A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

How Long Was The Real Michael Jackson Dead Before He Died?

jacko 2

jacko 1

jacko 2

jacko 3 jacko 2jacko 4

jacko 2

jacko 6

How did they turn this sweet little chap into this strange character whom we were obliged to call Michael Jackson.

Jacko, while out of sight, changed from a cuddly little extrovert child star, into a grotesque and unrecognisably ugly version of one of the most handsome Black men ever to be presented to an adoring public.

Take a glance at the second and fourth images above and ask yourself, who in their right mind would carve this beautiful countenance up until they resembled the final image.

I have now begun to believe that at some point Jacko was not a Black man trying to become White man but a White man trying to give an impression of a Black man changing colour.

Quite recently when a White man played Jacko, in a film,  creating an uproar of Racism, I was amazed, because at the point in his life which was being presented, Jacko was White.

I am obliged to ask the question, are we now so stupid that we can be told that Black is White and White was Black? Is it not quite clear that, like Keith Richard and Bob Dylan that in mid-career they were substituted either because they died or simply wanted out and the same thing happened to Jacko, which would explain his families lack of evident grief, when he did finally succumb to a medically delivered overdose.


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