A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Hypocrites In The House.


The planted question, which was posed by the Member for Golders Green, Mike Freer, a man with a “husband” and whom is a Conservative Friend of Israel, where the murder of Palestinians is a daily event, illustrates the total control of the liberty of thought of even Members of Parliament, in the UK.

There has been a total take-over of the House,  by the Jews, which forbids any criticism of a murderous state, which was illegally installed in Palestine at the behest of Jews in the City of London, or to speak out against the continued aggrandisement of this illegal State, by destroying the homes of Muslims and stealing their property daily, with the intention of driving them out of their own land.

Which is apparently not at all like suggesting, as did a Labour Party Muslim MP, that if the Jews have need of more space why not set themselves up in the USA. This sensible suggestion has caused untold grief to these poor Jews, who instantly had flash-backs of being sent into Concentration Camps by – I dare not type his name, out of consideration for the feelings of those poor souls in Israel – camps which were of course not at all like Gaza, where Palestinians are continually shot like fish in a barrel by Jews, without censure from the Jew Cameron. Perhaps Israelis are unaware of the fact that Gaza is referred to as the biggest Concentration Camp in the world.

Jeremy Corbyn, the Fabian Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, shamefully sacked the MP instead of standing up to the arrogance of these Jews and digging deep into his soul to find the courage to speak out in support of the woman’s suggestion. I think we can deduce from this abysmal lack of support for the freedom of speech, exactly who pulls the strings of Jeremy Corbyn.


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