A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Bewitched, Bothered And Blown Out Of The Water



I have spent the day listening to endless chat about Brexit, without a mention of the fact that there is now, no Political Party in the United Kingdom, which could possibly lead the British people into the future.

All Parties apart from the United Kingdom Independence Party, with a Leader without a place in Parliament, who was the catalyst which lead to Brexit, after a thirty year struggle, have lost all of their credibility, they have been stunned by an act of the voter in the street, which they are quite incapable of dealing with.

The mainstream boys are convinced that they can now pretend to carry out a policy which they have been bad-mouthing for weeks. How can they possibly do what the British people want and expect, when in truth they would bolt back into the European Union in an instant given the chance.

They are now carrying on the politics of fear, hoping for help from above, they are no longer fit for office, sacking Jeremy Corbyn will do nothing to help these Socialist people out of the hole they have dug for themselves, displaying for all the people of Britain, that they were so out of touch, that they believed they could ignore the blatant support for Brexit, which was quite evident during all of the so-called debates, without a worry.

The Conservatives now find themselves saddled with another Jew clown, Boris Johnson, who having lead the campaign to leave the EU – whether it was his real preference or not – and having made mention of a re-entry after “reforms” had been made to facilitate such a thing, will expect a shoe-in as Prime Minister, making an election unnecessary for the moment.

Should the Labour Party choose to sack Corbyn, they will be wiped off the political map at the next General Election. They are already a distant memory in Scotland and there is an awakening to the reality of the aims of Socialism, after the experience of “New Labour” and its savage wars, in the Balkans and the Middle East.

The time is ripe for the election of Independent, local candidates, who will quickly discover that there is no problem to finding common ground amongst themselves to suit the needs of the British people by whom they were selected and elected.

There is hardly a Member in the Houses of Parliament without blood on their hands who should ever again be voted into office, this would include all of the current Conservative Party Cabinet and its war criminal supporters in Parliament.


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