A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

All Charged Up To Welcome In The New World Order.


There is a world of difference between immigrants living within an indigenous population and an indigenous population living amongst immigrants. That is what we are told is a racist or xenophobic fear of a non-existent problem.

The people of the United Kingdom are now quite clearly, as is most of Europe, fully aware of this problem and are attempting to do something about it.

Europe has been transformed from a fully functioning continent into a basket case, which cannot manage its affairs without the importation of millions of folk from overseas.

The evidence in the above clip, clearly demonstrates that  members of the  States of the European Union, from where we are informed that the bulk of immigrants arrive, are strangely scarce in the above clip and yet poor Polish immigrants are apparently the problem,  because the immigrants above are reluctant to pick Strawberries, preferring instead to save their energy for efforts to transform Europe into the miserable reality of their brethren in Turkey, many of whom are straining at the bit to join them in Europe for a “better” life.

How can any society properly function, should social payments be preferable to work as a means of paying your way? There can be no solution to an economic problem,  caused by a shortage of labour, should social payments encourage incoming immigrants to simply have another baby and by doing so  make it a more attractive proposition  to remain at home rather than work.

This is a policy which can only lead to disaster. Please do not bother to tell me that this is not the life-style choice of many folk. In large cities, the ridiculously inflated cost of renting a home has created a system from which a “land-lord” is making more money from your salary than are you.

 Market forces, by which we are all controlled these days, should demand that there should be no work which folk refuse to carry out.  If you are doing work with a salary so meagre that the average worker refuses to accept, the “market” should raise the salary to a point at which the work becomes acceptable and the more disagreeable the work the higher the rate of pay. Making use of imported “slaves” to maintain the cheap price of strawberries, for those whom are sat on their asses at home watching Wimbledon,  is intolerable.

Immigration figures are always based on the number of Europeans who enter another European State and the number of indigenous folk of that State whom choose to seek employment in another European State, in an attempt to justify the immigration figures as being a fair swap. The reality being, that should the UK, at a future date need Polish workers – to work in the NHS or whatever – what would stop them from coming. The “Remain” crowd talk as if people from Europe would no longer come to the UK if it was outside the EU, this is crap.

However a simple glance at those whom pass you by in the streets, will demonstrate quite clearly that most immigrants are not of European origin. In actual fact every country in Europe has been saturated with folk from across the Maghreb and the Middle East. To the least intelligent of us that should shout out, loud and clear, that there is an agenda at work. That being so why has neither side in the “Brexit” vote in the UK approached the root cause of this problem?

For example, who is encouraging the continuing influx, into Europe,  of ever more folk from Muslim countries, which have been destroyed by the War Machine called NATO?  Why in the middle of what is being described as the greatest refugee problem since World War Two, are there calls to continue the slaughters in the Middle East, until it is rendered uninhabitable? When that AIM is achieved, where are the folk of the region supposed to live? If mass immigration is a good thing why is Israel and the Arab oil rich states of the Gulf not taking their share?

We are being taken for fools. I do not count myself as being too smart and yet I can look back over my scribblings and I find that my predictions have been proven to be more or less on target.  If I can see what is coming, do you honestly believe that highly paid professionals are not fully aware of what their policies have created across the planet, in every country with a White European government?



I fully understand the emotions of Muslims, I am writing this blog because I was disgusted by the behaviour of Israel in Gaza.  Behaviour which was deliberately designed to wipe out the indigenous folk of the region. It is an ongoing genocide, which is taking place on television, for all the world to witness.

While this crime against humanity continues, a man in the UK called Ken Livingstone, is being questioned by a Parliamentary inquiry, which is asking him to respond to a claim of the massive pain caused to some of these Jews, by the mere suggestion of a connection between Hitler and the Zionists. I kid you not! Boo! Hoo! Hoo!

Since the start of the genocide in Palestine, the puppets in Saudi Arabia have trained and financed multiple groups of terrorists, which have been unleashed in Libya, Iraq and Syria, with the aid of NATO and Israel, the aim being to take control of all of the Middle Eastern oil reserves and to install a lucrative banking system which will throw any survivors into the jaws of Jew Bankers.

If those folk in the UK, who will be voting in the “Brexit” referendum, have failed to notice allow me to point out, that all of those organisations, which are lending their weight in favour of the “Remain” campaign are Jew controlled.

