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Cameron Is Warning Of War In Europe Should The UK Leave The EU.

The British have been laying the world to waste for the past one hundred years, whether in Europe or out of it. Being in Europe has done nothing to reduce the British lust for blood, whether in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and many other places. The British, along with their blood-stained  cahoots in the United States, have, since the end of World War Two, massacred thirty-million people. Does it really matter whether that was in Europe or elsewhere?

The British were gung-ho for the slaughters in Yugoslavia, which were, as usual,  blamed on the victims. They were then supportive of the “Balkanisation” of the region, an act which they now claim is illegal, when it is Putin who dares to quite legally allow Crimea back into Russian control.

Is Yugoslavia not a European country and why was it not allowed entry into the European Union, while still a fully functioning State, before being forced to privatise the entire wealth of the region into the hands of Bankers, who dare not speak their name, and the very same Corporations, who are now seeking to control us all through TTIP,  forcing the people of the region into an enormous debt, which was the object of the exercise? Europe did nothing to help stop that caper.

Britain, despite believing themselves to be some sort of beneficial , which has been a positive force of good in the world, have need to look no farther away than the Scottish Highlands, the Welsh valleys or indeed the Emerald Isle, Eire, just across the water, to understand the barbaric cruelty of the regime in London.

Listening to Cameron talking about the “Dark Days” of the 1940’s when “Britain stood alone, against the dark forces,” is such a croque of bullshit as to beggar belief. He continued to suggest, by implication, that Russia attacked Georgia, when the opposite was the case. He talks about a belligerent Russia when he illegally destroyed Libya and Syria, without intervention from the European Union, and it was Russia who stepped in to stop the total annihilation of Syria, which he, Cameron was determined to carry out.

Cameron is now claiming that in some way, the British released Eastern Europe from the grip of the Communists in 1989, when in fact it was Britain’s favourite pervert, Winston Churchill,  who agreed to hand over Eastern Europe to the Russians at Yalta in 1947.

Everything which Cameron is preaching, in his “We have to remain in Europe speech” is a lie. He will not explain that helping Eastern Europe out of one suffocating Union, involved going straight back into another one, which is also controlled by Bankers and Corporations.

He suggests that being in Europe gives the British a better chance of influencing decisions in Europe, when he quite recently, clearly failed to gain the slightest change in the stance of the European Union, when he needed something, anything would have done, to claim that he had “reformed” the Union.

According to Cameron, any country which does not belong to one of these over-bearing, un-elected, dictatorial Unions, is a dead duck.  His own government is even now being described as dysfunctional, by those whom have ordered him and his chancellor to set about installing areas,  with thrilling names like “Northern Powerhouse,” and other such hyperbolic titles, where immigrant Mayors’ can be installed as in London and Bristol, who will themselves be controlled by yet another Global Union of Power City Mayors, rendering Parliament to the dust-bin of history, while the Mayor takes control, taking his orders from the “Shadow Government.”

We are all restricted from presenting the truth, because to do so has become a Conspiracy Theory. I recently posted an article from the pages of an Israeli web-site, listing the enormous effort, being taken by the Cameron administration, which is in fact controlled by himself, a Jew and George Osborne another Jew, listing the huge efforts which are being made in  the UK,  to ensure that children will be indoctrinated with a tale, which bears no resemblance to the truth. This is the measure of the “freedom” of the citizens of this Union, which Cameron is presenting as a guarantee of our continuing liberty.

Even as he prattles, Cameron is deceiving the British. He has now allowed, not only telling the truth to become a dangerous act, he has also, even as the war in the streets is kicking off,  trained the British to believe that pride in their heritage is a Racist act, even as immigrants are chanting death to the British in the streets of Britain.

Cameron created this situation, by coldly and deliberately – in the wake of that other destroyer of the UK Tony Blair –  destroying the Middle East, forcing the people to seek shelter in Europe. The complicit Jews in Germany and France facilitated the process. The Jew Merkel throwing open the gates of Germany and inviting those whom hate us, including “terrorists” trained by the West,  into our midst, while still hiding behind the fact that in past times she was a Communist,  in the Stasi controlled Eastern Germany.

Communism holds out vague promises for the working man, while at the same time ensuring that we are all held firmly in the grip of those whom would deny freedom of any sort.  Cameron is a Communist, he is installing Communitarianism, which is a means of using the same fear tactics, which he is currently employing as a means of convincing the British to vote to remain in the EU, by telling us that because the Climate is changing we must all give up our cars, we must accept that it is not sustainable for us to own our own home, that living in the country-side is not good for the animals, so we must all live in boxes, in huge cities, leaving them with their Lear Jets and Rolls Royce and Mansions in the Shires, with just enough Peasants to hoe the fields and herd the cows.



Listening to the likes of Cameron and his thugs, claiming that the UK would be safer by remaining inside the unelected Communist European Union, when it is the UK which has been responsible, in some way,  for every war in the past hundred years, makes me smile. Britain has shown contempt for the welfare of others across the planet, while Cameron and other Jews, whom have been in control of the United Kingdom, since the days of Cromwell,  are now allowing, White People to carry the can, for their crimes, by inciting racial hatred against Whites,  while they snigger and hide away all of the stolen riches of the world.




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