A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Nice: Fireworks And Fear.



I have spent the afternoon listening to various interpretations of events in Nice, France, after the fireworks, marking Bastille Day and the French Revolution.

François Hollande was on hand to deliver his usual platitudes about the evils of “terrorism” and how France will never be brought to its knees by these atrocities and he sympathised with those who will have to live with the resulting shock of these event, which will forever haunt their dreams, etc. etc. etc.

He would, he promised, increase the fight-back against Daech, by attacking Syria, what else? When in fact there was nothing to suggest that the attack had been carried out by Daech or Syria.

France would never surrender to these evil people, who sought to destroy the freedoms of the Free French and in order to protect those ‘freedoms’ he would be allowing the Police the right to search the homes of all and everybody without a search warrant while continuing the State of Emergency for a further three months.

Teresa May, the newly selected “get them before they get you” Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, promised to increase efforts to beat these ‘brutal’ terrorists. Barmy Boris Johnson, called for all of Europe to fight this threat together.

Others spoke of France suffering more than other States, because of its heroic stand against Daech, in Europe and across the Middle East and the Maghreb.

There were calls for the renewal of the ‘Charlie Hebdo spirit,’ which pulled the French and all the Peoples of Europe together, after the attack on those whom had blasphemed the Prophet, in the land where you can be gaoled for mentioning Israel in a similar manner.

Throughout the afternoon, I was presented with a relentless attack on those whom were standing up against French aggression in the Middle East and Africa.

I heard not one word of regret for the slaughter of millions of people by France and NATO, which just might be the cause of this fight-back, presented as terrorism, which has had holiday makers cowering in fear on the French Riviera, without a thought for the people of Libya or Syria or any of the other States which have been destroyed by France.

There was not one word suggesting that the war in Syria, whether Assad is still in charge or not, should be immediately brought to an end, by ordering the ‘terrorists’ – whom France, amongst others, are funding, to bring terrorism into the homes of the Syrian people, without regard for the resulting damage to innocent people – to collect their salaries and go home to their own families.

The reporting of the Nice event, has delivered a non-stop commentary,  all through the day and is ongoing as I write. There has never been such a non-stop report of the terrorising of the poor people in those states,  which have had everything destroyed by French bombers, fighting alongside, the very Daech, whom the French President is attempting to implicate in this most recent attack in France.


For Sky News,the driver of the lorry in the Nice event, a man without any known connection to Daech, is already being fitted up as a welcome success for Daech, whom they inform us have recently been going through hard times.

There has been much discussion about how ‘radical’ Muslim clerics are ‘radicalising’ the young in the Mosques of France, without reference to the outrage at the behaviour of recent French governments in Libya, Mali and Central Africa and many other Muslim States, which has created not only an armed resistance, but an enormous refugee problem.

The People of Europe have been steadily brain-washed, into the belief that all of our current problems are as a direct result of Muslim terrorism, when in fact the opposite is true.

We are responsible for the total destruction of the Muslim world and Free Europe, is in denial about this actuality. Europeans appear to believe that we can justifiably kill to our hearts content, without criticism, while reprisal events in France are called atrocities.

Germany was blamed for the Second World War, while the Muslim victims, carry the responsibility for the current slaughters and the perpetrators are once again presented as the victims.

Barak Obama, Mister Drone, calls the Nice incident a ‘tragic event’ and he promises to stand by the French in their grief, grief which he puts to one side when he orders ‘drone’ massacres which result in the murder of dozens of people at a weddings and other innocent activities, where there is not a sign of ‘the evil killers,’ who actually work for Uncle Sam.

This chronic violence is apparently going to be wiped out by continuing the destruction of Syria, right down to the last child crying in fear of the bombs dropping from the sky.

Obama is an example of everything that is evil, he is hypocritically presenting himself as a saviour of humanity, while in truth he is way more evil than was George Bush, the man who kicked off the War on Terror, through the use of a falsehood, leading to the murder of an estimated seven million Muslims.

I was told all day long that the French are appalled by the events in Nice, apart that is in the area where I live. Throughout the day, not one person has shown any sign of having even heard reports of the event, never mind being in a state of shock.

These happenings are being received as just another episode in a long running soap opera on the television, which is actually becoming a bit of a bore.

However there is a definite hardening of attitude towards the Muslim community. A colleague of mine, who normally shows little interest in current events, today blurted out his opinion, that if things did not change, France would soon be no more than a colony of Islam. I was quite surprised at his outburst.

A Tunisian friend expressed the opinion that young people, whether Muslim or Christian, had seen through the lies of Politicians and were rapidly waking up to the new reality in France, where the young can no longer afford to buy a home and they are forced to either live with their parents, or in a flat occupied by half-a-dozen other people.

He rightly claimed that the future for one and all will be a future of low wages and relative poverty and a life living in a government-owned hovel.


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