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Europe Has Destroyed The British Two Party Political System.

Jeremy Corbyn was elected by a majority of Labour Party members, as Leader of the Parliamentary Labour Party. Those whom lost out in that election, whom have been solidly against Corbyn from day one, a group which resigned in protest,  included the wife of a member of a previous Labour Party Cabinet, who was voted out of office, not as a result of Corbyn’s leadership but as a result of the leadership of the son of Corbyn’s friend Ralph Miliband, Ed Miliband, who did himself run into problems when he was elected and not his own brother David.

A result of Milibands poor leadership and in response to another example of an unacceptable result of Direct Democracy, the Scottish Independence Referendum, the Labour Party was wiped out in Scotland in the following General Election. The winner of which a certain Ms Sturgeon, did herself find it difficult to accept the result of the Independence referendum and has ever since been seeking an excuse to hold a second referendum, which should it deliver the appropriate result, will be the final word on the subject.

However crouching behind this aim, is the threat of maintaining Scotland in a fast failing European Union, without further reference to the People of Scotland, asking perhaps,  whether on balance what they would prefer to do, which maybe  to remain in the UK, with no fear of a future debt a la Greece, or an Independence of sorts, in Ms Sturgeons much-loved Bolshevik Europe.

Meanwhile, south of the border, Democracy has created turmoil, one and all of the losers are scratching around, looking for any possible excuse to deny the choice of the people.

These are examples of the “famous” British Democracy, which has been used as the excuse to devastate an entire region, in the name of stuffing this garbage down the throats of those whom they wish to ROB.

None of these folk in the British Parliament are fit to carry out the necessary tasks to conform to the wishes of the voter. Like all of the rats who are deserting Corbyn, they should resign from Parliaments and allow those by whom they were elected to decide whether they would allow these self-centred idiots to continue representing them.

These people do not quite understand, that they are servants and not masters and Democracy is the means by which the The People decide. Recently the Liberal Democrats, promised to install a Proportional Representation system, should they gain any sort of power, which they instantly forgot about when they gained that power and like the Labour Party, they were wiped out in the following election.

I believe that the recent in/out referendum was rigged, that the actual vote in favour of Brexit,  was so overwhelming that they were afraid to announce a victory for “remain” so they reduced the “real” majority to a figure as low as  acceptably possible,  in order to present it as  being insufficient to win in the “right” way, so that they could then set about doing a dirty deal with Europe, that would appear satisfactory for the un-intelligent classes, who voted for Brexit and which will maintain the status quo.

Those whom are unable to accept the result of a Democratic vote,  are even prepared to stoop to the level of encouraging kids to believe that their parents and grandparents have destroyed their future, even as the young all across this wonderful Union are unable to find decent employment and in some European Countries, levels of fifty per-cent of young people between 18 and 25 are unemployed, is this the future?


The Jew contingent in the Conservative Party controlled both side in the Brexit debate. Cameron some time ago informed us that he would be resigning before the end of his second term. He has now carried out his promise. His opposite number in the Brexit debate, Boris Johnson,  is expected to take his place. He is already pulling back on his promises, suggesting that there is a plan, waiting to be deployed, which will deny  the British people, who are being lambasted by all and sundry with claims that folk in “intelligent areas” all voted to remain.

London, which now has a mayor, whom belongs to a privately funded group of International Mayors of Power House Cities, is setting out a plan to give him autonomy over London and all of its inhabitants without a word of consent from the people of London and apparently no criticism from the Government. He is attempting to take London back into Europe as a member, ls this what he was elected to do?

So Scotland, Northern Ireland, and London are all suggesting that they, as separate entities,  can ignore the result of a referendum. Was this all in the planning? Is this a part of the total destruction of British Identity and culture? Should it be so, rest assured ALL of your politicians, of ALL parties, are in lock step for this deal.

Cameron, the War Criminal, who helped to rid the Middle East of its Peoples, is even now chatting with his accomplices in Europe. He will no doubt be spitting on his own people and excusing their stupidity for rocking  the boat or quite possibly be discussing the next step on the road to serfdom.

The Bilderberg members are out in force. Boring old fools like Kenneth Clark are warning that those who voted to leave Europe do not even know for what they voted. Nobody can think of what to do. They do not want an election, just in case the people do not choose to re-elect them.

All of the drivel, is in reality about how to get back into Europe. To the point where they are suggesting, without any form of proof, that young people did not vote out, that would be the old duffers’ a million of whom will be dead in ten years, opening the door to another referendum which they can expect to win. That would be to deny the will of the people, which is the trade mark of the European Union.

All of these opinionated Members of Parliament, in areas which voted “out” should resign. They no longer represent the wishes of those by whom they were elected, and are unfit to take on the task of carrying out those wishes.

Now is the moment for the British to get rid of the Two Party System of Government. The mad scramble to hold the Political Middle Ground, has lead to a total lack of opposition, which has actually destroyed Democracy and the first time it has actually dared rear its head, chaos ensues.












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