A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Europe Is Marching Blindly To Destruction, Without A Whisper.

The propaganda is now complete. Even the so-called Alternative Media, has either swallowed the disinformation or they were on board with the Globalists narrative from the start. Islam is now, according to Jeff Rense, a violent Death Cult.

Guests on his ‘Alternative’ radio program are telling me that even the Mafia was founded by Muslims. That they are intent on continuing the Crusades against Christianity, all across Europe and the world.

Everybody would appear to have forgotten that as recently as the year 2001, there was absolutely no problem with Muslims, who were living in peace in their own lands.

There was a local problem in Afghanistan, which was a continuation of Russian interference, when the United States and their allies chose to attack, using the lie that there were training camps established there, where the 911 attackers had been trained.


Exactly how that conformed to the fact that the 911 attackers themselves have never been connected to Afghanistan and no trace of Al Qaeda training camps were ever found, never mind the luxurious underground palace with unlimited computer power, gymnasiums, swimming pool and a restaurant staffed by world-class chefs. Afghanistan was duly bombed to smithereens, while being found guilty of nothing.

After that Iraq and more lies, Saddam Hussein was lynched out of hand and Iraq, duly bombed to smithereens. Then came Gadaffi in Libya, Cameron and Sarkozy felt obliged to save the people of Libya from some imagined, coming massacre and to solve this nonexistent problem, Cameron and Sarkozy duly bombed Libya to smithereens.

The claim of a possible non-existent massacre had been so easily swallowed by the good folk of France and the United Kingdom, that Cameron decided that the people of Syria were now in danger of another possible non-existent massacre and in response, he chose in a humanitarian fashion, to send hundreds of tons of weapons to terrorists, to set about bombing Syria to smithereens.

In response to these massive attacks, there are now rather a lot of Muslims without a home or indeed, thanks to the British and French War Criminals, without a functioning homeland.

So what do the ‘humanitarians’ choose to do, well they chose to provide these poor folk with a lot of inflatable boats and send a few of them off to Europe, where they will not be looked after until they can return home, they are to be ‘relocated’ to Europe, leaving their homeland available for grabbing out of their hands by Europeans, whom have been lusting after the Holy Land and its rich resources, forever and a day.

Not content with that, they have financed hundreds of thousands of Black African thugs, to make the trip to Europe, providing them with hand-books explaining where to get the best cash deal, calling them ‘lone children’ and telling them to say they are Black Syrian Muslims, that will be good enough for Merkel.

So we now have gangs of thugs, who should be rounded up and sent back to Africa with all haste, being allowed to rape and rob to their heart’s content and for White Europeans to make any criticism of this load of crap, invites accusations of them being racist or fascist, whatever that may mean.

I am prepared to accept that Muslims do have a certain, propensity to rape, even young children, I am not quite sure which part of the body is chopped off as punishment for this sort of crime in the own society, however I am all in favour of sending them home. Unfortunately, thanks to us, they have no home to which to return. So we are the authors of our own problem, are we not?

In view of the savagery of the Blacks in the United Kingdom, the United States and South Africa, where they are responsible for a mind-boggling percentage of both rape and murder, mainly against White people, it is not a good idea to allow thousands more of them to stream, unchecked into our midst.

So having stirred up this mess, what are the British and the French going to do to sort it all out? Well nothing at all, they are in fact making the situation even worse, by now bombing Yemen to dust and they are still on the look-out for a good excuse to have a go at Lebanon and Iran, both of which are on their hit-list.

All of these little Muslim foibles are well-known to our leaders. So why are they driving them out of the Middle East on to our shores? Why were the British Police obliged to ignore the rape of hundreds of children, by Muslim gangs in the North West Muslim area of the UK, despite hundreds of complaints, while at the same time refusing to declare the number of rapes inflicted on White females by Black gangs?

If none of the above has prompted you to question the actions of your chosen politicians, it is already too late to save you. You might just as well resign yourself to a future under Sharia Law.

Those Whites living in London are already in the hands of a Muslim Mayor, Bristol has a Black one and there are mounting calls for more representation for minorities, which does not include Whites, who are in fact already a minority in London and will soon be in a minority in most of the big cities. White are not entitled to any of the advantages which are available to all other ‘minority’ groups. In fact, many Whites have become convinced that we do not deserve any considerations whatsoever, as only Whites are ‘guilty.’ All other groups, are simply pardoned of any responsibility for the crimes they may commit against Whites and are absolved completely for their own faults and encouraged to blame us for all of their problems and deficiencies.

One only needs glance at official statistics to realise that Blacks are virtually savages, not all of them, of course, which I am obliged to point out, while I am also expected to accept responsibility for Black slavery simply for being White. There is quite obviously something terribly wrong with this situation.

With Muslims, from the Middle East, even as ‘elected’ politicians are conspiring with hidden forces, to completely destroy the Muslim world, we are now being trained to perceive the Muslim victims of this disgrace, as having been responsible for their own, current situation.

Even as we are being forced to accommodate the fleeing Muslims in Europe, we are being confronted with the reality of our own lack of morality, which includes the abortion of millions of babies and ‘modern’ females who now prefer a life free of the responsibility of a family and who are blaming those dratted White men,  for working hard to provide for them, in times when work involved more than sitting at a check-out, or flipping hamburgers in a fast-food joint. Women now call for their freedom?

So on the face of it, the White Race has been reduced to two incompatible threads, male and female, which is leading to the total destruction of White people. When carefully selected or indeed blackmailed, White politicians, quite deliberately provoke unnecessary wars, which lead to the evacuation of millions of people into the White European World, the only world remaining for White people and having done so, through the use of so-called Political Correctness, impose blanket restrictions on ‘free speech’ in order to restrict discussion of what they are doing, should you choose to ignore these actions, you are either not thinking about reality or you are prepared to accept the decline and fall of the White race, which us the only race on earth which actually holds out a helping hand to those in need of shelter, which is why, with a huge world out there, all of these refugees, looking for a better life,  head for Europe. We are good people and we should be prepared to point out those whom actually force refugees to remain in camps while refusing them the right to return to their own homes.

Sadly the same politicians whom are forcing refugees on Europe maintain a solid silence about the Israeli treatment of refugees, the very people who claim to have suffered tragedy themselves, while spitting on others whom fall on hard times, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of folk in Palestine, who were driven into exile by Israeli terrorists.

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