A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Investigative Journalism RIP!

I have to work. I cannot spend too much time digging out information, which should be made available to everybody, that is if there is still such an animal as an Investigative Journalist  roaming around somewhere, with a notebook in hand.

A while back, when the Jew Chancellor, George Osborne, started preaching his BS about Super-Cities and Power Houses and the need of elected Mayors,  to make sure that the maximum of pressure could be brought to bear to ensure the delivery of the best possible benefit to the Super-City and the entire surrounding region, my dull brain sensed that there was something afoot.

It was not until Osborne mentioned the fact that future investment in these Super-Cities, would depend on them agreeing to the election of a Mayor, it was suggested that there should be a “Boris” in every large City.

As far as I am aware, there has been no journalistic discussion about this Central Command or threat, whatsoever in the wholly controlled British Media. However in the meantime, Europe has been flooded with hundreds of thousands of thugs, mainly Black, and from Africa, who have been presented as refugee “children,”  who are intent on installing themselves in large European Cities.

Across Europe, large  cities have become “foreign” cities in terms of the population mix, London, a “Boris” city, is already sixty per-cent immigrant and I am waiting to hear the result of the current Mayoral election in which a candidate of immigrant descent is set to win.

There is an increasing use of the term dysfunctional National Governments, which is perfectly true, because the folk who have rendered them dysfunctional have been placed in power to do exactly that, they have functioned very well. They have, in league,  destroyed everything in the Middle East which they were put in place to destroy, just as a certain group was put in place to carry out World War Two and the destruction of Germany. The resulting immigrants are already streaming into Europe.

Very soon the result of any Mayoral election in the UK and in most large European cities, will be decided by non-white voters because immigrants have taken control of huge swathes of Europe, which have been transformed into immigrant enclaves, while Whites have been driven out to the outskirts, mainly because all of the affordable housing is occupied by immigrant families.

As a result of a fully functional traitorous group of Politicians, still getting it “right.” Control of these cities will never be allowed to remain in the hands of this immigrant electorate, whatever they may think.

On the face of it, I believe that it will not be long before the planned destruction of White England will be put in place by either Party, Labour or Tory, they are both controlled by the same famous Thatcher Shadow Government.

Democracy was always a trap, that will very soon become perfectly clear to those whom have managed to retain their brain, despite fluoride and hormone packed foodstuffs, that it no longer works, which is code for prepare yourself for something even more totalitarian.

Very soon you will be “told” that Cash is obsolete. It will then become clear as to why there was such a push to get everybody connected to Broad-Band, which will be ultimately used to record every transaction made even with the sale of children’s toys to a neighbour by Smart-Phone. All sales will be noted and provided to the taxman.

More serious than that, should you be involved in any sort of problem with the Law, the simple click of a “mouse” can cut you off from all forms of monetary transaction. Which is exactly where they want you. You will be obliged to take your phone along wherever you go, giving a GPS record of every move you make. Of course you will have nothing to hide, so none of the above need worry you.

In France the Jew Hollande, the most unpopular President in the history of France, is tampering with local politics, he has already done away with thousands of local town halls, to create “Grand Cities” which is in order with the dictates of Agenda 21. By doing so he has taken away the power of a locally elected Mayor to decide on matters like planning permission.

I am now, where I live,  controlled by  the  largest local town, which is itself under the control of the local “Department of Sustainable Development” which, without a word to the local people, most of whom are totally unaware of this loss of local power, has been quietly “placed” into power and not a word of it reported by the local Press.  That is the state of French Democracy.

During the last Presidential Election in France, I happened to bump into the local Mayor, doing the rounds in search of support in the coming election.  With many people milling around, I had the audacity to ask him a few difficult questions.

I asked him why his Socialist Party had conspired with the UMP Party of the Jew Nicolas Sarkozy, to change the French Constitution, to make it possible to sign the Treaty of Lisbon, despite it having been refused by the French people in a referendum? He refused to answer.

I asked him if he had signed a treaty with the United Nations Agenda 21. He tried to avoid a response. I asked a few people standing around listening if they had ever heard of Agenda 21?  Nobody had. People around were hearing things of which they had been kept completely in the dark. When I started to suggest that he had signed on to the obligatory part of Agenda 21,  the ICLEI, which involved the emptying of the countryside,  he and his “Minder” made a sharp exit.

In France there are now plans to reduce the number of Regions, this will further centralise power and unlike now, there will be a Mayor in control of these “larger” Regions. What a coincidence and what a demonstration of the encroachment of a  Zionist Dictatorship.

These changes are taking place across Europe, which means it is a program.   To confirm this, there are already steps in place to create an International Mayoral Parliament, which will deliver the final nail in the coffin of all European Sovereignty and the final shut-down of National Democracy.

In Holland and the UK, Mayors have already “assumed” their position without reference to the desires of the people. These Mayors are both members of an International Group, an offshoot of the Council on Foreign Relations, which is intent on forcing this change across the planet. The hidden hand,  will of course eventually, as they now do in “democratic” elections, choose whomsoever will be elected.

Ex London Mayor, Ken Livingstone a Fabian Society member, is onboard for the final destruction of the UK, both a continuing membership of the EU and of The Global Parliament of Mayors, from where the orders will arrive, whether the UK be in or out of the EU, this is all part of the coming World Government.

Now back to where I started, where are the reports of this dangerous situation?  As I have already stated, I do not have much time to devote to digging out hidden Globalist Policies, that is allegedly  the job of those famous Investigative Journalists.

They are managing to report allegations as fact in Syria, rubbish about barrel bombs and Assad etc but not too much about Israeli involvement. For example, who has heard news of the arrest of an Israeli Defence Force Colonel, fighting with a group of “Daech” terrorists who is in captivity in Iraq?

Did I miss the Newspaper reports, dismissing the recent claims of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party as arrant crap? Is there any reasonable person out there, who genuinely believes that there are Jews,  who faint in distress, should they hear the word “solution?” or a suggestion to send them over to the USA as in “deport” them, causing tears to flow? What luck that nobody said “shower.”  For the sake of the almighty what the F*** is going on?

The map of the USA, with Israel inserted, which the woman Shah used in her tweet, was a re-tweet of a graphic made by the Jew, Norman Finkelstein, why was he not charged with anti-Semitism?

These same tragic, fragile folk, can calmly forget the 65 million White Christians slaughtered by Bolshevik Jews in Russia, the Armenian Genocide carried out by the Young Jew Turks. They will of course be totally unaware of the City of London Bolshevik Jews, Potato Famine Genocide of 5 million Irish people, but we must all put aside our personal grief and bend over as if we are responsible for whatever happened to the Jews, while they retain their claim to have been responsible for nothing.



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