A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Hillary Clinton’s Health Could Yet Stop Her Bid For Power.


The image of the ‘eternal Jew, is a well-known cartoon and has served for centuries as the unacceptable face of greed. It does no good whatsoever, to the general perception of the Jewish people, to have this modern version presented as the unacceptable face of Capitalism, even though it well fits the accusation.


shylock green

Sir Philip Green, without a qualm, used a business deal as a means of enriching himself and his family, by putting the pensions and other financial affairs of the employees of British Home Stores in jeopardy.

Green, is a billionaire, with slightly less need of the paltry sum, which is paid to pensioners, than do the now poverty stricken folk whom he has robbed.

 Green showed no sign of embarrassment, while under a grilling by a Parliamentary Select Committee, of his sumptuous life-style, which includes several floating palaces and other trimmings of finery, while trying desperately to avoid having to re-pay huge sums of money which have vanished from The British Homes Stores Pension Fund.

A long time ago, I was staggered to find that Robert Maxwell, yet another ‘Eternal Jew’ had stolen the pension fund of the Daily Mirror newspaper.

That was an act of theft pure and simple and it should have been warning enough to make the looting of such funds, which do not belong to any proprietor of any company, a criminal offence, with an obligation,  that any funds which remain in the hands of the thief, should be used to repay any such fund as a priority, before repaying any outstanding banking debt.

Hillary Clinton, who is at the moment seeking ‘selection’ as the President of the United States of America, just happens to be the wife of the man whom single-handedly, brought the world to its knees, when he was ordered to get rid of the Glass-Steagall act,  which forbade the use of funds deposited in High Street banks to be used as gambling chips on the derivatives market. This simple act was the excuse for all of us to be raped by the “too big to fail” Central Banks of the World, who robbed us by demanding we stand and deliver our savings into their already overflowing coffers.

This creature, Ms Clinton,  whom is swamped in criminality, all of it seemingly  undetectable to the mainstream media, is being presented as a better choice than Donald Trump, whom has, after all,  been declared bankrupt in past times, as the next President.

It is one thing to have the media, presenting Russia as Bad News, in support of the colossal crimes of NATO, that could be described as a form of patriotism, however to present a well-known criminal and thief, as corrupt as they come as a better choice than Donald Trump, whose every word is obliged to be misinterpreted or manipulated, into being racist or some other smear,  in the absence of any real guilt other than allegations, to lay at his door,  is deplorable.



Her husband ‘Billy Boy’ along with his ‘brother’ George W Bush, offered their services to act as bankers for the fund which was set-up to help the people of Haiti, after a disastrous earthquake, half a dozen house were built, using a tiny part of the billion or so Dollars which was collected, the rest, well that vanished and Billy Boy is being investigated, to find out if any of the stolen loot ended up in the Clinton Foundation Fund.

The crimes of this pair go all the way back to the days when Bill was Governor of Arkansas, as cover for his handling of the CIA drug running operations. Both Bill and Hillary were under investigation by a lawyer, Kenneth Starr, until he finally sold out, either for money or to save his family, letting the Clinton pair,  off the hook.

From whichever standpoint you may look into the history of the Clinton’s, it is difficult to avoid coming up against suggestions,  that they have been implicated in many crimes.  Hillary’s failure to send a team to rescue the American Ambassador in Benghazi, to avoid having him blow the whistle on an illegal arms shipment to Syria, which would be used by IS,  is more than enough to send her to prison for a long stretch, that is if there was any such thing as justice in political circles.

In view of Hillary’s strange ‘fit’ or seizure, it would appear that she is physically incapable of carrying out the role of President, suggesting that she is being used as no more than a front to get the obliging Billy Boy back in the White House.





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