A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The “Can’t Be Bothered With Politics” Crowd Need To Wake Up To Reality.

The reason we have been allowed Democracy is because “they” know full well that the majority cannot be bothered to use it, they prefer to stick with “them” because “they” know how to do it. That is the reality of how we are controlled,  by the least intelligent.

The death of Jo Cox, a Labour Party MP,  is even now being presented as the  “Game Changer” which will allow the fixing of the referendum result. All the polls are quite suddenly showing a “remain” majority.

I have yet to hear any member of the ‘remain’ side of the debate, confronted with the question,  are they guaranteeing that none of the problems which they are suggesting would result from a ‘Brexit,’ will occur should the UK remain in the EU and should that happen, despite membership,  will there be another referendum?  Why not, is that not the obvious question?

Breaking Point

What is racist about the above photograph of a mass immigration, an image which was taken in Europe.  This is what is happening, it is not something from Nigel Farage’s fertile imagination.

What is more they are not refugees they are ‘migrants’ looking for a better life. Many folk in Europe would also like a better life, however to be thrown out of your home to make a place for an illegal immigrant does not equate with a better life.



What about this one?  How many boat-loads like this can Europe accept? Nobody can tell me.  No country on earth can cope with the unlimited immigration which is swarming into Europe, however humanitarian it might appear to be to do so.

The folk in both of the above photos are not arriving from Poland or any other European country, they are on their way from Africa. Fifty-three-thousand refugees from Mali have already been re-settled in France, thanks to the genocidal civil war created by Western greed for the massive Malian oil reserves and Uranium.

Sudan has already been reduced to Civil strife by being cut in two to make it easier to steal the Sudanese oil reserves. YOUR OWN governments are creating the refugee problem and it is not by accident. They want Civil War across Europe and the USA. A long time ago it was announced that no state could ever again be “ALLOWED” to become as prosperous as the USA, where the folk were accused of consuming too much energy.

The main topic, which is never discussed is the reality of the European Union, which is a Politburo of un-elected frontmen, working for secretive groups, like Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission, which financed the Union from its origins in the 1950’s. Why do you suppose that your politicians choose to ignore this truth?



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