A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Sharks Are Circling Around The BBC.

Where British TV Started.

Alexander Palace: The First Home of BBC Television.


The Presenters on the Sky News Breakfast Show, have spent a considerable amount of time, this morning, discussing the BBC.  Sky, which is owned by the Jew Rupert Murdoch, has been running a campaign of hate, against the BBC, for decades, lusting jealously after the Beeb’s, viewers, the vast majority of whom are quite content to pay the licence fee, in return for the output provided.

The subject this morning was the salary received by various stars, whom are regularly used by the BBC on long running shows like Just a Minute or whatever, which are never disclosed.

This debate was controlled by Eamonn Holmes, a star of several privately run channels, apart from Sky. Holmes is much sought after because he has a reputation, similar to that of Graham Norton, for example, for his quick quips.

I was surprised, when Holmes suggested that we should be provided with details of the salaries, which the BBC is paying to these stars, because they are paying it with “our money,”

Perhaps it’s my early morning stupidity or maybe a measure of Holmes’s willingness to push Murdoch’s propaganda, but could somebody explain to me, the difference between any money which I may donate to Murdoch, for a Sky contract,  to pay Holmes’s elevated salary, and the cost of the BBC licence?  Is it not all “Public” money. To his credit Holmes did insist that he would willingly pay the fee, to watch just a handful of BBC programmes.

When Sky, which presents total bull-shit, which they call News, as distinct from the horse-shit provided by the BBC News, in return for a far more expensive licence fee, payable to receive Sky output, which is in the main garbage, a fee which would probably increase, should the BBC disappear, depriving the public of the better side of the BBC, which without adverts, every few minutes,  on top of the fee, provides world-class documentaries, which alone, justify the fee.

The only change necessary would be to provide the BBC licence holder, with a password, similar to Sky, which would reduce the number of folk whom watch without paying, and those whom chose not pay the fee, could watch, Free-to-Air channels without fear of arrest.

The rubbish about the “Licence Fee,” in return for which the viewer receives, Radio, Local Television, the sport which has not yet been swallowed up by the likes of Sky, sport which was once free to watch on the BBC, and can cost an arm and a leg on Sky, would come into sharp focus, should it be revealed,  how much more would Sky charge, should it be made illegal to accept money for advertising, from folk whom have paid to view. Apart from anything else, advertising is “brain-washing.”

In France, International Sport which involves a National Team event, is, by law, on Free to Air Television, unlike in the UK, where in past times sport used to unite the whole country, poorer folk are now obliged to visit the local Pub where Sky Sport is on offer.

Nobody is obliged to watch the BBC. I have not watched it for years and I am still OK. The BBC, whatever your opinion of it may be, it is the cost of a couple of coffee’s per week, that is less than three quid a week. Take a look at what you get from Sky for the “simple” contract. You might be surprised because they charge by the month, the cheapest “bundle” which in no way compares with the BBC’s three pound a week deal, is five pounds a week.

Do not allow your corrupt, warmongering, politicians, who cost a fortune and deliver nothing, to privatise the BBC into the hands of ghouls. Sky is already drooling at the prospect of the monopolising of the British Media into the hands of Jews, whom are capable of using their monopoly to influence our perceptions of those such as Donald Trump, while remaining mum about the crimes of Clinton and the Communist roots of the Jew Sanders in the USA election, where Murdoch controls Fox News and 20th Century Fox in Hollywood.

It is Empires like those of the Jews which should come under scrutiny as should the recent announcement from the BBC, that they had various vacancies, for which only Lesbians, Homosexuals, handicapped and those of immigrant origin need apply, and  where the News outlet is, I understand controlled by a man called Cohen, while a holder of a similar family name, was for Sky News,  heckling Ken Livingstone, when he was recently accused of anti-Semitism, is there in fact room for a slight suggestion of a surfeit of Jews influencing our affairs?

These same Jews are openly calling for the destruction of White People, completely without media criticism, or exposure, unlike the pantomime which was sparked off against Livingstone and Shah.  Could it possibly be that the British Free Press, which is controlled by Jews,  is suppressing this sort of  “bad for Jews” information? If so why are they being allowed to get away with it?

Just as I was beginning to calm down, up jumps the Goldman Sachs man, Carney, a Canadian,  who runs the Bank of England, to tell the British, that he feels it would be better if they chose to stay in the European Union and he’ll cwy and cwy and cwy if you don’t do as you’re told..


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