The Bank of England, The International Monetary Fund, The European Central Bank, The World Bank, The Canadian Government, Obama, France, Germany, The Commission of Europe, The Federal Reserve and many more, all of them seeking to control the world.

The object of the European Union, as I have stated many times, was to destroy Europe. That aim has now been achieved and yet most folk refuse to open their eyes to this reality.

If the European Union is so wonderful, why are so many member States bankrupt?  Why is austerity the order of the day? Every member State in the EU has been forced into a non-existent deficit, through the medium of a so-called failure of the international banking system, a failure which was never investigated and which was no more than a conspiracy between controlled governments and the controllers of the banking system, as a means of creating chaos, out of which they will be offering the solution, which will involve nasty little documents like TTIP.

The British government, is like all other governments across the EU, no more than a pack of “Puppets.” They have been in collusion with the world-wide banking system since the 17th Century.

The centre-piece of this collusion is the Queen of England, who shares the taxes received from her adoring subjects with the Rothschild banking system. The City of London is the financial headquarters of an international banking scam. Washington is the Military Capital and the Vatican City controls religions, all of them. This is why I will be very surprised and uneasy, should the British escape from the grip of the EU. But then I am a fully paid up paranoiac.

Anyway, back to immigration. Personally speaking should I find myself faced with such an array of vested interests, urging me to vote in their favour, as is the current experience for the British, I would vote for any other option in order to avoid doing whatever these folk demanded.

Which puts me in a rather difficult position because these folk have think-tanks and super-computers working for them to make sure they get their way. So what are they after, that is the question?

During Wednesday’s Prime Ministers Question Time, in the British Parliament, the Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn, described David Cameron as a “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.” Today the one time Prime Minister of the UK, Gordon Brown -The Game Changer – is making a speech in favour of the “Remain” side of the In/Out referendum. He claims to be presenting Labour Party support for remaining in the European Union.

Both of these men, Corbyn and Brown, are members of the Fabian Society, both are in fact “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing.” The European Union was proposed by the Fabian Society and funded by Rockefeller, amongst others, long ago, long before Hitler came to power. Why do Corbyn and Brown not claim the honour of having been at the heart of the construction of the EU? Are they not proud of the part they played? Whatever they may be claiming, they are in presenting Fabian Society support for the European Union.

“….The Milner Group was in turn allied with associated interests on America’s East Coast, known as the Eastern Establishment and revolving around Wall Street interests like J P Morgan and the Rockefellers’ This Milner-Eastern Establishment combine is what historians like Carroll Quigley have called the “Anglo-American Establishment” (Quigley, 1981).

The Anglo-American Establishment consisted of leading international financiers and their political collaborators in Britain, Europe and America, and aimed to re-organise the world’s financial and economic structure, as evident, for example, from their call for an international economic conference for that purpose (“Powers To Confer On World Finance,” NYT, 15 Jan. 1920).

More specifically, the designs of the Anglo-American Establishment – which it shared with its collaborators in the Fabian Society – entailed the division of the world into four or five economic blocs dominated by an Anglo-American alliance and controlled by international organisations run by economic “experts” churned out by the academic institutions (the London School of Economics, Harvard University, etc.) bankrolled by the same financial interests.”   (Cassivellaunus, 5 May 2013)

The above quote, from the first sentence, which mentions “The Milner Group”  which was responsible for the Balfour Declaration, amongst other crimes, was a part of Rothschild’s considerable Empire.  It is today referred to as Chatham House, where George Galloway looks for his experts to comment on his various TV shows and which is also the head-quarters of the Royal Institute for International Affairs. So you see Brown and Corbyn are in rather strange company, company which is not renowned for taking good care of working people.

The New World Order, which George Bush tells is on its way, is set to be a renewed version of the old Jew/British Empire, which with the collaboration of France, which to this day leeches more money from its old African Colonies, as a form of payment for their freedom, than they leave for the people to eat, will make sure they get their hands on Africa, which is the Glittering Prize desired by all the money sick psychopaths on the planet.

Getting ourselves out of this mess is not going to be easy. It should be borne in mind that it has been claimed for some time that a crisis is coming, “Brexit” it is claimed, is responsible ” for this coming collapse, how that can be is impossible to explain. It is no more than a flea bite on the arse of humanity, should the UK choose to leave the EU, nothing will change. The coming crash is yet another “planned” crash. Be warned!

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