A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Ireland The Brave Is Still Standing Despite Everything The City Of London Can Throw At It.

Having fully charged Ulster with Scottish Protestants, the British cynically cut Ireland in two and calmly proceeded to describe the continuing struggle for control of the whole of Ireland a religious war.

Using the very same tactics, the British and their International Jewry friends, having for the past one hundred years laid the Middle East to waste, are now “forcing” the people of Europe to accept the immigration of those whom have lost everything –  as a result of “coalition” savagery – into the very heart of Europe, where any patriotic struggle from these immigrants is described as terrorism of a religious nature.

At any point during “The Troubles” in Ireland, the British could quite easily have encouraged the Protestants, who consider themselves to be English, to emigrate to their beloved homeland across the water. Millions of Irish have already left, so a few thousand more would have been neither here nor there, particularly if the incoming Protestants were provided with a home and a job in England. This would have saved the British people billions of pounds over the decades, so why not do it now?

In view of the fact that this form of ‘clearance’ of the Middle East is currently in progress, even as “The Troubles” in Ireland are re-appearing,  one can only ask the question as to the difference between the Middle East and Ireland.

The Money-Lenders in The City of London, have,  ever since Cromwell allowed them to return to England, as payment of the debt owed to Dutch bankers,  for his English Civil War and murder of Charles the First, attempted to clear Ireland of the Irish people.

Cromwell kicked off the genocide in Ireland with the massacres in Drogheda and Wexford, a genocide and clearance which was continued in the 19th Century, when five million Irish were starved to death or deported as slaves.


The “Irish” Jew Peter Sutherland has recently continued the process of the destruction of the Christians in Ireland, by using his position to enforce the bailing out of two of Rothschild’s Banks in Ireland, which presented a false figure of debt, which was never investigated and having achieved that aim he then, with the help of another “Irish” Jew, Alan Shatter,  swamped Ireland with Muslim immigrants, whom are even now, having been “radicalised” by some covert process,  taking to the streets of Dublin, crying out for more and more of all and everything, as if the Irish people owe them something.

 There is no atrocity, which has not, over the Centuries, been carried out against the Irish people. Ireland was the test-bed for all of the Marxist systems of ‘slaughter in the name of good.’ Wherever Marxism shows its face,  mass killings are not far behind. Marxism now has control of Europe and the United States and all of the signs of the coming slaughter are already on display.

There is still a ray of hope in the United States, where the people  retain their Constitutional right to arms, while Europe is defenceless, even as shipments of arms are arriving by the container full, in readiness for the Free Europe Army, which is, most probably, already in place waiting for the order to attack, thus allowing the installation of Martial Law all across Europe.

Russia is shamelessly calling for the dis-arming of the United States citizens, they are daily presenting misleading statistics in support of their calls, by suggesting that the United States is more dangerous as a result of the current gun policy, when in fact even Wikipedia shows that other Countries have far higher rates of gun crime and mass shootings.


 Real evidence in the United States demonstrates quite clearly, that in areas where the majority of people have guns there is less crime. Speaking for myself, having recently been visited by “travelling people” with only a bow and arrow available with which to defend myself, I would dearly like to own a gun as a means of protection.

However I am of the opinion that our “leaders” fully understand this advantage of an armed public but have a fear that these guns would be turned against them, when they go just a little bit too far with their doctrinaire laws, which are enforced by the armed and dangerous group called the Police, by whom the average person is most likely to be shot.

When the Bolshevik Jews carried out a coup d’etat in Russia, armed to the teeth by Wall St. and the City of London, the slaughter of 65 million White Christians would not have gone quite so smoothly had the State killers been confronted with an armed public.

This event was practiced in Ireland, where the New Model Army, which had been funded by the same group of bankers, was unleashed against an un-armed Ireland. Make no mistake about it the same group of families still, to this day, are funding all wars.





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