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The Chilcot Inquiry Report Farce. Will They Hang Blair?


The Chilcot Report

The whitewash,  called the Chilcot Inquiry into the War Crime against Iraq, will be revealed to the world on Wednesday 6th July. The majority of Members of Parliament in the House of Commons in the United Kingdom, should, if there was any trace of real justice in the world, be immediately placed under arrest for War Crimes.

Instead, during the intervening years, these fiends have helped to demonise the Muslim World, as if Muslims had been responsible in some way for the creation of the mass murder and not the victims of it.  Even as these poor suffering, now actually homeless people, instead of a modicum of mercy from David Cameron, they are being deliberately forced out of their homelands, into Europe, where the mindless inhabitants have been trained to believe them to be ‘terrorists,’ to suit yet another hidden agenda,

These same controlled British politicians are now, even as the Middle Eastern ‘impose democracy’ campaign is still ongoing, are attempting to undermine the democratic choice of their own people, because they did vote in the preferred way in the ‘Brexit’ referendum, so much for the excuse of ‘democracy.’

Meanwhile, back in the USSA, Hillary Clinton, a veritable hagette, has been announced as being no more than ‘careless’ in her handling of sensitive information on a ‘secret’ Email server, when according to all the ‘written’ laws, she was as guilty as Blair but ‘pardoned,’ having provoked a crisis of fear in the minds of the guilty, by ordering her husband in crime Billy, to warn them one and all, that their guilty little secrets would be exposed to the whole wide world, should she be forced to appear in Court. This is of course how things get done in Democratic countries.

There is no excuse for the brutality of those States who participated in the total destruction of Iraq, at the cost of murdering more than one million people and the mind-boggling, destruction, in the years which followed the initial War Crime, Blair’s half-hearted apology is hardly sufficient for his crimes.

The Chilcot Inquiry, has taken many years to prepare the gullible British for the necessary excuses for the actions of the cold-blooded scum, who lied us all into the belief that their action in Iraq, was justified. Perhaps these excuses of ‘faulty intelligence’ and all that guff, might possibly hold water, had these ‘careless acts,’ not been followed up by the total destruction of Libya and Syria, while on the sidelines we have Afghanistan and Yemen, all funded and fought by the same bunch of filth, who sat in the Houses of Parliament, observing War Criminal, David Cameron, sending the Brylcreem Boys to bomb the shit out of Libya, without a Parliamentary vote, the vote was taken after the event, when a mere sixteen Members, out of six-hundred or more, voted against the atrocity.




Then came Syria, using exactly the same false information, which had already been criticised in Iraq and Libya, that of saving the people from a massacre, I will repeat that for the hard of thinking, ‘to save the Syrian people from a massacre,’ could anybody genuinely claim that the ongoing, ferocious fighting in Syria has saved anybody?

Therefore, at six years per Inquiry, there will be ongoing images of Blair in anguish and Cameron howling his pain, into the distant future, still claiming to have been assured by no less a witness than ‘breathless’ Stuart Ramsey, that Assad was about to massacre his people, and a whole swathe of Sky News liars assured him that Gadaffi had to go so the people need to be armed to take down the Government…….What was that? The people need arms to take down their government? Wake up Cameron, the United Kingdom is now a Dictatorship and has been for years. Who do you suggest should be arming the British people against their Government and on which side of the barricades will you be on I wonder?


You, Mister Cameron and Tony Blair, understand full well, that Regime Change is illegal. So you are both criminals and should be arrested for your crimes against humanity. The results of your crimes are clear for all to see. What gives people like you the right to enter Sovereign States and massacre millions of people and still claim your innocence?

Even as the release of the Chilcot report is being discussed, and we are presented with Tony Blair telling us how he truly believed the concocted lies, which excused the illegal and barbaric wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the killing is still going on. Cameron recently attempted to destroy even more of the Syrian infrastructure, through the use of outright lies and with the help of a truly disgusting member of the Wedgwood Benn family, he gained that permission. Are we really and truly meant to believe that these folk are still ‘getting it wrong’ wake up! Things are all going to plan. This is an agenda which was written back in the last Century.

Having the crimes of Blair, graphically explained and the treasonous behaviour of the Blair government and the War Crimes of which they are guilty, along with the Cameron Shadow Government, who were most certainly fully aware of the reality of the war, just as Cameron was fully aware of the trumped-up excuses used to destroy Libya, which was equal to the attack on Iraq in seriousness, we now have the disgraceful spectacle of two British Prime Minister, the leaders of the two major Political Parties, excusing themselves for the murder of millions of Muslims and the creation of a mass exodus from the lands which they claim to have justifiably invaded and destroyed, ‘to save them,’ even as Saudi Arabia is being armed to destroy Yemen, the poorest country in the region, they still find time to present the rest of us with their bullshit about Daech, which just happens to be using Bolshevik tactics to spread panic across the region through the medium of barbarism, using arms and supplies dropped from the air to keep them killing, by the USAF.

In the United States, the crimes of Hillary Clinton were fully listed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  She is as guilty as can be, yet it was recommended that no action should be taken. How considerate, I am sure this decision will bring closure for the family Ambassador Stephens, who was brutally tortured, by having body bits cut off, flogging, sodomising and while still alive, slowly roasted to death on a spit. However no consequences for the creature who refused to send in a squad of Special Forces to save him and his team. She will probably be elected as President of the USA in payment for her patriotic attitude to her colleagues.

So wherever you find them, in Europe or in a Banana Republic, Governments have declared themselves to be above the Law. The European Union is warning Members of the British Parliament to ignore the wishes of the people by refusing to sign into law the result of the ‘Brexit’ referendum. So you see there is no way out. The folk whom are speaking for ‘Brexit’ do not support ‘Brexit’ and they are gagging to ignore it. Demand a General Election, on such an important issue it is an imperative.

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