A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Duplicitous Sadiq Khan.

The British and their Allies, constantly use a statement, made by Adolf Hitler, which actually said , “the British, make use of the ploy, that if you tell a lie, big enough and often enough, it will become the truth.” This has been turned on its head to suggest that Hitler, was “ordering” his people” to use this ploy.

Here we are, seventy or more years on and I have just listened to a Jew reporter on Sky News, called Cohen, repeat, on three occasions, that Donald Trump said that he would ban all Muslims from entering the USA……without adding the reason why he would make such a statement.

Sadiq Khan, is presumably making his statement about Trump, either maliciously or in ignorance of the truth or indeed in full knowledge of the truth  as did the Jew David Cameron, the man whom warned us that there were Daech men hidden amongst the “refugees” whom were pouring into Europe. So why would Trump simply let them pour, unchecked, into The United States? To do such a thing would be in anybodies terms, apart that is for European Politicians,  the most ridiculous thing to do. Quite obviously, women with young children, entering the USA would not face too many difficulties.

This is, as claimed by Hitler, the preferred system of propaganda of the British. The alacrity with which Khan bent over for the Jews, signals his acceptance of the Clearance of Muslims out of their homelands in the Middle East, to suit Israel and the well-known plans they have had for generations to take control of the entire region. Muslims need to be on their guard with Khan, he is just as vulnerable to corruption as any other Goy.

The early morning team on Sky has just been replaced by a different couple, the first announcement which they made was to repeat the same “Big Lie,” about Trump, from the mouth of the same Jew Cohen, making it difficult to receive, without knowing it to be a deliberate deception of the British people.

She finished her report by telling us that Khan had reiterated his criticism of the statement which has, once again been edited to suit the occasion, while Cameron did the same thing, but can we believe that? This behaviour is unpardonable, these people are not fit to represent the British.

Hitler knew what he was talking about, the Irish would say the same thing, the British people, unable see through this form of deception, have sacrificed their young men in wars generated by the use of the same lies. The Germans were destroyed by those hiding behind these lies. Cohen knows full well she is being untruthful. This is an example of the “Free Press” which controls the truth.


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