A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Let the “Brexit Blues” Become The “Brexit Blessing,” You May Not Yet Fully Understand But You Have Won.

Despite having an open and fair Democratic election, which delivered a result in keeping with the projected evidence of every freely held on-line poll, many of which suggested that 90% of those whom bothered to vote at all, would vote to “Leave” the European Union, in a referendum which deliberately did not allow “Exit Polls” to deny the supporting evidence of such polls.

The “bad losers” are once again claiming that it was because those whom did not bother to vote, would apparently one and all have voted to remain and that should they have voted, “The In-Crowd” would have won. This is of course no more than a means of justifying a second referendum.

Not too long ago, the very same War Criminal, David Cameron, who had not quite finished off Syria in the manner he had managed destroyed Libya, by sharing out the Libyan oil reserves between French and British companies and arranging the opening of a Rothschild Central Bank, was re-elected to “power” in the UK, with a minuscule percentage of a low turn-out, he was hailed as a “miracle man” for having achieved  such a feat.

All across Europe, where referenda were employed to gauge the feelings of the electorate, they one and all refused what was on offer. Despite Constitutional restrictions, second referenda were employed to alter the Peoples decision.  In France a collusion between the two Jew leaders of the main Parties, Sarkozy and Hollande, changed the French Constitution to allow them to sign a treaty which the French People had refused to accept.

So be sure the calls for another referendum will mount because they are coming from the top. In modern Democracies, you are obliged to vote in the “preferred” manner.

I interrogated dozens of people yesterday, after the UK referendum result was announced.   This included English people on holiday.  One and all were elated at what had taken place in the UK.

The French have not forgotten what their leaders did after a majority had refused the European Constitution, of which a French piece of scum named Giscard d’Estaing, changed one or two words and proceeded to call, what he admitted was exactly the same document, a treaty and which was re-named as the “Lisbon Treaty” which Sarkozy signed in Lisbon, as did the creepy alleged paedophile, Gordon Brown, who had of course refused the UK a promised referendum before signing. These things should not be forgotten.

All of my associates are already calling for their own referendum, suggesting that should the offer not be made, that the Front Nationale will gain an enormous victory in the up-coming election. In recent elections there was illegal collusion between the Republicans’ and Socialists’, to deny the Front an outright victory.

I did run into a family of mixed British and French origins, who held eerily similar views.  Both thought unlimited immigration was a blessing.   They refused to consider the possibility of an upper limit. Nigel Farage was a wanker, Donald Trump was a dick-head and any opposition to their views was “extreme right-wing” or Fascist, the Front Nationale was beyond the pale. This couple would qualify as being ex-Hippies, who consider themselves to be “alternative,” when in fact they are way beyond “mainstream.”

Despite this attitude,  the Nationalists are the fastest growing opposition in France and across Europe, full in the face of the Black Propaganda coming from all the War Criminals. There is a huge number of folk, who do not consider themselves to be in any way Racist, by claiming that enough is enough with regard to immigration and specifically immigration as a result of illegal wars with the aim of stealing the wealth of those whom are being attacked,  as in Libya, Iraq and Syria.

Even as the French and many other EU members want out, the people of Scotland are being told that like it or lump it they will be remaining in the European Union, for no better reason than that they voted in the “correct” manner. No second referendum needed to sort that one out, despite it risking a nasty response from their immediate neighbour, whom I am quite sure would prove to be asking for a less expensive membership, than the liaison with the EU. Scotland could also risk Europe placing sanctions against trade with the “free” UK.

The Scottish Nationalists are already displaying the symptoms of discontent with the result of a referendum, they are pressing for another, without explaining to the people of Scotland, that in the planning of the European Union, planning which includes the destruction of National identity, Scotland is destined to become part of Scandinavia, just as Ireland is to be linked to the North American Union. Why not hold a referendum on this subject, instead of keeping it secret?

