A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

All The Losers Want To Continue To Ignore The Choice Of The People.

Vince Cable, a one time member of a British Coalition government, which was imposed onto the British people as a result of there being no majority in favour of any of the political Parties, in a Democratic election, today explained how he would not have “allowed” the British people their “Right” to hold a democratic referendum, using as his excuse, that the terms of the “Constitution” had not been challenged, therefore there was no reason for the plebiscite. They are all frightened to death of Direct Democracy.

Having searched for this British Constitution, for proof of the validity of Cable’s claim, that the relevant clause,  which explained why there was no need of an in/out referendum, had been correctly quoted, I was disappointed.  I often hear talk of this Constitution, however there is absolutely no sign of it anywhere, so to what does Cable refer?

“Unlike most modern states, Britain does not have a codified constitution but an unwritten one formed of Acts of Parliament, court judgments and conventions. Professor Robert Blackburn explains this system, including Magna Carta’s place within it, and asks whether the UK should now have a written constitution.”

So according to the above,  Cable is a liar, he could not have known off the top of his head that there was no apparent need in this Constitution – which does in fact not exist – for a referendum or otherwise. This is a perfect example of a lying public servant.

Now that the cosy system in the United Kingdom has suffered a slight set-back, those responsible for the decades of carnage are running into the shadows, back under their well furnished rocks.   However the battalions of second  rank forces  are already taking up their positions.

The Jew Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has been replaced by the Muslim Sadiq Khan, from Kosher to Hallal as it were, extreme slaughter continues to hold sway over London.

Khan is yet another Fabian man, part of the hidden hand of the Jew enterprise, to subvert the folk of the United Kingdom into a nouveau form of servitude and serfdom.

He, along with Jeremy Corbyn were carefully prepared to replace the retreating Jew forces, whom have long-held control of both sides of the British Houses of Parliament.

Cable himself is gone along with the Milibands, Cameron and Clegg, while Jack Straw is waiting for his day in court alongside Blair and Brown. The British people should now insist on the holding of a British Nuremberg Tribunal to convict their very own mass murderers and “enhanced” method of torture demons.

Corbyn made extreme efforts to maintain an appearance which would ingratiate him with those “young” who apparently voted him into the leadership of the Labour Party, but whose total lack of wisdom has lead to them showing ‘disappointment’ at the result of the referendum – unable to notice that the future which they claim to have lost was actually a release from a prison – by positioning himself in a neither in or out position. Corbyn is a supporter of Fabian man Khan. So while the first team is on the injury bench, the second team is already preparing to take control.

Now that the British people have been given an opportunity to clear their heads, they may choose to  wake up to the reality of the misery, which they, along with their “government,” have inflicted on to the Muslim World. Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen all of them completely destroyed and millions killed and the rest homeless.

Your elected leaders have, during the past months, been busy explaining to you all, how successfully, the European Union had maintained peace between the warring States of Europe, while all around them they have themselves actually slaughtered millions of folk whom apparently do not count for a shit, in order to steal their resources and are attempting to displace the refugees towards Europe, where they have been badly received by those whom ignored the slaughter of Muslims until it started to interfere with their cosy lifestyle.

I was once a refugee of sorts, ripped out of my familiar life, losing all my friends, who I never saw again, and taken to a strange country, where I was immediately received as an “outsider” and I can assure any of you out there who have never suffered such an experience, you never recover.

That is why, instead of doing what you are supposed to do, that being, to find a place in Europe for these wretched folk, you must take to the streets and stop the wars so that the refugees can go home to where they want to be.

Even as the illegal butchery continues in the Middle East and as the refugees continue to risk their lives to reach Europe in rubber boats, the “real butchers” are telling us that the Holy Koran, calls for Jihad. No shit!

What do you call what is going on in  Palestine and Gaza? Europe stood by cheering as Gadaffi was tortured and impaled  and his family murdered and Libya was taken down from being the finest country in Africa to rubble and dust, TO SAVE THEM.

