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Jo Cox: The Anomalies.



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  1. Jamie Wade

    I just read this article on BBC minutes before seeing your latest post!

    It was obvious something was not right when her supposed grieving husband instead of wanting the media to respect his privacy and be with his children he instead comes out with a load of crap about why she was killed and something good needs to come of it! What ‘Good’ could one take from having their wife killed? I wouldn’t give a shit about anything at this time let alone politics!…………………Which he claims is the reason she was killed! Oh to to forget the million pound fund that is being set up for the children!

    This video confirms this BS!



    Jo Cox ‘died for her views’, her widower tells BBC – BBC News http://www.bbc.co.uk Jo Cox was killed because of her strong political views and her family must continue to fight for them, her widower Brendan tells the BBC.




    June 21, 2016 at 18:25

    • Hello Jamie, hope you’re well. Glad to see you got the drift of what I was getting at. These things are so obvious and they are coming at us so thick and fast, we are being made to appear stupid when we call them all frauds or hoaxes. When I heard it on the News, there was no mention of her running away somewhere.
      All I heard was some fellow saying he had watched a fracas and then went into a cafe for some reason and when he came back out she was on the ground dead. That has completely changed, she ran somewhere that was well hidden with enough space for a helicopter to land and take her off to Israel.
      There was nothing that good about her she wanted Assad destroyed. She was a “barrel bomb liar” She worked for Oxfam which is a part of the UN now and she was a pen pusher yet she was made to sound like a field worker. What did you make of her sniggering family?
      It’s the same with this Orlando business. You only need look at the “selfies” of this character to know it’s a set-up. That guy will probably be celebrating in Tel Aviv with the Charlie Hebdo bunch.
      As soon as I saw his photo I said out loud to myself, Jew. It’s stamped all over him. Then it turns out he works for G4S and he had all the necessary permits to get any gun he wanted, so why all the fuss about beefing up the gun laws? See Ya!


      June 21, 2016 at 19:15

      • Well I see you got two replies that time, the first one vanished into the ether, so I had to write it again, when I checked that it had posted properly that time I found the other on the home page, funny that. They’re not the same so I thought I’d leave them both.


        June 21, 2016 at 19:45

    • Hello Jamie, Hope you’re well. I tried to stay clear of this one, so soon after the Orlando business. I can’t make up my mind whether she was killed or not. Common sense would suggest that it’s too convenient. When I heard Hammond talking about Syrian refugees fleeing Russian bombs I almost threw up. These people will stoop to any lie. They were a bunch of War Criminals crying crocodile tears for a dead comrade while making use of her death to cover up the coming fixing of the referendum.
      To make matters even worse Corbyn went along with it. He has found it impossible to open his mouth without making use of this pantomime. While Farage has been locked out of the debate, the Stalinist Corbyn is in lock step with the Jew controlled Remain side while the Jew, Johnson and Howard side of events have made no impact whatsoever. To have four Jews running a debate of that nature is so glaringly unethical as to be beyond belief. Everybody in Europe wants out. We can all still stick together without a Communist dictatorship hovering over us.
      We are almost in straight jackets in France, have you heard about this new law, making it illegal to drive a car which is not computer driven? This will allow the cops to plug into your computer and pick out every occasion when you exceeded a speed limit and make you pay the fine for all of them. There’s no end to it all.


      June 21, 2016 at 19:33

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