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Battle Of Britain And All That Jazz.




The Battle Of Britain And All That Jazz.

David Cameron has been in power, if that is the correct noun, to describe a servant, pretty much as long as Hitler had been,  when the British and French commenced hostilities, which initiated the greatest carnage ever seen on earth.

When Cameron was elected, Britain was already at war in Afghanistan and Iraq, neither of which had posed any threat whatsoever to the British Isles. Cameron was apparently, completely fooled by War Criminal Tony Blair’s feeble excuses to set about the destruction of both of these States and duly voted in favour of both of the illegal wars which followed, using the Forces of the famous “coalition,” NATO, which has long served as the means of sharing the blame for murder and mayhem.

On coming to “power” and rapidly forming another “local” coalition – with the previously pacifistic but now, under the control of the “gritty” Nick Clegg, every bit as “gung-ho” as Blair and Cameron – the Liberal Democrats, Cameron, without reference to Parliament, carried out a brutal campaign against Libya, which as had been the campaign against Hitler and Germany, it was designed to completely destroy the efforts of Muammar Gadaffi,  to construct a wonderful country for his people, using the profits of the Libyan oil reserves for the benefit of those people. The gallant boys of the “Royal” Air Force targeted Gadaffi’s Man Made River, which with the aid of Primary water reserves, Gadaffi was attempting to irrigate the desert in order to feed Africa.

Cameron to this day, as is his compatriot Blair, is lying about the “Intelligence” which suggested that there was evidence of a coming massacre in Benghazi, to conceal the naked savagery of his attack on Libya and the nightmare with which the Libyan people have lived through ever since.

Not to worry, the British and French managed to share to loot of the oil reserves between themselves, after seizing the gold reserves and setting up a Central Bank, to throw a previously debt-free State into the clutches of money-sick bankers, through the medium of an International Monetary Fund loan

I would imagine that Cameron has already nosed ahead of the exploits of Adolf Hitler, in his quest for notoriety and head count, but he has only just begun, he has already spotted another villain and yet another country to lay to waste, Syria, where the gentle Doctor Bashar al Assad, has been living through numerous attacks, originating from Turkey and Israel, in an attempt to bring him down and hand the recently discovered huge oil and gas reserves into the grip of The Milner Group in the dark heart of the City of Sin London.

Cameron, with the full support of the European Union and with the taxes of the British people has trained and armed an Army of terrorists, to fight a proxy war in Syria, which has carried out, to order, the complete destruction of the super-structure and has terrorised and murdered hundreds of thousands of Christians, driving millions from their homes, into Concentration Camps, while he continues to destroy whatever remains of Syria, rendering it unlivable, in order to save those poor Syrian folk. God Almighty, what are the British?

To compare Cameron with Hitler is ridiculous, Cameron is a monster from the same mould as a Trotsky or a Stalin, both of whom were involved in the clearances of Eastern Europe, from where the Tartars’ were expelled as were the indigenous folk of Ukraine, many millions of whom were starved to death while their food-stuffs were stolen by Stalin, as were the Irish, though not by Stalin but by the British. That would be the same British, whom while under the control of Cameron’s hero, Winston Churchill, starved millions to death in Bengal while stealing their food-stuffs.

During this period of “power” Cameron had reduced the British to “food-bank”status, in order to pay the City of London’s onerous Usury and to finance the Middle Eastern Wars. He did make some profit for the UK by supplying the renegade State of Saudi Arabia with the cluster bombs etc. with which to destroy the poorest country in the region Yemen, having previously helped the “Royal” government in Bahrain, deny the people of Bahrain, the Democracy, yes, Democracy, which they ‘sought’, which the UK was forcing down the throats of other Middle Eastern Countries, whether they wanted it or not.

That more or less accounts for Cameron’s first six years, during which he has done nothing to help the average British man in the street. His wars now have a life of their own and show no sign of stopping, while he is still using the same lame excuses for his crimes against humanity.

Cameron was the main instrument in setting up the “predictable” stream of refugees towards Europe, many of whom are being paid to leave the Middle East and Africa and given “Little Red Books” of instructions as to how to demand housing, health care, education etc. all of which will be paid for by the already cash-strapped people of Europe, whom you will be allowed to rape and rob to your heart’s content and should anyone object, simply “out” them as “Fascist” or “Racist,” especially in Germany, where the folk are used to paying for the crimes of others.

During the same period, and from a much lower level, Hitler transformed Germany, from the state of a basket case, into the richest and most highly developed country in the world. While in the process of doing this, he was under a constant threat from World Jewry, who were proposing to destroy Germany and to obliterate the German people down to the last baby in knappies.

As were Gadaffi and Assad at a later date, Hitler was subjected to the same sort of terrorist attacks in Danzig and the Sudetenland and was taunted to respond in order to protect ethnic Germans, whom were being slaughtered in large numbers.

