A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Puppet Masters.

               The Puppet Masters.

In recent days we have been hearing cries of delight about ‘glass ceilings’ being destroyed, allowing women to rise to the top, no doubt creating female orgasmic delight, in the hearts of those women whom spend their days listening to the ‘ping’ of the cash register in supermarkets, while provoking a sneer of indifference from the men whom are daily involved in doing the work which women quietly ignore.

Alongside this female ‘glass ceiling’ we have the Black version of the same thing. I understand that ‘Black Lives Matter,’ of course they do, Michael Brown and all that crap, try stopping a Black in the street to ask him the name of the geriatric White couple that were raped and beaten to death by a gang of Black thugs and they will not even have heard about the event.

I once heard a women, whom had set up a jobbing building business, which involved plastering and concreting and other jobs normally associated with men, when asked on television her ambition for the future, she replied with alacrity, that she was even now searching for other women to join her company. The television reporter congratulated her efforts in explaining that women are perfectly capable of doing such work and wished her well.

I have, in my time, in order to pay for my travels, accepted all sorts of work, some of which disgusted me, a fortnight on a pig farm, for example and on several occasions I worked for a builder, a job which involved carrying sacks of cement up an outside stairway, to a flat over a workshop.

Now I am not saying they do not exist, I am quite sure they do, but to find a female builder, capable of carrying her share of a dozen 50 kilo bags of cement up such a stairway, would prove to be just a little bit difficult, so in this instance, it is a simple matter to sort out those capable of doing such work and those better suited to the checkout.

However, should the average building company, advertise jobs for men, in the manner of the female whom was applauded, for explaining her ambition of employing only women, he would be met with a storm of protest and quite possibly, cries of ‘genderism’ or some such crap.

In Europe, we are constantly being told that we have ‘freedom of speech,’ and many other freedoms, of which our enemies are jealous and which they wish to destroy. In the main, women and Blacks, are at the moment employed either by the ‘State’ or by companies which were set up by men,  both women and various immigrant groups are now intent on controlling workforces, not through their ability,  which does not appear to count for a thing these days, all that matters is your colour, sexual preference or your gender. To even suggest such a thing as ‘mens work’ in Free Europe is now a Racist remark, so much for our freedom of expression, which our enemies wish to destroy.

We are already forced to accept the existence of Black Music Awards, while Blacks blubber about not being awarded Oscars, by a small group of men, who dish them out,   all of them members of the same religion, whom down through the decades have employed virtually only those folk whom shared their religion, in the ‘white’ film industry, which is totally male dominated, not by the brightest and best, but by the same folk whom control the music industry, which they have bought, whether they are male White or not.

So Blacks can calmly applaud themselves by handing out ‘gongs’ to other Blacks, while Oscars are calmly handed out by Jews to other Jews, without a mention of their religion or colour, while the Jews are even now, calling for the total destruction of White people, with the assistance of those Blacks, whom are themselves racist, to the point where they can ignore the massive slaughters of both Blacks and Whites by their own people, killings which have already outstripped the death count of the Iraq war.

Have these Black hypocrites ever heard of ‘knockout’ – it is rarely discussed in the mainstream –  where Black thugs, slug elderly White people on the jaw, attempting to knock them unconscious, with a single blow, as they pass them in the street?

Could an average Black tell you how many elderly White folk have died as a result of ‘knockout? I doubt it. So why do they wonder that White folk live in fear of Black men? Why do they think that the Police, shoot those like Michael Brown, a burly Black in the street, whom attempted to charge down a policeman and grab his gun?

Why do Blacks refuse to allow Whites to replace Black characters in films or stage plays, like the role of Hermione, in Harry Potter, whose child turns out to be Black. Where are the  outcries, from outraged White people, similar to those which were reported, when the latter-day ‘white’ Michael Jackson was portrayed by a White man?

In all of the above examples, it is White European men whom are sinking to the bottom and they dare not speak out in their own defence. Black Django, can rejoice in his role in the Tarantino film, where he got to kill all the white people.  

The remake of the Magnificent Seven, appears from the trailer, to have replaced the original hero, with a Black man, while there are, even now, calls for James Bond to be either Blacked up or frocked up!

