A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

In Out In Out Shake It All About.

Neil Coyle, the incoherent jerk – Lord knows who voted him into office – whom attacked Ken Livingstone, the once mayor of London, for making an innocuous remark about Hitler, is now babbling more junk against Jeremy Corbyn, the wolf in sheep’s clothing, urging him to resign so that the supporters of the death cult called New Labour can slide back into the front bench of Her Majesty’s Opposition in Parliament.

All of this is happening, even as the Jew Chancellor, George Osborne, who has spent the last several weeks peddling fear, warning the electorate of all sorts of catastrophic consequences, should Britain choose to Brexit, is being forced to row back in face of the state of calm which has fallen over “The Markets” which are controlled by greed and not by the actions of the “people,” The Daily Mail, the UK’s online monster, is warning that moves are already afoot, to use Juncker, The President of Europe, as the “Patsy” – and not the creepy little ‘unknown’ characters, behind the curtain, by whom Juncker was put in place as a powerless puppet, with a high salary, to do exactly as he was told – in order to offer more concessions to the UK, in an attempt to generate an excuse for the traitorous, two faced, Jews who ran both sides of Brexit, to claim they can now over-ride the decision of seventeen million voters and thus re-enter the European Union on better terms.

The British voters were never meant to win in the referendum, however the vote to leave was so overwhelming, some figures suggests as many as 70% voted out, that it became impossible to rig the result. Moves are afoot claiming that those whom actually voted “out” are already discontented with the result, because no policy was laid out explaining what would happen after Brexit, so another referendum must be held to make things more clear. Have you heard anybody claim this? I doubt it, this is simply more crap.

When the Soviet Union collapsed, everybody cheered, now that it is the turn of the European Soviet Union to collapse, all of those who voted to leave are being smeared as Racists, Fascists, or just too stupid to have know what they were voting for. Do The Hokey-Cokey!



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