The British and French need to open their eyes, to the bitter truth, that they are not a force for good in the world, they are pure evil. For three hundred years a small group of maniacs have cynically made use of those whom they control, as a killing machine to maintain their looting of the planet, which to this day is still taking place.

In the process they showed no mercy for their own country-men, being prepared to evict them from their ancestral lands and when necessary starving them to death in the middle of plenty.

They then forced the cream of European youth to march directly into machine gun fire in Flanders with a Commissar in the rear killing anyone who refused to go, in a war to no purpose apart from the continuance of their evil dreams of total control. The war allowed them access to Russia, where they carried out the greatest slaughter in recorded history.

Not content with that, they then set about “Framing” Hitler and Germany, which like todays Middle-East, was completely destroyed and twenty-million Germans raped and murdered.

Europe has a lot for which to apologise, however it was never the fault of those whom were forced to fight in many illegal wars of conquest,  they,  having won a way out, albeit unknowingly, from a Bolshevik Politburo, are now faced with the remnants of an elected Tory Party, which did not foresee this result, but which is now trying to ensure that they, will be carrying out the re-negotiation of British connections to the EU, this cannot be a good thing.

So in the quiet moments between now and the upcoming discussions, with the EU Commission,  the most important thing is to avoid allowing those traitors,  whom have done their level best to avoid the current situation, now taking control of the renegotiation. They should be the last people on earth entrusted with the business of getting the best deal for the UK.

Those members of the Labour Party whom are attempting to displace Jeremy Corbyn, are the remnants of the Blair years and are War Criminal one and all. The Son of Benn, he of the Tavistock Institute, was instrumental in winning a vote in Parliament,  allowing his chum Cameron to continue the destruction of Syria.

He is surely, fully aware of the continuing British activity in Syria,  Libya and Iraq and Afghanistan and apparently felt easy about British arms being used against innocent women and children in Yemen. Who has need of filth such as him?

In reality all of the Political Parties in the United Kingdom, lost the referendum. Not one them can claim to be qualified as spokesmen for the British people,  who rejected their proposals, losers bile could well include the deliberate destruction of the British economy in an “I told you so” manner.

Before any discussions, which could well be undermined by the very representatives of the British,  who will no doubt attempt to sow the seeds of the need of a second referendum to gain their preferred result,  a clearing of the decks would be advisable. Cameron’s is not the only necessary resignation.

Those in the Labour Party, a group calling for the sacking of Corbyn, who are demonstrating their inability to accept the decision of the people, by claiming that Corbyn failed to change the minds of the young by whom he was actually elected, a fact which was denounced by thiose whom now use this event as an excuse to sack him.

They would be the very young people who all the statistics have shown, voted, one and all to “remain” and who we are now being lead to believe,  by the Labour Party, voted to “leave”  and who  we are told are now blaming the old “boomers” whom virtually all voted to leave, for their current problem.  These folk are totally incoherent.

The talking heads have been desperately ignoring the real immigration problem in Europe. There are no unsolvable problems in Ireland with the French immigrants, they soon  mix in with their Irish counterparts, just as do the Irish in France. However people from Pakistan and other Middle-Eastern Countries, never mind Black people of African origin,  will never and have never successfully integrated with White people and indeed why should they?

The crimes of which the Whites are accused, mainly crimes against indigenous Peoples, were committed as a result of crimes against those whom were deported from their own native lands by aggressive, controlled,  European Governments, which for generations have been carrying out a covert genocide against White people and Christians in particular.

We are all the victims of these folk whom are even now carrying out a genocide on two fronts against Whites and Arabs even as they have the Blacks killing each other. They have agents implanted all over the planet with more money available to them than has any country on Earth.

Jeremy Corbyn in the UK, for me represents the blood-shot eye of an apparently dead Dracula, reopening at the end of a Hammer film, announcing his return in future sagas. Corbyn is a Fabian Man, that would be the very Society which was responsible for the founding of the European Union, are we to believe that after all that effort they are about to throw in the towel?




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