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The Ever Innocent English.





              The Ever Innocent English

We have, in recent times accepted, that ‘allegations’ against FIFA and in particular, Sett Blatter and Michel Platini, were proven and yet we are still waiting for this ‘proof’ to be produced as evidence of fraud.

We now have ‘allegations’ of Government complicity in the so-called ‘State Sponsored’ doping scam in Russia, allegations which are based on scratches, inside the stoppers of security flasks of athletes samples and the ‘alleged’ swapping of bottles of piss, through a hole in the wall, ‘allegedly’ by the KGB or whomsoever were once called the KGB, which means Putin, an alleged ex-KGB official.

The only National team which has been put through this procedure, of ‘deep testing’ is the Russian Olympic Team, who were not in any way involved in the Sochi Winter Olympics, where the ‘alleged’ falsifying of dope tests took place.

There has been to this date, no positive example of a failed dope test, which was actually swapped for a legal sample, to substantiate the claims. I have not come across any reference to the number of athletes whom were actually implicated. So this would suggest that they are all guilty, based on the fact that Russia, did very well on home snow.

Several English athletes, implicated in doping, including a Black man, who can run fast, whom was quickly naturalised, making it possible for him to win two Gold Medals, for England or is it Britain, in the Olympics? He said “I wouldn’t do that, would I?” That was enough to clear his name.

Other British Athletes have been found to be less than ‘clean’ in recent times, including three sprinters, whom between them won many medals for the ‘hyper clean’ British.

The United States is no better, where most of the medal winners in recent times have been caught with a pump in their hand.

Unlike Michel Platini, Blatter’s deputy, who was accused as being guilty by association, Sebastian Cohen, who was the deputy of the totally corrupt President of the IAAF, The International Amateur Athletics Association, for years, was never associated with the corruption. His excuse, I suppose, would be in the name.

Tom Simpson, a renowned British cyclist, dropped dead from having pushed his body too far, while under the influence of ‘Speed.’ Chris Froome, while riding up the hill, the Mont Venteux, in France, where Simpson’s drugs death is marked with a memorial dedicated to the death of this ‘Drug Fiend’,  was instantly accused of ‘doping’ when he accelerated, leaving the competition at a stand-still and went on to win the Tour de France.


Like Lance Armstrong before him, Froome has never been found guilty of ‘doping.’ Armstrong finally admitted to having used drugs, however it was never proven that he had actually done so.

So why has the Russian team for the Rio Olympics been threatened with a ban, when not one single member of that team has ever been shown to have used drugs? It was the same thing with Maria Sharapova, she was banned for two years, having been found with traces of a ‘legal’ drug still in her system, a few weeks after the drug had been banned. The description of the drug, in an email, did not even correspond with the name, in general use for the drug, which was in the main ‘legally’ used by many Russians and some athletes of other Nationalities for years.

Strangely, the Russian Sharapova, would appear to have been the one and only athlete tested for this drug. When in fact the use of the naked eye is more than enough to pick out other drug cheats on the women’s tennis circuit.

But then Russia is being condemned for apparently behaving in exactly the same manner, as did NATO in Yugoslavia, where they quite blatantly stole land which was then handed over to Muslims, to create Kosovo, the first Muslim State in Europe, which will one day be a member of the European Union, while boringly telling us over and over again, that Russia annexed Crimea and has invaded Eastern Ukraine. At the moment Kosovo is little more than yet another American Military Base, quite close to Russia.

There are many convicted drugs cheats competing in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, having ‘served their time’ while Russians whom have been found guilty of nothing and who have passed many drugs tests with flying colours are banned from competition even as certain British cyclists, whom avoided obligatory drug tests have been given the all clear. Hmmmmm!


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