A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

It’s Official. The United Kingdom Is Gagged.

In the twenty-first century, to be hearing such an outburst, from the mouths of those whom claim to be in possession of the truth of their own propaganda, which has never been supported, not even by those whom were on the spot, as the disputed events were taking place, insisting that Politicians should be sacked,  for daring to suggest a simple solution to a running sore, in a stolen land, which they insist is something called anti-Semitism, which is used as a smear word, in the absence of evidence in corroboration of their claims, is quite frankly mind-boggling and ridiculous.

I write this as Ken Livingstone suggested that Adolf Hitler wanted to deport Jews to Israel, which is not factually true, Hitler wanted to send the Jews to Madagascar, and he approached a Rabbi, who had contact with the Jew hierarchy, to whom he explained Hitler’s offer just so long as they would donate the cost of their trip.


The Jews refused the offer, insisting that Hitler sent the Jews to Palestine. Hitler refused, because he did not support the Jews claim to Palestine and he had no intention of helping the Jews to steal it from the Palestinians. Plus, as had the British and Americans, with their resident German and Japanese enemy, and as International Jewry had announced that every Jew in the world would be fighting to destroy Germany, Hitler chose to lock the Jews away.

The Jews who swarmed into Israel in 1947/8, were not people without a homeland, they were Polish and they had been in residence in Poland for centuries, they chose to go to Israel and from day one the genocide kicked off. The slaughter of the Palestinians has continued to this day and British Politicians are described as anti-Semitic for daring to mention these facts?


Sky News has wheeled out a whole gaggle of Jews, whom spoke of Ken Livingstone as if he had been found  guilty of some horrendous crime. Have these Jews never heard of the Bolshevik Communists Jews, who slaughtered more than ten times the number of Christians in Russia than Hitler would have been able to kill if he had had access to more than the three million or so Jews available, to be placed in Camps? Amongst revisionists there is a calculation which suggests, “three million available, six million killed and only five million survivors.” Even the statistics of the Red Cross must be denied simply because their finding do not correspond with the claims of the Jews.

To have the likes of Lord Levi, who supported the illegal slaughters in Afghanistan and Iraq, complaining about a few words criticising the War Criminals in Israel is beyond belief.  He, along with the other War Criminals in the Labour Party, should stand alongside the War Criminals on the other side of the House, in a Court of Law  instead of trying to force the rest of us into the false belief that Jews are responsible nothing and are always the victim.

There is hardly a thinking person left in the world who still believes the fables of the Jews and they are simply making themselves appear as the cast in a Pantomime, while people watch their behaviour in amazement. They retained very little credibility after the “quenelle” saga uproar while still terrorising Gaza and the West Bank.

I would never vote for any politician, who was prepared to grovel before a bunch of savages like those in Israel. These are the folk who have been carrying out a genocide, while lurking behind the excuse of having been the victims of one themselves as justification, while Jews like Cameron are doing the same thing to other Muslims to “save” them.

When Hitler made his remark about the Jews wanting a State of their own, not to live in but to set up a a zone outside International Law for every crooked Jew on the planet, to continue their extortion rackets, he hit the nail on the head.


“Meanwhile our Christian? Government unites with the British-Jewish Empire, in a plot to starve not merely German women and children (that has had our active support since the war started), but also the women and children of France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Hungary, Italy; in fact, all of Europe except Britain until, by provoked revolution, it is hoped general chaos will come. Germany will be destroyed, and the British-Jewish Empire once more put in control of Europe.
The starvation of men, women and children has been the most approved English method of warfare since the Jews became dominant there – Ireland, China, India, the Boers, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy and now France, Holland, Belgium, Norway and Spain. England and the Jews, with our help, in the name of civilisation and Christianity, have illegally made food contraband against friendly peaceable nations and call it economic warfare – viz: Jewish warfare – the Four Horsemen.” (War! War! War!, Cincinnatus, p. 242).

These are a few of the policies which Hitler fought against. There had been a Jew inspired blockade against Germany since 1933, starving thousands to death.

The most disturbing part of this vendetta against those whom like Livingstone or Shah,  accidentally speak a part of the truth, is the fact that the State which most resembles that of the alleged National Socialist State of Hitler, is without doubt that of Israel, where folk are regularly deported and slaughtered out of hand, all of it filmed and all of it claimed to have been self-defence. And of course no immigrants cross the borders into Israel, where it is even frowned upon should a Jew marry a Goy.



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