What is more, in keeping with the experience of many other States, Scotland will willingly accept a generous loan from the International Monetary Fund or Goldman Sachs, which will ease them through a difficult period at the outset of their great adventure, which will very quickly involve the “privatisation” of their oil reserves to maintain repayments of the “usury.”

Once again the “markets” are being presented as the best gauge of what the results of the “Brexit” will be for the world economies. Share prices have tumbled, but I can assure you not for long. The Stock Exchanges offer no indiction of what is happening to industry, despite efforts being made by economists, to show that there is a serious meaning to claims that billions have been wiped off the value of British industry, after the “Brexit” crash. Relax this is called “shorting” those whom sold the shares at a high price will very quickly buy them back at a cheaper price. In the middle of it all industry was completely unaffected.

The British People, for the first time since the 17th Century, can now claw back control of their monetary system. The first step down this road should be the Nationalisation of the Bank of England and control of the currency passed to the Treasury, where it should remain.

Governments, throughout the ages have lied about the debt and the deficit, suggesting it to be the same thing, when in fact, should they have been honest, when telling the British that they owned the Bank of England, there would be no deficit  or debt and should the right steps be now taken, there should be no need of a deficit in the future.

The British people are being denied the full knowledge of the complicity of their elected politicians in a world-wide scandal, which for the British alone,  is costing them tens of billions of pounds in interest, on money which is created out of thin air. Even as I write steps are being taken to prevent the use of CASH.

Even the Underground in London is demanding electronic payments only.  Puppet politicians have the intention of introducing a system which will allow their controllers in the banking system,  to charge whatsoever they desire or indeed get away with, for every transaction.

This will of course, leave a trace for the tax-man who will soon be able to deduce any profit which you may make by selling your own property to someone who is prepared to pay just a little bit extra for the convenience.   This “profit” will soon be added to your earnings, as the taxman will have a recording of the original price which you paid for the article, making the difference liable for taxing.

This claim may sound excessive, I am aware of that, however I am a member of a group of activists, whom have been gathering names for a petition against the coming Law, which will deny the use of a vehicle, which does not conform to a regulation which demands an onboard computer, which controls certain functions of the vehicle, which will include a GPS and a receptor, for Radars, which are already in place at the entrance of towns and cities, which scan the speed of vehicles  entering the restricted zone.

The Police in France can now interrogate this onboard computer system, which will deliver a list of every infraction which the vehicle has ever made, for which the owner of the vehicle will be obliged to pay a Fine. This is Europe in the 21st Century. I have just heard a British young adult on the radio, who claims to have been “well-educated”  to be ashamed of those who voted to leave Europe. What kind of education did she receive?

It would appear that should the sixteen year olds have been given the right to vote in the referendum, things would have been different.  They would be the same young idiots, whom lack any experience of life as it was as recently as ten years ago. Never mind what it could mean to live in a world without a penny in your pocket to give to a beggar.

They already tell “me” that to pay for a coffee with a card is “cool.”  Thank goodness they did not get the vote. Oh and by the by, allowing sixteen year olds the vote did not deliver to Sturgeon the desired result in Scotland’s referendum.

The right to vote should be reserved for those over thirty, reducing the age to that of school-kids,  who are still being influenced by establishment controlled teachers, helps only the controllers.

Project fear is still talking down the United Kingdom, letting you all know that you will now have to face the consequences of your decision and all that nonsense, instead of celebrating the future without the chains of an unseen Bolshevik Group of Dictators controlling your every move.

The recently elected Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, a Muslim, is already attempting to cut London out of the hands of the British majority, because of the simple regional vote, by London to remain in the EU.  Should a referendum result be allowed to be used as a lever to keep London connected to Europe despite the result of the referendum and the choice of the majority?  Is this Muslim Democracy?  Or am I forbidden to criticise Muslims now, because to even suggest such a thing as disconnecting London,  in defiance of a Democratic vote is an abomination. Maybe there should be a re-run of the Mayoral election in London to get rid of this Dictator.





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