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Direct Democracy Ridiculed And Denied


Direct Democracy Ridiculed And Denied


Jeremy Corbyn’s adversary in the coming leadership election, for the position as leader of the Labour Party, Angela Eagle, claims to be the best choice as leader of the Labour Party, because she sees herself as a unifying influence, with more support amongst the rank and file, than does Corbyn.

In my opinion, she along with all of the remnants of the Blairites, should long ago have been recalled by their local Party and deselected. Eagle supported all of the illegal wars, declared by Blair and Cameron, right up to the recent atrocities.

Eagle and that other stalwart supporter of aggressive attacks on innocent people, Hillary Benn, were, even as Blair is being displayed, in all of his lying glory, by the Chilcot Inquiry report,  betraying their leader, by voting to continue to bomb Syria, having already seen the massive death and destruction, created by yet another war which the people of the United Kingdom had been lied into funding.

She is, like the current Conservative Party hierarchy,  terrified of Democracy, and is groping around for a means of forcing Corbyn to resign, fearful that he may win the support of Labour Party members, which would indicate that what now passes for a Socialist is not to the liking of the electorate.

It was serious enough that the new Prime Minister, Teresa May, a warmonger, was herself selected, so to have the new leader of the Socialists selected in the same fashion is totally unacceptable and would suggest that the voter is now superfluous.

I listened to a commentator, on Channel Four News, suggest that referenda are a stupid way of deciding governmental policy, that it should be left to the professionals, that the people do not fully understand the consequences of their decisions and should therefore be kept well away from the debate.

That statement perfectly sums up the attitude of those whom steered Britain into World War One, World War Two, Korea, the Balkans, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Libya and Syria and many more minor scuffles, all of them based on lies and deception.

Teresa May was on a war footing for all of the recent, vicious, none of Britain’s business, illegal campaigns, which the British believe themselves to have a divine right to inflict, mainly on those whom pose no real threat of a serious response to attack. They have always been happiest, while mowing down men in loin-cloths, wielding spears.

We now have a staggeringly long list of elections and referenda, the results of which have annoyed the politicians, in several countries across the European Union. Elected servants have forced the erring voters to hold  second referenda, which duly delivers a result completely contrary to the original, which is accepted and never allowed to be challenged.

It is even being suggested that the voter is now in possession of too much information, which is dilatory to the traditional system, which has maintained the people in a stupor, convincing them that the only possible political system is a two-party system, which keeps overall control in a tight grip.

This stupidity has never been questioned. Most folk accept that at any one time all of those, best suited to guiding the State, in the best possible way, are all grouped together in the party that wins an election, which is based on the results from areas which are inhabited by those whom will always vote one way or the other, just as they have done in the past, Left or Right, no one else can possibly win, so to vote for them is a wasted vote.

Nigel Farage, the man whom has devoted thirty years of his life, attempting to expose the corruption of the secretive Bolshevik, Rockefeller funded, European Politburo, has been completely shut out of the “Brexit” result by the Conservatives, whom were granted control of both sides of the debate and who will now discuss the arrangements of “Brexit” without inviting the assistance of any of the other players in the event.

One and all are hoping that some excuse will crop up during the discussion of the difficult business of withdrawing from the Union. This is just more bullshit, out means out. Those whom voted out understood exactly for what they were voting. Brexit means Brexit. there is nothing complicated about it. The EU has simply been exposed to the people of Europe for the fraud that it is. Trade should continue exactly as it now does.

Subsidy from the EU to the UK stops and payments from the UK to the EU are cut off. Nothing else matters, there are rules which govern World Trade which forbid the EU to sanction UK trade, with their so-called single market. The rest was nothing more than a huge fraud.

There is no need for fear, Europe is still there, there will be no problem preventing British people from working in Europe or holidaying in the sun shine of Spain. Nobody has lost their future, not even the millenial’s.

François Hollande and others are now proposing changing European Union rules, forbidding the future use of referenda as a means of leaving the Union. This is the a naked surge towards the installation of a total Dictatorship. When the people no longer have the means of getting their desires accepted and implemented by their elected servants, those servants must be sacked, who the hell do they think they are?

In the United Kingdom, should the elected Party be thrown into a position which they do not support, by a decision of a majority of the people, there should be an election, allowing the people to vote for those whom do support their decision, that is simple Democracy.

At the moment, all three major Parties in the British Parliament, that includes the Lib-Dem Party which as predicted by your blogger, was wiped out at the last election, are opposed to the decision of the British people, so how can they possibly gain the best result, in any discussion, while at the same time attempting to deny the decision of the voter?

All of the new systems, which have been introduced by the Conservative Party, will be continued by any future Labour government. It is necessary to say, Labour, government, because it is accepted that if it is not Tory it will be Labour, that is how British Democracy works.

There will be no sign of any difference in how the country should advance into the future because all future systems were decided in Europe. For example, Osborne presented the idea of Powerful Cities and Power-House regions in the UK, it might come as a surprise that the same thing is happening across the planet, in the United States and Europe amongst other places.

Osborne promised huge investment into these Super City Regions, just so long as they agreed to the imposition of a Mayor. One of Blair’s men, Andy Burnham, is already presenting himself as the possible Mayor of Manchester. Whoever is elected will find himself forced to join a group of International City Mayors, from where they will be receiving their instructions. Do you get the picture? The idea being to by-pass Sovereign Parliaments, which will eventually become no more than annex of the European Commission.

London, which has been completely packed with immigrants, is now seeking the right to become an independent state, with the Mayor as President. This would leave the rest of the United Kingdom more or less headless and without a truly central government. It is also not taking account of the fact that the British have been displaced in London by the deliberate hiking of rents and the cost of a home. Immigrants benefit from social payments which are not available to indigenous folk. #londependence, I believe to be the site of this stupidity.


Who will be responsible for these folk when they too leave London into “Free England” and how long will it be before other immigrant packed cities demand their own governments?


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