sad it makes him to see the cleaning woman, who for 800 Euros cleans every day for years, and then meets young men in the hallways who just wait with their hand outstretched, want everything for free, and when they don’t get it they throw a fit.
I really don’t need this! But I’m afraid that if I return, that at some point it will be the same in the Czech Republic. If the Germans, with their nature cannot handle this, there in Czechia it would be total chaos. Nobody who has not come in contact with them has no idea what kind of animals they are, especially the ones from Africa, and how Muslims act superior to our staff, regarding their religious accommodation.
For now, the local hospital staff has not come down with the diseases they brought here, but, with so many hundreds of patients every day this is just a question of time.
In a hospital near the Rhine, migrants attacked the staff with knives after they had handed over an 8-month-old on the brink of death, which they had dragged across half of Europe for three months. The child died in two days, despite having received top care at one of the best pediatric clinics in Germany. The physician had to undergo surgery and two nurses are laid up in the ICU. Nobody has been punished.
The local press is forbidden to write about it, so we know about it through email. What would have happened to a German if he had stabbed a doctor and nurses with a knife? Or if he had flung his own syphilis-infected urine into a nurse’s face and so threatened her with infection? At a minimum he’d go straight to jail and later to court. With these people so far, nothing has happened.
And so I ask, where are all those greeters and receivers from the train stations? Sitting pretty at home, enjoying their non-profits and looking forward to more trains and their next batch of cash from acting like greeters at the stations.
If it were up to me I would round up all these greeters and bring them here first to our hospital’s emergency ward, as attendants. Then, into one building with the migrants so they can look after them there themselves, without armed police, without police dogs who today are in every hospital here in Bavaria, and without medical help.
Is this “situation” coming to America?”




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