A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The New Mayor’s First Act Is One Of Hypocrisy.

Sadiq Khan, kicked off his role as Mayor of London by accusing David Cameron, of using the tactics of Donald Trump, in order to smear him, Sadiq Khan, of consorting with terrorists, after he had shared a stage with members of Hamas.

This comes hot on the heels of attacks on Ken Livingstone, whom it was claimed, insulted Jews, by suggesting that Hitler was associated with Zionists, while he was in fact attempting to suggest that a Muslim MP, who was accused of anti-Semitism, by re-tweeting an image, which was re-tweeted all over the planet by the followers of the Jew Norman Finkelstein  – a strange and somewhat shady character himself – which jokingly suggested that there was plenty of room to re-establish Israel in the USA, was not guilty of anti-Semitism.

Let us have some fun by dissecting this muddle. Firstly, for Khan to suggest that Cameron was mimicking Trump, is a falsehood and what is more it is a very serious falsehood, simply because Khan was referring to a remark by Trump, which has been religiously edited by the British controlled media, suggesting that Trump said that Muslims should be barred from entering the US, by editing out the final few words, spoken by Trump,  “…until they were vetted.”


Cameron for his part, accused Khan of keeping the company of members of Hamas, a group which represents the people of Gaza, whom were Democratically elected, while he, Cameron, has no problem whatsoever in keeping company with members of the racist, apartheid, War Criminals in Israel, of whom he has declared his pride in being a member of their Race or Religion or whatever they may be.

Cameron, whose cohorts on the controlled media, many of them with family names like Cohen, have been daily hounding Ken Livingstone in an attempt to force the words “I’m sorry,” about his remarks about Hitler – which is a name too far for the Jews – out of his mouth,  when confronted with his own remark,  accusing Khan of consorting with terrorists,  Cameron refused to apologise, claiming HIS remark about Khan,  to have been no more than “banter.”

Cameron has also refused to apologise for the remarks he made about Donald Trump, while all of Europe is supporting Trump’s stance. Is the Member just to the right of Cameron dozing off?



The hypocrisy of these people is as they say “wall to wall.” Cameron is a War Criminal and he is in no position to criticise Khan or Livingstone and to dig up the original two year-old re-tweet by a Labour Party Politician, Naz Shah, which was plastered all over the media, causing millions of holocaust survivors to faint on the spot at the mere mention of the word “solution” was in itself a barbarity and to use such an excuse to smear a Muslim woman and by association a Muslim man, who was standing in an election, for the post of Mayor of London, which was a contest between a Jew and a Muslim is unconscionable.


When Kay Burley presented the clip of Trump which contained his last few words, the Muslim, was taken off guard and was forced to mumble all sorts of rubbish to cover up for their mistake. Since then,  even today, Trump’s words have been edited.

Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party, was not on hand to congratulate Sadiq Khan, on his victory in London, he chose instead to head off to Bristol to congratulate the election of the new West Indian Mayor of Bristol, demonstrating his support for the proposed system of a group of Global City Mayors, who will be controlled by unelected manipulators, rendering Westminster as obsolete, by handing total control of the UK,  into the hands of  un-elected Communists who are strangely, proposing a “mirror image” of a Fascist system, with all of the main British Politicians on board.


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