Those crafty old British had already laid a trap for the unsuspecting Hitler by urging him, through Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden, to protect those ethnic Germans, without mentioning that the British and French had already agreed with those whom were carrying out the terrorist attacks against Germans, that they would come to their aid should the borders of Poland be violated. Such was the lame excuse used to start World War Two.

This trap was laid in the Treaty of Versailles, after the Great War “Armistice” which means an agreement to stop hostilities,  which the British and the US chose to claim as a surrender by the Germans, giving them the excuse to impose terms which would quite clearly force Germany into a corner at a later date. These efforts included the starvation of the Germans, through “sanctions,”  nine-hundred-thousand Germans died as a result.

Both Cameron and Blair fully understood the crimes which they were committing, when they invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, of that there can be no doubt. Cameron has since tried to distance himself by pretending that Blair had fooled him and there are now attempts to throw Blair under the bus.

Cameron has now resigned from leadership of the Conservative Party,  leaving the full consequences of his brutal destruction of the Middle East in the lap of his successor, while his Foreign Secretary continues the bull-shit about Assad, while seeking some sort of excuse for his own inexcusable and totally barbaric murder of hundreds of thousands of people, in the name of controlling all of the worlds resources into the same claws. Make no mistake about it, they have got nothing wrong, and in the words of Blair, would do it all over again,

During the same length of time Hitler, had been building the Autobahns, and hospitals making his people’s car, the Volkswagen, in an attempt to make life for his people as comfortable as was possible. Industry was obliged to share its profits with the people, that was Hitlers Fascism, nowadays Corporations keep all of the profits while the rest of us bail them out when they ‘pretend’ to be on the point of collapse. That is Cameron’s Fascism.

Hitler was adored by the vast majority of the German people whom had been held in hell by the previous Weimar Republic, which had installed all of the familiar immorality across Germany, prostitution and rampant homosexuality on the streets, pornography on every news-stand and the use of illegal debt being used to create massive inflation, which allowed those with access to Wall Street finance to buy,  at bargain-basement prices, every conceivable resource in Germany along with the infrastructure, a reality which was under threat, the moment Hitler was elected, at a time when he could be accused of no crime whatsoever.

International Jewry Declared War on Germany in March 1933, aware of what Hitler’s dream of re-building Germany as it had been before the Great War, would mean for their ill-gotten gains.

Cameron benefits from the obfuscation of relevant details in the controlled media, where Hitler has to this day the opposite problem. The numbers slaughtered by British actions since 911 are staggering. For Cameron to continue with this massacre of the innocents, in the Middle East is an obscenity.

Surely, at some point, even for the British, there is a moment when it becomes clear that enough is enough but no.  Just as they have maintained a state of nightmare in the Sub-Continent of India, through their slicing of States into warring factions, and the unnecessary destruction of Yugoslavia, hiding behind yet more lies, they will kill as many as is necessary, poor souls in the Middle East, to gain control of the region, while the Press solidly refuses to report the real casualty rate.

Hitler was accused of things which had never even happened, in order to justify World War Two and obscure the identities of the real War Criminal and their diabolical acts. This would include the fact that the German people were the real victims of World War Two. The “fair-minded” British carpet bombed and fire bombed, without discrimination every town and city of any size in Germany, illegally slaughtering millions of women and children.

We are all familiar with the piles of dead and dying, from typhus, in Camps, at the end of the war, which were presented as victims of the Germans and not of disease, but we are not so familiar with the mounds of dead Germans after raids on Frankfurt or Dresden. You see the kindly British decided that only Germans or Japanese could be accused of War Crimes so all the details of their own behaviour was concealed.

The gruesome tortures which the Allies inflicted onto German women, which included crucifixion on barn doors, the raping to death of children and old women, and the slicing off of the breasts of young girls, for sport are heart-breaking

These are the type of deeds of which the British are so proud, which took place during their “good war,” this is what the “Krauts” were put through. Hitler allowed no such thing to pass un-punished, should it have been at the hands of a German soldier, it would have involved a Firing Squad for the guilty. We were all on the wrong side during the War, folks.

A final word in passing, while the Labour Party is attempting to force their leader, Jeremy Corbyn to resign, to deny the Party Members a democratic vote for a new leader, the Conservative Party have just forced a candidate to quit the race for the leadership of the Party, thus avoiding a “Democratic” vote for the next Prime Minister, no less, such is the current state of British Democracy and a denial of the right of the people to select those by whom they are served.

There are also calls for the “Brexit” vote to be ratified, by Parliament, according to Constitutional rules. I can find no trace of a Constitution, never mind rules which cover the acceptance or otherwise, of the choice of a majority of the people. Perhaps someone could help me out with a link to this document. Or is it a case of groping in the dark for a means of undoing the Brexit vote?




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