A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Ongoing Burkini Wars

Firstly I must declare my prejudice, I am not an admirer of Julian Assange, so when he remarked that Hillary Clinton’s remarks,  about Vladimir Putin being responsible for everything that was wrong with the world, she was verging on to territory once occupied by Joe McCarthy and his attacks on ‘Reds Under the Bed,’ or indeed, I,must add, in a manner very similar to the daily attacks against Adolf Hitler, I smelt yet another rat in the Assange profile.

What he failed to point out was the fact that McCarthy was merely stating the truth. There were indeed ‘Reds Under the Bed’ and many of them. Why even Captain America himself, John Wayne, a covert Jew, was suspect, as were most of those whom had McCarthy’s finger pointed in their direction.

Hollywood which was controlled by Jews and which was responsible for hours and hours of propaganda presented as truth, assailed unsuspecting people across the world with garbage, acted out by a panoply of Jews, which included most of the super-stars of the day, all of which was never brought out during the attacks against McCarthy, who fully understood that in the United States government, Communist meant Jew. McCarthy himself was destroyed by that other instrument of propaganda, the News media, which to this day, as is Hollywood, nothing more than a mouthpiece for Jew propaganda.

So why is Julian Assange quite prepared to dismiss Joe McCarthy as a conspiracy theorist, while at the same time unwilling to, associate Zionism, Communism and Judaism, with at least some of the problems with which we are currently afflicted?

Where I wonder do the crimes against humanity, which are daily committed in Israel, figure in Assange’s scheme of things, even as we are all left wondering why Israel would appear to be the one and only country on earth with a computer system which is impervious to ‘hacking.’

It is always more prudent, with folk like Assange and Edward Snowden, who continually release useless rubbish, most of which the whole wide world is already aware, to pay just a little bit of attention to what they are not telling us, things which are as plain as day and of which only the top boys like them, are unaware. For example there are documents galore, widely available, which suggest that US Military Judicial Services, looked into claims of a holocaust against Jews and dismissed it all, out of hand, as rubbish and threatened any witness in Court who referred to it, in order to implicate German Military, as liars and threatened to prosecute them for perjury. Why not release that sort of information Julian?

In fact many ‘whistle-blowers’ are being exposed as nothing more than yet another side of the controlled media, which daily presents us with their preferred version of current events.

Take a listen to Sam Kiley, yet another Sky News Spook, laying down his bull-shit about the Assad regime. Kiley spends much of his time in the apartheid, terrorist, racists, State of Israel, without a word of complaint about deeds far worse than those of Assad.

The ‘burkini affair’ in France is a typical example of pointing us in the wrong direction. Allow me to present an incident which took place in front of my eyes and in which I played a small part.

I live in a beautiful area which is annually visited by hundreds of thousands of holiday-makers where in a French town, of some fame, because of its association with Robert Louis Stevenson,and a donkey called Modestine, no pun intended,  a mother and her three young daughters walked into town. The girls, aged about eleven, twelve and thirteen years, wear wearing very short, shorts and a bikini top.

As they walked past a market stall, being run by a group of Black Muslims, one of the men shouted sharply at the girls, telling them to get the hell out-of-town, for being dressed like that!

The mother objected, asking him to leave her daughters alone and that it was up to her to decide whether her girls were suitably dressed to go into town or not.

The Black insisted that they were dressed like prostitutes and that it was disgraceful that they should come into town dressed in such a provocative manner.

At which point I was compelled to intervene by asking the Black, who the hell he thought he was, to speak out in such a manner. He protested telling me that it was “Against the Law” to parade around in a French town dressed as were those girls. I responded by suggesting that even if it was against the law it was none of his business, that it was a job for the Police, whom had in fact witnessed dozens of young girls dressed in a similar fashion in town and had said nothing.

At which point a friend interposed, telling me that in fact the Black man was right, that it was against the Law. I responded in my usual hysterical manner by suggesting that as we are in France and I have never heard a Frenchman complain in such a manner, should the immigrant Black feel offended by such a massive non-event, that perhaps he should return to from where he came, where he may criticise to his heart’s content.

During recent days there have been endless discussions about this non-issue, to the point of boredom, particularly with reference to the notion of installing Sharia Law in Europe, which most folk find to be an appalling idea. I have come across very little in the way of discussion about young Muslims prowling the streets of Paris and London, admonishing young girls for the way they dress, while the ‘Burkini’ business has created a massive media response, giving most of the air-time to those whom oppose the Burkini ban. What is more I have yet to hear one of the supporters called names as a result of their opposition, Whites of course are allowed no opinion which is considered to be of value, we are simply racist from the moment we open our mouths.



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