A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Keiser Gives A Platform To A Purveyor Of Black Hatred.


I have no idea who this smug,  Black character is. However he has mastered the technique of those Jew purveyors of pure hatred,  the likes of Tim Wise, who are attempting to create an upsurge in Civil unrest, not only in the United States but all over the Western World.

Keiser should be ashamed of himself for not pointing out a few pertinent facts to this blithering idiot, such as the fact that it was White and Chinese slaves whom constructed the railroads, while the Red Man built the Skyscrapers.

The Blacks were too busy jumpin’ down and turnin’ round pickin’ a bale of cotton a day,  carefully ignoring the plight of those poor White bastards,  who were shovelling sixteen tons of number one coal and having to spend their meagre wages in the company store, waiting to die from lung disease.

Every time a Black man opens his mouth these days, it gushes out the same pap as do the Jews, suggesting that they were the only ones to suffer, in past times. Why should I have to pay reparations to this prick, my people were enslaved long before the Jews shipped Black slaves into the West Indies and the United States.

Is this Black going to share reparations with my folk and the Chinese? I don’t think so, any more Jews share their loot with the victims of Jew controlled holocausts across the planet.

We have to put a stop to this sort of Black suprematism, because I can assure  him that Blacks have never done anything for me. In fact they have done very little for anyone. These Blacks could go back to Africa any time they so choose, nobody is stopping them. Many went to Liberia, after they were liberated and look at what they have achieved over there.

I can promise this mealy-mouthed character, that what was done to the White Man throughout the 20th Century, was more vicious and depraved than anything that was inflicted on Blacks in the USA.

More than 90% of Black killings in the USA are Black on Black murder. On top of that most of the unprovoked Racism is Black on White Racism.  Blacks should either change their ways or shut their gobs. If they carry on with their violent reaction to the shooting of Black thugs by Police, many of whom are themselves Black, they are likely to expose their strident opposition to the course of the law, as being no more than an excuse to avoid prosecution for their crimes.

When these sort of vermin take the time to mention a word of sympathy for the murders of the 65 thousand White people in South Africa, the land which Blacks, with the aid of their friendly Jews stole from the Boers, I might just find a little bit more respect for them. Blacks have treated the Whites in South Africa with a savagery which exceeds even the most exaggerated claims which could ever be made about the treatment of the Blacks by the Boers.

As do many others, he seems to believe that Black people are intrinsically good people and any apparent atrocity, carried out by the likes of Black Obama or St Nelson Mandela, do not count,  and anyway responsibility can always, in some way,  be laid at Whiteys door.


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