A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

You Will Never Get The Truth About Money!

Money is nothing more than a promise of honesty.  All the talk about a Gold Based currency as distinct from a Fiat currency is a load of tosh. Should I create a debt with another person, the amount of gold held in reserve will in no way assist my creditor,  in search of the recuperation of the loan he has made to me.

Any piece of paper, once described as an IOU, I owe you, will serve as money. Notes, which are called Bank Notes are a con, because they carry a debt of interest. An IOU can have a charge for the favour added, which will be annulled when the debt is settled.

However a Bank Note will carry its debt forever and whether it be on loan or in a safe deposit box,  that interest must continually be paid to the criminal Bankers, a payment which is hidden by complicit politicians, whom refer to a shortage of Tax Revenue, with which these payments are made as a deficit, with no further explanation.

The European Union is standing by watching State after State being destroyed by this illegal Banking system. They watch as greedy Billionaires are snapping up all of the valuable resources of Member States, without a qualm. They do not bat an eyelid at the parlous state of Portugal, Greece, Ireland, Spain or Italy, despite their extravagant claims of the benefits of being a member of this destructive entity called The European Union.

These same Bankers are even now involved in a subversive scheme to install a new currency, based on gold, through the medium of a controlled Chinese and Russian banking system, in an attempt to present it as a better way of doing business, which is code for a more easily controlled system, which will allow the continuance of the robbery of the people.

We have no need of them, they are making more money, through the manipulation of OUR money, than they leave for us. Tell me how a totally invisible currency, as in electronic, helps us in any way whatsoever?

Believe it or not, these are the very same folk, whom encouraged the Peoples of Europe to reduce their populations to save the Planet.  So we did exactly that and having done so we are now being called Racist because we question the policy of flooding us with economic migrants, because suddenly there are not enough youngsters to support an ageing population, there is most surely an element of shit in the middle of all that crap.

The Revolution is under way. We need to get rid of them all, we have no need of a bunch of shysters who are paid to do as they are told and to do nothing in favour of the people, not even a quiet word of truth.




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