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Tyranny In The United Kingdom. Government Refuses To Quit.



The Zombie like attitude of the average European citizen, with regard to their treasured Democratic Rights, would be worthy of a Marx Brothers farce, was its reality not so sad and pathetic.

The British have just voted, in massive numbers, to leave the European Union, however, any idle observer of the current attitude to this wonderful victory of the British people, as reported in the pages of the Free British Press, would be convinced that the opposite had been true and that the election had been stolen.

Jeremy Corbyn, the Fabian man, who was elected by a huge number of Labour Party members, is being blamed for the decision of the British people, to exit the European Union, as he should have been able to convince them all to vote to remain, as if they are no more than sheep,  if only this were true. The reality is that the combined efforts of virtually every politician in the UK, quite patently failed to achieve exactly what Corbyn allegedly failed to do, so why are there no calls for their resignation?

To hear David Cameron, the snidey War Criminal, screeching at Corbyn to step down, was so loathsome that it almost convinced me that Corbyn must be getting something right. It is now perfectly clear that the strength of opposition to the European Union had been totally under-estimated and the entire British Parliament, including all of the “Remain” division is in turmoil. They should call an election straight away and hand over control to those whom support the decision of the people, which would be a referendum in itself.

To expect the Bilderberg members, who control Europe to now set about dismantling it in the UK, is ridiculous. “Remain” lost the referendum, they should do the right thing and quit, not set about trying to modify the decision of the majority of the people.

The young, with all the added wisdom of Facebook at their fingertips, apparently prefer the New Serfdom to any form of freedom, and in order to suit whatever it may be, that they think might be useful to them, by remaining in a Bolshevik Dictatorship, which would not be available should they leave the EU, is a mystery to one and all. Nothing will change.

Should any one of these Millennials’, whom believe that the EU protects Human Rights and all that crap, choose to test this wonderful freedom of the European Union, let them go to Berlin, for example and stand on a stool, in a public square and tell passers by that Hitler has been defamed and there is no substance to the claims made against him. That simple act, jokingly referred to as an expression of “Free Speech,” one of our “Human Rights” will explain, in short order, exactly what sort of Dictatorship is bubbling away, just beneath the surface of the EU. They are all guilty of something, including the use of disinformation in our schools and colleges.

The decision of the British to make use of their democratic rights, has unleashed a doom laden cloud of abject fear, that other downtrodden citizens of European Member States, could take similar action, in opposition to the desired political route of their elected servants, who are fearful that Direct Democracy could become “contagious.”

Seventeen and a half million voters in the UK are being presented as village idiots, who got it wrong, so every effort is being made by politicians of all Parties to change the decision to “Brexit” and force the people to conform to Bolshevik Europe’s unspoken desires.

The British Political system, which has lost its mandate, having been the victim of a vote of “no confidence,” are at the moment, instead of resigning and holding a General Election, trying to re-arrange the deck-chairs, while hiding behind the drama of Jeremy Corbyn, who was elected, like it or lump it, in a similar Democratic process, the result of which is being denied, in order to replace him with folk who would have used other “techniques,” to “make” the people vote to “remain.”

Plus the total failure of all “remainers” to apologise to the people for the total bullshit with which they were presented, by all “remain” Parties, as part of the fear factor, all of which has failed to materialise.

Both of the UK main Political Parties, having lost the election, are now attempting to work in support of the very program, which they have for years, refused to countenance, how can this be Democratically acceptable? This has now become an instance of tyranny, they are all shouting at Corbyn to resign, when in reality, they should all resign.They lost, what is so difficult to understand about that?




3 responses

  1. Don

    Hi Eno,

    For the most part I’m blocked from your site. They make posting a comment so difficult I give up after multiple tries. I’ve made extra effort this time to let readers know the real percentage in favour of Brexit is perhaps around 80. Even in Wales where they are heavily subsidised by the EU they voted leave. We will not be allowed to leave, the democratic will of the people will be ignored.

    This is what the traitor Blair and others meant by a ‘post democratic society’.

    God bless the European peoples – rage against the dying of the light.


    July 1, 2016 at 21:17

    • Hello there Dpn. You’re not the only one to tell me the same thing. I was hacked a while back and things have not been the same ever since. Has the UK ever been a Democratic country? The two party system, with the Central Party Office choosing their own Candidates they have everything under control. I have never been able to warm to Corbyn and to be honest it would come as no surprise if he was being used, whether willingly or unknowingly, to destroy the Labour Party. Everything is just little bit too neat an tidy, within days, all the youngsters who voted for Corbyn’s election have suddenly changed their minds, because Corbyn did not argue strongly enough to make them vote to “remain.” The only way they could have got him elected, was to change the voting system to make it possible, because noboidy would have believed that the Blairites would have voted for him, so they introduced outside help. It’s all illusion Don.


      July 2, 2016 at 05:52

    • There was not much sign of all the Conspiracy chat like Kerry’s on the BBC or Sky. French people are having the same trouble with the counting of the votes. No matter how hard they try they cannot get rid of the two Jews Sarkozy and Hollande, The Front Nationale were cheated out of the last election through the illegal collusion between the two of them to prevent the Front from winning out, without regard for which of their own Parties was finally elected. The same thing has just come to light in Austria.


      July 2, 2016 at 06:13

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