A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Let’s Hear It For The Victims Of Black Savagery For Once


The entire media circus has descended on Dallas, where five Policemen were allegedly shot dead in response to another slaying of a Black man, by the Police, in another part of the States.

The Sky News team was quickly on the spot, along with the likes of CNN to report on the renewed appearance of the Black Lives Matter crowd, with Jeremy Thompson, a seasoned journalist linking the reports from various correspondents.

As usual I find myself reacting with annoyance,  to this sort of strange event. For the moment it would be best to leave the ‘False Flag’ claims to others and concentrate on the ‘Black Lives Matter’ side of the story.

The Veteran, who carried out the killings of the cops, it has been claimed,  actually explained to the Police,  that it was in response to the disproportionate number of Blacks whom have been targeted by the Police in the USA.

Barak Obama did himself complain of the difference in the numbers of Blacks whom are stopped at random and searched as a matter of routine, which he claimed to be thirty per cent more than were Whites.

 I would have thought,  that any experienced journalist, with an intention of presenting factual information, in his copy,  would at this point check out the statistics. To not do so would in some way suggest, that to solve the problem of the killings of a higher number of Blacks,  compared with Whites,  the Police must kill more Whites to even out the score.

The reality is that in the United States this year two-hundred-and-thirty-eight Whites were shot and killed by police during the course of an armed confrontation, while one-hundred-and-twenty-three Blacks were killed in the same circumstances.

When account is made of the percentage of Whites who become involved in violent confrontation with the Police and the percentage of Blacks who are involved in violent crime, a far lower percentage of Whites are involved in violent crime, despite which the Whites are far more likely to have been killed by the police – without fear of street demonstrations – during these confrontations, than are Blacks.

Should the numbers of Black people killed by Whites be compared with the numbers of Whites killed by Blacks, Whites are once more suffer the greater number of victims.

White rape against Black women is so low as to be statistically insignificant, while Blacks are raping thirty-three-thousand White women annually.

In South Africa, when the Boers were in control, there were a few murders a month there are now something like five hundred a week, while the President, Zuma, sings songs about killing the remaining few Whites, having already slaughtered, out of hand, some sixty-five-thousand White people, without a word of criticism from the Black Lives Matter bunch. I saw a report suggesting that there is a rape every twenty seconds in Black South Africa. Blacks are violent wherever you find them.

Anyway, the alleged Black man, who carried out the Dallas killings, had all of the usual paraphernalia in his luxury home, along with a plan of attack and a diary explaining his gripe with Whites. Being a Veteran of Afghanistan, he presents other Vets as a target for gun control. He himself was disposed of, wait for it, by a CP 3O type robot, who sneaked up behind him and blew him up. What the Dallas Police were doing with a robotic bomb, prepared in advance for just such an emergency, has yet to be explained.

The alleged killer is now being described as a Lone Wolf, despite being blown to smithereens, there was enough of him left, including his name and address, to identify him, allowing the Dallas Police to release the other three suspects, including a man in battle fatigues, wearing a bullet proof vest. Job well done.

What needs to be asked is the question, ‘Why is the media, spreading tales of unnecessary violence against Black people,  full in the face of all of the available evidence?’ They show no such care with how Muslim terrorism is presentedl. Black crime is off the charts all over the States and Europe, so why the soft approach to it and the attempt to blame White people for the behaviour of Blacks?

The Blacks in the USA have been force-fed with tales of their victimhood, for so long that they have allowed themselves to become a Race of malcontent wasters, instead of picking themselves up the way all other groups of immigrants into the United States and the United Kingdom have managed to do. I could point out, without too much difficulty, many White communities living through desperate times, without raping and murdering Black people out of spite for some perceived injustice, never mind practicing their ‘knockout’ abilities on seventy year old Black old-age pensioners.




It has become perfectly clear that the ‘Black Power’ groups in the United States, have, as did the African National Congress in South Africa, accepted the Bolshevik Shekel, and are in the process of generating a Bolshevik inspired attack against White people, which will end in disaster for Blacks.

They are already in the midst of a Black on Black Civil War in the inner cities of the USA, while South Africa has become little more than hell on earth. To list the barbarity of the crimes of Black rapist, murderers against small children and their parents is to describe a form of animal savagery, which has no place in the modern world and for the controlled media to be ignoring this gruesome behaviour, instead of warning of the consequences of allowing them to freely enter into Europe, is a disgrace.

While these Black Lives Matter people are out in the streets screeching, they are ignoring the ritual killing of White people by Black thugs, the torture to death of a small White boy, with a blow-lamp in the hands of a Black woman. 


Blacks have in fact not a care in the world for the pain they are dishing out to other people, they are totally absorbed in their own self-pity.  We are all sick and tired of hearing about Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown and all of the other Blacks, many of whom were thugs, but who can put a name to any of the White victims of Black brutality either in United States or in Europe. We only ever hear about the Black victims.


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