A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Immigrant Racism.


Ken Livingstone was pilloried for mentioning Hitler and Zionism, for his trouble he was kicked out of the Labour Party. Where are these Labour Party hypocrites in the face of this Islamist hate speech? Why no calls to kick this man back to his country of origin?

Both the Labour Party and the Conservative Party have been responsible for this degradation of the United Kingdom, why is there even the remotest of possibilities that either of them will ever again be elected.

All of the main political Parties in the UK are keen to remain in the European Union, leaving the voter no choice in the matter. The Referendum is already lost, handing the future of the British into the hands of those whom have already inflicted the same disaster across the continent.

The European Peoples’ are destined to go under the cosh at an ever increasing rate, if they do not take the difficult step of sending these invaders back to from where they came.


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