The involvement of women and Blacks in top jobs, has done very little to change society for the better. Britain boasts of having elected or selected two women as Prime Minister, the former, Margaret Thatcher, dutifully ‘privatised’ everything of value, out of the hands of the British people, into the vaults of the super rich, claiming that such treachery would deliver better services in the future, as all of the capable people in the UK, were already working for private companies, while the Nationalised Industries were being run by idiots.

The result?  Rail Companies which cannot afford to maintain the Iron Road, Gas and electric companies, which are steadily raising prices to exorbitant levels and Water companies which are intent on selling British water overseas, while at the same time calling for ‘Fracking’ which will ultimately lead to the poisoning of the underground reserves.

Theresa May complained that Gordon Brown had no mandate to assume the role of Prime Minister, as he had not been elected by the people.  Yes, she did say that, however hypocritical it may sound.  She is doing the work of Israel after all.

Meanwhile, back in the USSA, The Black Obama, is clandestinely flying in thousands of economic migrants, having already softened them up, in their homelands with ‘drone’ attacks and other forms of mass murder, while at the same time, desperately seeking a means of disarming the American people, making them easy meat when his controllers decide to kick off the final push to destroy the USA .

His chum saint Nelson Mandela, the mass murdering Black Bolshevik Communist Freemason, whom inspired a White Genocide in South Africa, which has left his own people wallowing in shit, is lauded, even as Blacks seeking refuge in African National Congress controlled South Africa are either killed on arrival or driven back from whence they came.

In Israel, to where the selected, second British female Prime Minister of the UK declares her allegiance, the genocide against those Muslims, who do not benefit from the British desire to impose Democracy and freedom, is picking up speed.




What we can be sure of is the fact that Black or White, male or female, there has been a total continuation of government under these traitors and War Criminals. So to what does this claim of the need of more women and those of other races, in positions of power amount?

Muslim Gulf States, are mass murderers, Blacks are wiping out their own people, in Africa and the USA, While women, Like Angela Merkel and Margaret Thatcher have destroyed their own countries, while under the same hand of control as were the men, by whom they were preceded.

So perhaps I have become just a smidgeon disillusioned with all of this loose talk about who or whom will play the role of the ‘frontman’ while the hand that holds the ‘joystick’ remains the same. Sadly, it would appear, and what is more it comes as no surprise, to discover that Blacks, Arabs, Gypsies, tramps and Jews, are all open to corruption and personal greed. Women in particular, have shown themselves to be prepared to abandon their role of being, “The Nurturing Mother” preferring instead a ‘job’ however banal that job may be.



It was not at all difficult to convince these women, that children were a curse on humanity and should be destroyed out of hand. Pregnancy has now become a health issue, which can be cheaply rectified. I could at this point show graphic film of abortions, where various detached pieces of babies are fished out of the innards of women or relate tales of those women whom begged the surgeon to be delicate as they had sold pieces of their aborted baby. I am quite sure that they would have been rare female examples of such female disdain for human life.

The female – Theresa May is indeed a female, even though there are many whom claim her to be a transgender, which would connect her to the alleged transgender in the White House, Michael Obama was in full support of the British destruction of the Muslim World and she is  still babbling about installing democracy, over there, under a shower of cluster bombs.

Much like the two females sitting on the other side of the House of Commons,  Angela Eagle, an out of the closet lesbian and Harriet Harmon, whom once supported the aims of PIE, both of whom are as bloodthirsty as is Theresa May and as was Margaret Thatcher and equally guilty of War Crimes.

So sadly, it would appear that women are as equally corruptible as are their male counterparts.  There has been no perceptible change in Britain since those suffragettes won the right to vote, indeed it could be claimed that women, in general, have no idea about what is going on in front of their eyes and like the rest of the British they get bored by politics.  

In the States, women are pissing their knickers at the prospect of electing Hillary Clinton, whom is not only a bloodthirsty Lesbian or bi-sexual, take your pick, she is also implicated in crimes for which, any one of us would have long ago been gaoled forever.  But then that is how to use your vote for the good of your own gender, is it not?









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